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I think I’ll begin with a bit of a secret (but not a particularly surprising one) — Sunday’s aren’t really different than any other day of the week in my world except in the way that I like to treat them. There’s something about Sunday’s that make it acceptable to spend the day in bed, look a little bit less polished and be a much less productive human being and I’m not going to complain about that. Here are a few of my guidelines that I follow and break on a regular occasion…


My cozy lounge space is my bed but I have made sure to fully make it, with the sheets tucked in smoothly and everything with the pillows pushed up for the perfect little nest effect but any old nook or cozy corner will definitely suffice. It’s a tough call for me to decide whether or not my love of reading and general reading materials rivals my love of beauty products, so obviously the latter part is essential. There’s something particularly therapeutic about reading a good old weighty novel and at the moment I’ve returned to the task of reading Atlas Shrugged and I’m enjoying reading it but I do enjoy a heftier novel (in length and subject matter) than most. I’m not leaving out reading materials of the other variety, however; I also love to have a magazine handy to scour through and to binge-read a blog, whether its an old-favourite of mine or a newfound discovery.


I’m particularly passionate about being comfortable because I’m one of those people who can’t feel fully relaxed and mellow without absolute comfort but this doesn’t mean that I want to be wearing threadbare old sweats or pyjamas; I like to feel a little more pulled together than that both for the feeling in itself and in case I decide to join civilization. Today’s choice was a repurposed sleepwear top from Forever 21 and a pair of the expensive but comfortable Lululemon Athletica leggings, known as the famous Wunder-Unders. I feel the need to inform you that these are the most flattering and comfortable leggings, especially if you have a flat but like me and fear looking like a prepubescent boy with man-boobs.


When I was writing out this step here, I was referring to a beverage of the caffeinated variety but I can definitely see an alcoholic one being potentially more enjoyable and weekend appropriate, alas I was good and grabbed a nice cup of tea in my newfound favourite mug. There’s something therapeutic in this act but it seems incomplete without an accompanying snack of the same calibur. At the moment, I’m the most hormonal I’ve been in years (TMI? — OOPS) and despite surviving on my low fructose diet, I’ve been craving chocolate like nobody’s business and although I never used to be a dark chocolate person, I’ve been enjoying a row or two of a 70-85% dark chocolate bar, almost to the same degree as I used to inhale the chocolate-coated mini cheesecakes — they’re amazing by the way.


Two nights back, suffering from a terrible migraine, I did something that I rarely do – put a treatment in my dry tangly hair (in this case, coconut oil) and put the full effort into sectioning my monstrosity of hair off into sections and go to town with my brush of choice, the Goody tangle-teezer ‘dupe’ but if I hadn’t done that I definitely would have tried to deal with the tangly hair situation and give it a bit of a treat as well. Although I also like to take the time during the week to give my skin a treatment (a mask etc.), it has become part of the Sunday routine to go for a mask. At the moment, I’ve been enjoying using the Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose in It because it acts like a decongesting mask when left on the skin whilst exfoliating the skin with the gentle clay and acids in the formula. It also doesn’t dry out my skin which is rather nice. If I’m feeling more dehydrated or my skin is in need of more smoothing action, I’ll reach for a hydrating mask and my one of choice depends on the time of day I’m applying it; the more gel-like texture of The Body Shop Aloe Protective Restoring Mask allows it to be used during the day and I reach for it if I’m looking for a treatment during the day or I’ll put on the more nourishing hardcore Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask overnight, as the name would suggest.


I guess I’m a fidgety person and this results in my nail polish never staying nicely on my nails despite my best efforts (and products) and this tends to lead to me getting annoyed with the whole nail institution and neglect them until the point where they look raggedy and horrific; on Sunday’s I try to remedy this situation. At the very least, I’ll trim my nails, giving them some shape before applying a clear strengthener — at the moment I’m using the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat. However, it can also be therapeutic to apply some polish too, even if it doesn’t last as long as it should. Angst.


I’m a big fan of the no-makeup Sunday (or Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday etc.) and I do tend to follow that philosophy most weeks but I also like to have a small selection of products on hand, separated into a small makeup bag or in some other way that I can grab and take with me or quickly apply if I suddenly need to be more presentable for going out in public in a more polished fashion. For a nice skin-like finish, I’ll grab either the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Smooth-Effect Makeup , or the Skin79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream if I’m potentially in need of strong sun protection and/or hydration — the latter is particularly nice because it also performs like a treatment, hydrating the skin and soothing it. I’ll often simply go for a highlighting concealer pen like the L’Oreal Paris Magic Lumi Concealer in Fair to conceal underneath my eyes and a little bit of redness unless my dark circles are catastrophic, when I have to use my beloved Bobbi Brown Corrector. For the eyes, I’ll put a cream shadow on like the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded before going in with a bit of liner and mascara quickly and I’ll at the very least put some bronzer on my face and some balm on my lips. This sounds like a load of products but honestly it’s three minutes worth of work in the way that I apply makeup and it makes me feel loads better.

What steps do you take to ensure that you have an ideal Sunday?
Maggie, x.

6 thoughts on “The Six Step Sunday

  1. aww i wish id read this post earlier on so i could have done this amazingggggg relaxation idea today. ill deffo be doing this next weekend!

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