An Affordable Curly-Hair Styling Duo


If you have hair like mine — fickle, naturally difficult, tangly and long with a variety of curl patterns and limited coherence — a styling cocktail is a difficult feat to discover in itself and it’s even more difficult to find one that doesn’t beat the bank so when I discovered this duo of products that leaves my wavy curls looking their best without breaking the bank due to ridiculous hair porosity. Err, I don’t know if it’s like this for any of you with a similar texture but I have hair that soaks up product like a sponge and I require loads of it to get the intended result so I can get frustrated with pricy products fast.

What are the two products in question, one might ask? Well, they are the OGX Kukui Oil Frizz-Defying Curl Cream ($8-11 CDN)and the Dove Style + Care Nourishing Curls Mousse ($6-8 CDN) and together in my warm-weather hair, create texture and bounce in my hair in a nourishing and controlled manner and I scrunch a moderate amount of the light cream and a much more generous amount of the whipped mousse through my mass of soaking-wet hair when exiting the shower and I later haphazardly diffused it with my ancient hair-dryer and these are the results.

Curl creams are a difficult thing for my hair as they don’t seem to work throughout the cooler months of the year and can seem to not really do anything productive but in pictures where I like my hair, there is always some sort of curl cream going on and this one is a nicer one that I’ve tried, especially at this price point. Rather than being heavy and greasy, this cream has a hydrating but lightweight texture that helps to define curls whilst keeping the hair hydrated and less of a tangly mess. Paired with the Dove mousse as the holding product in the duo, I’m left with texturized, bouncy wavy curls that don’t just hang there. This mousse offering won’t be for everyone, I’m afraid, as it has that creamy texture that does contain some silicones; I’m not usually a fan of silicones but in this product, they seem to keep the hair soft and nourished whilst providing hold and some lift at the roots, rather than leaving the hair a little bit parched. The results aren’t perfect but my hair has been the best I’ve seen it in a while with these products so I can’t complain even slightly.

Do any of you share in my hair woes?

Maggie, x.







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