Weekly Medley #13

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(1) makes more sense with second image – pleased with overall skin despite the hidden few cystic bumps that just emerged as a result of exams… (2) I’ve been really into skincare lately so naturally I was obsessed with the ‘Top 10 Skincare’ video that my favourites, Amelia Liana and Hello October’s Suzie did together (3) the Easter face (4) the corresponding product picture (5) it was warm enough to wear a sundress – erase the boob situation complications pleasee (6) the product discovery (7) the evidence of the greatness of this month’s Elle Canada (8) that drugstore essentials post that somehow happened

So this week went as expected. Monday was just as insane as I had expected, filled with the chaos of having two term papers due and delivering them online and in person, rushing around to the library to return and take out the mandatory books, hurrying to attend the study session for Psychology, cramming for the nights exam without success and writing my first exam. Much of the week was the same but slightly slowed down perhaps; with something major almost every day with no sort of real break in between. The exception was Thursday, a day of studying that should have left me confident for the night’s exam but the whole knowing that I had to write essays with actual evidence and the like, left me a nauseous nervous wreck — I even went in to the exam with my sweater on inside out but I couldn’t find it in my to care about it. Well, I’m pleased to report that now on Monday I’m nearing the ends of thing — things being this exam period from hell –, with four exams down and two final papers submitted, only today’s essay exam (yikes) and Wednesday’s paper left to go. I think I’ll survive today but the whole paper situation is questionable. I’m sure I’ll keep you updated on the essay front, explicitly or implicitly here.

Reading blog posts and watching videos of the same nature serve as that much-needed enticing escape from the whole endless stress shebang and one that stood out for me was Suzie from Hello October’s collaboration video with Amelia Liana of Liana-Beauty titled “Top Ten Skincare Favourites“. The two are among my absolute favourites to read and watch, entertaining while bringing helpful information and recommendation and genuine. And I’ve been especially into skincare lately and these two tend to be helpful for advice in the skincare realm because of our shared sensitivity traits. I’ve added their picks to the blogging notebook archives… And the selfie above is deceptive as you can’t see the two or three cystic spots on my cheeks that I only ever get during exam week (thankfully) that look quite angry, but otherwise the overall skin quality on the face has been rather good for me so I included the bare-face picture. I can’t really say more than that.

Now it’s time for me to shamelessly self-promote one of my blog posts of the week – and the blogpost in question is my “Drugstore (Makeup) Essentials #2“, which I must admit is rather lengthy but it’s actually quite concise, packed with information about some of my favourite makeup selection on a budget into one small relatively non-rambly post.

Although I’ve had this since I spotted it for a few dollars off on promotion at Shoppers Drugmart in the beginning portion of last month, I haven’t been able to be certain of my love for my newfound conditioner-mask-thing that costs well under $30 until recently. Said love is directed towards the OGX Sea Mineral Moisture Moisture Surge Deep Treatment. While being priced around the affordable ten dollars, the “deep treatment” – I would be more tempted to describe it as a rich regular conditioner but I do tend to go for deep treatments in the place of conditioners of the regular variety – actually nourishes the hair without requiring a ton of product and therefore giving hair this slippery feel and leaves it with nice texture and body with none of that tangly grittiness that tends to be associated with texture-boosting shampoos. And it smells absolutely delicious, suspiciously like Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray and nothing like that coconut-y beach smell that just doesn’t measure up. I feel compelled to state that it includes dimethicone high in the ingredients list, but isn’t all that silicone-y and despite the name it isn’t completely organic by any means but regardless, it’s my weekly product highlight.

I’m afraid that I must return to the books, despite the allure of trying to delude myself into thinking otherwise.

How was your week last week?

Maggie, x.






2 thoughts on “Weekly Medley #13

    1. Thank you! And yes I still adore the quint Earth Reflection and the Dior formula is my favourite but it’s not necessarily the most versatile palette given how reflective they are but I do love it! I also hear Grege and Rosy Tan are great bets!


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