Weekly Medley #20

(1) Me + The Camera: The Cliched Blogger Selfie (2) the pre-evening out face (3) My new love (and an actual instagram photo) (4) my new youtuber discovery, Allana Davison (5) evening out take two photo (6) wrote up my first daily highlights post (7) Monday’s Daily Face (8) delicious Mojito on night out with friends (9) the birthday beauty-related gifts


It’s been yet another week of gorgeous weather — enough so that it seems as Summer has sprung upon us a wee bit early. I mentioned in last week’s post of this variety that it was my birthday (on Sunday as I was writing the post) but it falls more easily into this weeks territory. I had a great low key day and a nice family supper out the night before in celebration and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wish that I had had the foresight to photograph the low-fructose fluffy ricotta cake that my mother baked for me but I imagine that your imagination will bring you close enough for all intents and purposes.

I’m really not the easiest person to please but I must say that I received some really lovely gifts from my family and close friends. Although my main gift was a wee bit late, I have to say that the Nikon D3100that I received from my parents and brother was well worth the hiatus. Prior to beginning this little blog here, I was not someone with any sort of interest in photography and certainly did not possess any sort of skill in the whole endeavour so its definitely still a journey in progress but I’m loving my camera (and the improved pictures IMO) as I’m learning. It was quite a generous gift even when my brother chipped in and provided his legitimate knowledge of photography.

From the parental unit, I also received a gorgeous rose gold necklace that actually excites me, the girl who generally speaking has a no-jewelry policy, a few other odds and ends that aren’t coming to mind and those hair products that I had hinted that I wanted to restock on – the litre size of the firmer hold gel, the DevaCare Arc AnGel and another bottle of DevaCurl B’Leave In. From other family members and friends, I got a gorgeous maxidress, a few Essie polishes, a lovely new teacup, a heavenly selection of magazines, an intriguing book and a much-appreciated gift card. I’m not an ‘it’s all about the gifts’ kind of girl but nevertheless were they lovely.

The evening out photos above were from Saturday night when I met up with my best friends from university and we had a low key and hilarious night out featuring delicious pasta, wonderful cocktails from Morris East, brownies cooked by my lovely friend (who got me the book) and a later night full of nostalgia, watching early episodes of The Vampire Diaries. It was my kind of night, obviously.

I’m definitely repeating myself by saying this here but I’m going to risk the redundancy; as a little (HA!) birthday gift to myself, I picked up this little beauty of a foundation by Chanel when perusing the recently moved local Halifax department store, Mills — with absolutely fantastic service, I might add. I might have possibly slightly fallen in love with the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation.It has less alcohol content than its sister product, feels like nothing on the skin in even the hottest conditions, provides surprisingly good coverage and with its luminous but matte finish, doesn’t cling to my dry patches in the slightest. Win.

How was your week?
Maggie, x.

The Daily Highlights 06.07.2014



Sometimes a girl just wants to ramble on about her noteworthy beauty products along with a random one or two highlights of her day without following any sort of other structure. Sometimes may just be today, if I wasn’t transparent enough in the sentence above. This is for the most part another low key Saturday but with the addition of meeting my closest friends from University who I love dearly out for dinner and it shall be fabulous.

Milani Baked Blush in Red Vino: This hella pigmented and affordable blush might have been passed over and neglected in recent months but last summer in the early days of the blog, I instantly fell out of this one but then about of month after I fell out of love, being as fickle as I am. The texture of the warm rusty berry shade with golden shimmer is a little dry and difficult to blend so unless it is applied carefully to your cheeks, it can go more than a little patchy, especially if you’re on the fairer side of the spectrum like me. Because of how wrong this blush has the potential to go when applied, I cast this aside early last Fall and have only just picked it up again on a whim. I’m careful to apply the blush sparingly with either my fanbrush that I’ve had for ages or the lovely Real Techniques Stippling Blush and I’m left with a flattering rosy flush that lasts for ages and ages on the skin without fading that looks kind of like the skin is naturally blushing but infinitely more attractive.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Smooth-Effect Makeup in 10:Are any regular readers of the blog surprised? Earlier in the week in my daily face post, I kind of revealed my newfound obsession with my first Chanel purchase and it has only grown. The funny thing is that this isn’t a foundation I would expect to like with skin that lies on the dry and dehydrated side of things and balks at anything close to resembling a matte finish particularly if there is some alcohol content in the formula. I actually was interested in this one initially because there was notably less alcohol in this formula than the Vitalumiere Aqua and I wanted to try one of these weightless bases that just look like skin. While feeling like there’s nothing on your skin and not clinging to dry patches or the like despite the semi-matte finish, the liquidy base provides medium coverage that is buildable without looking dull and heavy fast. Also, the semi-matte finish also leaves some glow to the skin despite quickly setting to the velvety powdery finish and truly does look like skin. In my trials of wearing this thus far, it seems to be the perfect foundation for the summer heat as it holds up so well and feels like nothing. Plus I wore this and did some running and had less than a negligible sheen three hours later on my normal-ish t-zone. You can expect more raves on this soon and so many that you’ll be sick of me it appears.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Rollerball:Fun fact — I’m not much of a perfume girl, not because I don’t love nice scented things and the whimsy of it all but because I’m kind of selective with my obsessive beauty-related hoarding and spending. I’m not someone who loves the strongest fragrance in the world and who isn’t generally bothered by fragrance in everyday life but gets headaches from being in mere proximity to Bath and Body Works and the like and also can’t be bothered to add an extra step to remember but after picking this one up as one of those lovely point perks at Sephora, I’m enjoying it. It’s definitely more of an evening or done up scent for me but man is it one that I’m considering breaking my self-imposed rule for. It’s not stereotypically girlie in any way – especially not in that fruity way that I abhor – and has a slightly musky element to it paired with the warmth of vanilla but doesn’t go into too masculine territory. It’s not a shy delicate kind of fragrance but instead is one that is meant to be a little  bit stronger in the most understated way, giving of an air of that effortless cool aesthetic that I strive for. I hope some of this was written in comprehensible English but I wouldn’t bet on it per se…

Club Monaco Pastel Open Jacket (last year):Certainly within the last month (but I’m not sure exactly when), I talked about my interest in looking like a presentable human attire-wise and incorporating some style tidbits in with the beauty so here I am making good on this offer. This is definitely as splurge-y as things in my closet go, even though I got it on sale with my additional student discount as a special occasion gift but it’s one of those special pieces that fit like a dream and somehow seem worthwhile. The jacket itself is a muted seafoam shade with silver zipper accents on the sides and its open nature gives the jacket a laid-back kind of feel without compensating on the mega-flattering fit. I’m not one to delude myself into thinking that I have the means to spend this kind of money on clothes but the layout of the stores and the amazing clothes seem to have me wondering in on occasion against my own will – sort of. At the moment I weirdly have a thing for pastels so I couldn’t be happier to have invested in this piece.

Have you tried anything in this assortment?
Maggie, x,











The Daily Face #16: Coppery Summer Eyes and a Chanel Foundation Gush



So I had to talk write about my birthday splurge, the chic black-bottled beauty that is the newly released and absolutely divine Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Smooth-Effect Makeup – every girl needs a Chanel foundation, am I right? – and as pleased with the product as I am, I am aware of how premature a standalone post would be so here I am bringing you another slightly-overdue edition of the products currently gracing my face with some thoughts on them thrown in. Believe it or not, I’ve actually switched up my makeup some in the last little bit but just to warn you I picked up a thing or five on my quick little jet into Walmart so these products haven’t necessarily all been gracing my face in days passed.


T’is another gorgeous sunny day, so I prepped my mug with the non-irritating and hydrating Avene High Protection Cream SPF 50 and then went in with the thin semi-matte finish foundation (the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Smooth-Effect Makeup in 10). It’s a marvel to me how this foundation offers medium coverage while feeling so lightweight and remaining undetectable on the skin. It also does the unthinkable, suiting my skin with plenty dry-patches and actually having luminosity without even edging on dewy in finish. Colour me impressed, thus far. It surprised me by doing a good job covering up some purging-induced blemishes around my chin and I didn’t even reach for a brush to cover those bad boys up further. At the reccomendation of the lovely lady who sold me the foundation, I went for a light dusting of powder through the t-zone, opting for the MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder in Light after dabbing some of the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Very Fairunderneath my eyes to deal with some of that dark-circle situation.

Recently I picked up the darker and less-terracotta coloured Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Creme Bronzer in Rich Bronze and I’ve been constantly using it to bronze and contour the cheekbone area — unlike the lighter shade, this one can actually create some sort of natural shadow without looking grey in the slightest, FYI. The other two cheek products were recent additions but both have impressed me: the rosy pink-toned Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blush in Pink Rose and the Revlon Highlighting Palette in Peach Glow.I was also feeling a setting spray so I misted my face with the dewy Nyx offering.

I began the eyes with a base (as always), opting for the warm matte MAC Prolongwear Paint Pot in Layin’ Low.The eyes were where I’ve switched things up in a notable way since the last post of this variety — going outside my comfort zone on my lids. I wanted to go for a copper theme but a wearable one at that so I toned down the gorgeous MAC Coppering with All That Glitters all over the lid (but not enough) and then I added the much less coppery L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Tender Caramel on the inner portion of the lid to brighten things further. I went for a little bit of MAC Coquette in the crease for some depth after I had already filled in my brows with the same powder and I finished the eyeshadow situation with MAC Club in the outer corner. There’s something about rimmed eyes that suit these more coppery tones so I lined the inner rims with Annabelle Smoothliner in Black. For mascara, I went for a nice coat or two on both sets of lashes of the Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara as it’s easy to use, building volume without difficulty or clumpiness but actually removes like a non-waterproof mascara should.

On the lips went MAC Sweet & Sour Lipstick which has remained an everyday effortless lip staple. The subdued corally shade seems to go with everything without fail and could only be improved by having a more forgiving formula on my sensitive lips that I very badly need to exfoliate but fear doing so in case of retaliation.

P.S. After putting this on, I decided to go down to my dock in the heat and not only did the makeup hold up, it felt weightless on my skin. More than that, I couldn’t even tell I was wearing foundation. It’s completely premature to say so but I think I’m in love. And if you are wondering why my face in these pictures might look a little less perfect or if they look a little different, I got a digital SLR camera for my birthday and the quality of my photos will be improving as I learn to master the object.

Have you tried any of these products? Thoughts on the face?

Maggie, x.