Tuesday’s Daily Highlights


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Tuesday was all kinds of crazy, beginning with an early start (and stressful one), involving getting my first fillings, and didn’t slow down until nighttime, being out and about all day but it was a day that I was pleased with the whole makeup etc. situation. So despite not getting a good quality photo in the slightest, I thought I would share the items that I was particularly pleased with along with some thoughts; I’m sure you know the drill by now.

Although my nails weren’t quite as presentable as in the above photo — it was a good few days later and the polish was quite caked on — I was loving them. I was wearing (and still am) the Essie Snakeskin Magnetic Nail Colour in Sssssexy and although it took far too many coats to get there, I actually managed to get the magnetic effect to work — the secret is in shaking the bottle to activate the magnetic ability by the way — but I only figured out on my forth coat. I love the opaque formula, as I could almost have gotten away with one coat and the oxblood hue and the magnet-induced gradient gave them cool-looking definition. This was my first foray back into the autumnal shades that I adore and I don’t expect to be putting it down soon.

The thing about getting up and ready early, especially when you’re nervous, is that your practical senses aren’t exactly on point. This rarely happens but I managed to leave the house while wearing a dirty top so I was left without the time to come home and change and had to find something to buy where we were. Although I haven’t shopped there consistently since my junior high years, I popped into Garage and quickly found a cute paper-thin sweater to replace the shirt I had on; said garment was called the Black Slit Dolman Sleeve Tee and I’ve surprised myself by how much I love the faded ‘greige’ top. I love that I can wear it in the warmer weather that we’re having because it’s so lightweight and doesn’t make you overheated but still attractive with it’s slightly cropped cut (I was wearing high-waisted jeans) and slouchy shape. I’m having a love affair with these grey-beige neutrals at the moment. It also has that cute-yet-impractical open back.

Even though it was quite a quick and low-key makeup day as it was so early and I was so tired, there were three products worthy of mention and two of them were new ones chronicled in yesterday’s post here. I’ve mentioned my love of eyeliner on even the most minimal of makeup days and because everything was low-key, I figured it was the day to try my sample of the Marc Jacobs Beauty High(Liner) in Brown(Out) and I was as pleased as can be about that decision; I had never had anything glide on so smoothly (yet nicely) and with as rich colour as the bronzy-tinged liner. It also lasted like nothing else and now I’m intrigued by these liners… The second new product that had to be mentioned was the rosy-tinged tan and ivory coloured NARS Contour Blush in Paloma because with a few swipes on the cheekbones and temples, my face was given instant shape and cheekbones.

And last but not least, my beloved Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Smooth-Effect Makeup had to be mentioned – yet again. With my fingertips, I can quickly blend this velvety foundation into my skin in a way that makes it look like its my skin rather than makeup, it lasts well and it has that natural luminosity to it. It’s a nice one for tired skin especially when you’re wearing SPF underneath and want to avoid that shiny effect that would happen with a dewier foundation. And it offers a good medium coverage somehow. It’s fantastic.

What have your daily highlights been?
Maggie, x.

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