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I’ve had this post in my to-write list for what feels like ages and I apologize for slacking on that front but regardless, I was honoured to hear that I was nominated by chaibiskoots for ‘The Beauty Blogger of The Month Award’ that’s hosted by Cecilia (of Cecilia’s Corner). I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity that this has brought me, so thanks to Cecilia! If you’re interested in more details I’m linking Cecilia’s post here! Each month, Cecilia is giving away a small prize to one of the nominees — what a generous girl — and this month that prize is the hyped Benefit They’re Real Push Up Eyeliner! Now, I suppose I should move onto the questions…

(1) Where does your makeup inspiration come from?

Well, I first started makeup because I definitely didn’t feel attractive when I entered my teen years, with a body that really resembled a pre-pubescent  boy and features that made me look much younger than I was and while I didn’t wear makeup on a regular basis until ninth grade, I went for it to feel more confident about myself and look less immature. I might not have been able to change my body or my physical features but one thing I could alter through makeup was my looks. To this day, my inspiration, first and foremost is to detract from the parts of my face that I’m less thrilled with to look a little bit more pulled together, a way to feel a little bit more confident. I draw inspiration from magazines, people on the street, etc. etc but the underlying reason for my draw to makeup is the way that it can make me feel a bit more confident.

(2) What are three of your ‘Holy Grail Products’ that you cannot live without?

One thing I really struggle with is indecision and as a result I’m very hesitant of using the expression because I could easily find the next best thing in a day, however these three I have passionate feelings towards. The ashy-grey toned MAC Coquette Eyeshadow is the ideal shade to add definition to my brows without being overly obvious or having the tendency to look red, for one. Another product has to be good ol’ Bioderma Sensibio H20 (or perhaps its L’Oreal equivalent) because it removes makeup with absolute ease, doesn’t irritate my beyond sensitive eyes and is the closest thing that my skin can handle to makeup wipes. Last but not least, I have to include the Bobbi Brown Corrector — I wear Light to Medium Bisque — because it’s the only thing that can actually camouflage my hereditary under-eye darkness without being obvious.

(3) What is your makeup signature look that you have on most of the time?

While my makeup does vary some naturally, you’re likely to find me sporting some subtle winged liner, a muted smokey eye, some glow to my cheeks and a luminous base. And more often that not, I go fairly nude on the lips.

(4) Let us know your favourite makeup brands!

Umm, I’m quite the MAC girl at heart but I also adore Dior for luxury purchases and L’Oreal and Rimmel never disappoint in terms of less expensive brands.

(5) Your ultimate makeup pet-peeve?

The cake face — enough said. It drives me bonkers when someone has just covered the entire surface of their skin in layers of makeup in an obvious way.

(6) You’ve heard about all of the hype on this makeup item, bought it, tried it and don’t understand what all the fuss is about … name that product!

MAC Shy Girl Lipstick; the peachy-toned nude lipstick is completely unflattering on my lips, going a weird pale but peach colour that is not flattering in the slightest. I’ve back-to-MAC-ed that one…

(7) Concealer or foundation only for the rest of your life? Choose one and tell us the reason!

As surprising as this may be for both me and those who know me best, I would have to choose concealer as my dark circles are horrendous and my skin doesn’t do particularly well with lots of product applied all over the face — I have a good three or four blemishes at any given time but the rest of my skin tends to be fairly decent — and in light of this, concealer would be the solution.

My Nominees…

1. Sarah Loves Makeup

2. MakeupIntrovert

3. WhatSheDoesNow

4. Isobel Rose

5. SoftlySometimes

6. Allanarama

7. LittleBitSoph

Happy Sunday!
Maggie, x.




3 thoughts on “Beauty Blogger of the Month Award

  1. Hi Maggie! Wow, the Bobbi Brown corrector sounds amazing, I’ll have to give it a go 🙂
    Thank you so much for participating and good luck with your entry x

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