The Acquisition: Maybelline Color Tattoo in 90 Nude Compliment




At the moment there aren’t too many things I can say without immediately starting to change my mind, but I know with certainty three things. I should be studying. I should be working on research paper number one. I should be working on paper number two. I guess there’s a fourth thing that I can say here. I shouldn’t be writing a blogpost but suddenly writing posts is so enticing that I can’t resist. And I’m convinced blogging is good for my sanity.

There’s an exception to every rule and in this instance I couldn’t be more thrilled about it; despite never ever being able to find limited edition drugstore things, I spotted this limited edition Maybelline Color Tattoo, not when I was hunting high and low for it, but in a quick trip into Lawton’s. Nude Compliment is one of the six shades available in the Spring 2014 limited-edition collection and it’s has transcendent beauty — I should be writing a philosophy-based paper of sorts at the moment so excuse my really really questionable terms.

I feel compelled, as I tend to do, to address the elephant in the room, that I’m entering that cliched beauty blogger territory, praising the cult-favourite cream shadows that everyone and their pet ferret loves. I know for a while I was going through a blah phase in terms of attitude towards these cream shadows but in the last few months my love has returned and it is strong.


Nude Compliment isn’t entirely unlike the loved Bad To The Bronze, but it is different enough to justify picking it up especially because the formula is probably the best I’ve tried by Maybelline. If you’re anywhere as beauty obsessed as I am, it would be obvious that Bad To The Bronze is on the left but I’m letting you know anyway. I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks this why but Bad To The Bronze has the most unfortunate 80’s glam-rock themed name and Nude Compliment has to be it’s less cliched sister with less bronziness to it an a cooler hue with more taupe to it. And it’s not otherwordly shimmery but instead has a satin finish — ohmygod the world is ending. Because I’m Canadian, I had to fork over $9 for this one; I envy you Americans….  But I’m glad to have picked up this one. Aaand I’m wearing it today (in the pictures obvs) with an additional shade in the crease and outer v but the lid is true to colour. The shade reminds me of MAC Patina without the gold shimmer and that’s certainly not a bad thing in my book, by the way.

Have you tried any of these? On a random note: is anyone as over-caffeinated as me at the moment?

Maggie, x.




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