So MAC Happened…

I was lucky enough to receive a MAC Lipstick from my mom for Valentines Day. Well kind of; knowing me so well, she got me a gift card because I am insanely picking as she knew not to deprive me from the whole picking experience and when I went in to pick it out, I ended up with an eye product as well. You should know by now that this tends to be a reoccurring pattern for me.
MAC Dreaming Dahlia Lipstick ($19 CDN) 

I’m quite a fan of MAC Lipsticks but don’t own a ton and the shades I have tend to either be bold statement shades or nudes and I’ve been craving one sort of in between that can be worn on the daily but also has some instantly-brightening colour to it and this limited-edition offering from the Fantasy of Flowers collection caught my eye and fit the bill. It’s a warm-toned true coral shade with a lustre finish and I’d say that it’s rather pigmented for a luster (medium-buildable opacity) and while remaining comfortable and hydrating on the lips, wears for about four hours without requiring maintenance. These shades tend to be flattering on my skin but I’m hesitant buying these shades but I know I shouldn’t be. To me, this lipstick screams spring to me and if I were to make a prediction it’s going to get loads of wear this season.

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Layin’ Low ($24 CDN)

I hadn’t expected to pick this sleek little pot up but I have to say that I’m not disappointed in the least. I’ve had an obsession with cream eyeshadows lately especially as bases in light of my primer crisis but I was looking for a matte one and I remembered using one of these a few years back and I found it to be a shadow-primer hybrid with better primer capabilities than the ever-popular Maybelline Colour Tattoos – these do crease on me a bit but it’s after hours and hours of wear and that happens to me regardless of what primer I use. Obviously these are longlasting as shadows in themselves and have the easiest texture to use, while setting for maximum longevity. MAC describes this shade as a “creamy beige”, but I think it’s warmer and darker than that; I would describe the matte shade as a very warm beige-brown shade that is notably more orange-toned and darker than the famous Painterly. I’ll try to keep you updated on this but so far so good!

The I’m trying to do these sorts of post detailing the products I’ve picked up but I’m still getting the hang of things and I’d welcome some advice. Thoughts on the products? Tell me what you’ve been loving lately …. please?

Maggie, x.

P.S. I’m wearing Layin’ Low on my lids by itself and Dreaming Dahlia on my lips!



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