Top 5 Blushes

I'm wearing Tarte Natural Beauty here - sorry about the poor quality picture
I’m wearing Tarte Natural Beauty here – sorry about the poor quality picture
Top to Bottom – Tarte Natural Beauty, Nars Orgasm, MAC Harmony, MAC Stereo Rose, MAC Springsheen, Milani Red Vino
Top L-R - Tarte Natural Beauty, Nars Orgasm, MAC Harmony,  Bottom L-R- MAC Stereo Rose/ MAC Springsheen and Milani Red Vino
Top L-R – Tarte Natural Beauty, Nars Orgasm, MAC Harmony,
Bottom L-R- MAC Stereo Rose/ MAC Springsheen and Milani Red Vino

Although I admit to be obsessive about all sorts of beauty-products, blush is my worst affliction so I figured I’d use my addiction in the best way possible.

1. Tarte Natural Beauty Amazonian Clay Blush is the only matte blush I’ve ever bought (as a blush) and liked. In the pan, this blush appears to be a slightly cool leaning bright watermelon pink but comes off more wearable. The pigmentation of this blush is nice but not so high that it is difficult to wear on lighter skins. On my fair skin, this colour looks like a slightly more-intense version of the colour of my cheeks when they get in from the cold – when worn lightly, this is actually a rather natural looking blush on my skin. I also notice that this blush has the best longevity of any blush I’ve ever tried.

2. I am going to be authentic yet totally unoriginal by declaring my love for Nars Orgasm Powder Blush. I am completely aware that there is nothing unique about this warm pink-coral shade with golden glitter running through it but I find it to be one of those no-fuss, flattering and brightening shades on my neutral-cool fair skin. It has good longevity but not amazing and can be worn lightly for the most subtle of flush and built up for a more noticable look. It is one of those colours that can be worn with pretty much anything and I can easily apply it without a mirror. I don’t think the pigmentation is amazing, but I love how buildable the colour is.

3. MAC Harmony Powder Blush may be sold as a blush, however its primary use tends to be a contour powder but nevertheless I’ve been using it as a neutral blush colour as well when I don’t want to wear an overly pronounced typical blush shade. I find the product really easy to work with, long-lasting and the medium brown shade with pink undertones that leans slightly warm is unique. The finish is matte, as it is a contour powder. It has rather nice pigmentation, as well. When I wear it, I contour with it and then pull it up onto my cheek bones and apples.

4. So I might have a slight weakness for corals. I can’t decide between the two, one of them is limited edition (but frequently repromoted) and they are rather similar so I’ll list both. It should be no secret to anyone who reads my posts that I adore MAC Stereo Rose MSF but I also adore the very-similar MAC Springsheen Powder Blush. Stereo Rose and Springsheen both share their lovely golden sheen but Stereo Rose is a peachy with a bit of pink in it coral colour with bronze veining running through it whereas Springsheen is a peachier coral.

5. I know I really shouldn’t include this product but I bought it recently and fell in love. I have no idea why but before this product I hadn’t really tried any drugstore blushes and I convinced myself that this was justification for buying one. I’m not always a huge fan of mineralized blushes (Stereo Rose is an exception) but Milani Red Vino Baked Blush is amazing. The pigmentation of this blush is the best of any blush I’ve ever tried (and completely surprising) and makes this blush a colour that I think is suitable on fair skin and deep skin – just make sure you use a VERY VERY VERY light hand if your fairer and if you are, this is a blush that you need to be careful with. On my skin, burgandy blush with gold shimmer comes off as a red-leaning rosy hue – its not frighteningly red when worn subtly, it is just redder than Tarte Natural Beauty. This colour is one that I think screams winter and will get a lot of use. When worn extremely lightly, it is an extremely natural and flattering looking cheek on my fair skin. The longevity of this product is good but not amazing and the shimmer is less pronounced on the cheek and the texture is nice. By the way, I can’t see the shimmer when worn on my skin.

EDIT: The texture of the Milani is dry and can come off patchy and if I were writing this again it wouldn’t be included.

I have sensitive skin and none of these break me out, if anyone is interested. I hope my makeup affliction was able to help someone! I’d love some blush recommendations and thoughts on these shades! x

If anyone wants me to do a post on dupes or similar shades, let me know!

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