Additions to the Stash #4


In my typical fashion, I had kind-of-but-not-really made a pact to myself that I needed to stop with the all-to-frequent drop into the drugstore, being lured in my sales and supposed necessity of acquiring certain products and suddenly coming out fifty dollars poorer but unsurprisingly I failed. However, my justification is that I actually needed the hairspray, Target was far too enticing and it was my birthday so a little wee bit of celebration was called for. I’m aware that this is straddling the line of self-justification and delusion at its finest but hey, I’m nothing if not consistent.

L’Oreal Elnett Satin Sleekissime Hairspray ($13-15)

As detailed in my Weekly Medley posts, I have been experimenting with heat and actual hair styles that would require the aid of hairspray so I actually ran out of my previous one and I had always wanted to try one of the versions of the cult hairspray and being a gal whose hair is stubborn, reactive to humidity like nothing else and straddling the line between wavy and curly, the humidity-proof offering seemed like the one to go for. Thus far, I’m impressed; the rose fragrance is much better than the original, the hold is strong while remaining touchable and it does hold up as good as anything else in humidity. Although any hairspray is full of drying alcohol (this one is no different), I find this one to remain gentle on my hair, tangling up a whole lot less than others that I’ve tried.

Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Creme Bronzer in Rich Bronze ($10-11)

I’ve said before that I rarely go into Target so I had to pick this up when I found myself strolling the aisles with glee. I’m a huge fan of the lighter colour offering, Warm Tan, to such a degree that I have hit pan on the terracotta-hued creamy bronzer and since hearing that this darker offering had less of that terracotta cast, I had to try it out and it doesn’t disappoint. It has the same great creamy longwearing formula but instead is a infintessimely-warm toned medium brown shade that has the ability to sculpt out cheekbones farther but has to be used with care over broader areas. For those of us on the lighter end of the spectrum, I believe that this is a good cream contour offering especially at its pricepoint.

Annabelle Smoothliner in Black ($6-7)

I’ve mentioned my love for this budget-friendly creamy liner formula before and as luck would have it, I seem to have misplaced the brown shade, Brownie that I adore so seeing this one at Target for a few cents under six dollars made the purchase of another one enevitable. I went for the black offering because I’m truly a black eyeliner kind of gal and the formula makes fast lining quick and easy. The liner stays put and all that jazz and doesn’t pull or tug at the skin.

L’Oreal La Couleur Infallible in Tender Caramel ($9)

This is where the products from my impromptu birthday celebratory Walmart dash begin and this one was a no-brainer as I knew from experience that I more than liked the formula of these pressed pigments and I had constantly been swatching the gorgeous reflective taupe-y shade but then passing up on it for ages so I went for it. I’m glad I did – it is one of those rare shades that works all over the lid and into the crease. These hyped shadows are fantastic, deserving of all their praise and I want a good five or six more. I’m wearing this shade on my lids in the picture below for reference:


Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Celestial ($8)

I posted about my love for the moisturizing yet longwearing liquid lipstick in the much brighter Stellar option last week and have been wanting to find a more subdued neutral shade from the line, leading me towards this option. However, I was hesitant about how pink the shade appeared (as pink tends to be problematic for me) but went for it after seeing it on the lovely Natalie and I’m glad that I did. The shade is about as pink as I’d like to go but the rosy mauve tones to the shade keep it flattering and subdued but it does check all of the boxes as you can see. The shade is even nicer in my opinion when blotted down lightly as well.



Revlon Matte Balm in Complex ($9)

Another hyped-up product, so I’m not being anything unique here but despite not loving the formula of these matte balms, I couldn’t resist picking up the darker peachy nude shade. The colour is a nice one, an everyday kind of wearable nude shade but the formula just doesn’t mesh amazingly well with my sensitive and dry lips unfortunately. I guess I’m one of the only ones who isn’t in love with these matte lip crayons it seems but they’re not too bad by any means. I’m afraid that I took the image below on my older camera so it’s not quite as good but I figured I would show it anyway.


Revlon Highlighting Palette in Peach Glow ($11)

After going for less glowy foundations as of late, I’ve been getting more into highlighter and believe it or not, I don’t own very many at all (before this no drugstore ones) so I went for this highlighting palette that I’ve heard good things about. Thus far I’m by no means disappointed; when blended together there’s a nice peachy bronze sheeny shade that transfer nicely onto the skin without being too intense or anything frosty. While still being pigmented, the little palette highlights cheekbones without being dramatic or overwhelmingly shimmery.

Maybelline Master Hi-Light Hi-Lighting Blush in Pink Rose ($13)

I’m sure you’ve heard me declare my love for the bronzing version of this product, Deep Bronze, a time or one hundred and ever since I’ve wanted to branch out to the blush shades so after spotting these for a few dollars less than they typically are, I had to go for the rosy pink shade. Believe it or not, the shade is much more unique than it appears, not being coral in the slightest but also not being a cool-toned pink either, offering a subdued glow to the cheeks. I don’t have anything like this and I’m loving this thus far. Yesterday’s daily face post featured photos of me wearing this with the above highlighter if you’re interested here.

What have you been picking up lately?

Maggie, x.

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