The Review | MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Cheeky Bronze



There aren’t many things – especially when thinking distinctly of the beauty variety – that I love more than one of those glowy highlighting blush shades so when you add a bronzy coral hue to the mix I’m hopeless to resist. Enter the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Cheeky Bronze ($37). The texture and formula of the MSFs that I love found in such a gorgeous bronzed coppery coral hue ensured that I wouldn’t be able to resist and while it’s not the most unique shade in my collection, I can’t say that I’m anything but pleased with my purchase. It has that smooth, buttery and pigmented formula that I’ve grown to love but actually has been included in MAC’s permanent collection unlike my other shades from the line and I do appreciate this and assume you would too, seeing that you would not have to battle to get a hold of such a difficult-to-find product. The shimmer is the most refined, reading on the skin in a luminous and not glittery or over-the-top fashion and despite the texture of the product, it lasts for a full day on the cheeks.

I will admit that it’s not so different from the cult-favourite Stereo Rose shade that I have this slight tendency to go on and on and on some more about, but Cheeky Bronze definitely both swatches and appears on the skin in a different manner, coming out much less pink-coral and more of a bronzed coppery coral. In terms of the drugstore spectrum, I don’t think it’s miles away from my loved Maybelline Master Highlight Hi-Lighting Bronzer in Deep Bronze, either, but it’s not identical as it sits more coral and less outwardly bronze and coppery-hued. I suppose Cheeky Bronze is a shade that sits half-way in between both shades, having that bronziness and hint of copper that dominates in the Maybelline and the coral-hint of MAC Stereo Rose.

While it’s not quite as expensive as an Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush and significantly less expensive than a blush from any of the indulgent fashion houses like Chanel, this MAC product costs a pretty penny but I’m comforted that it comes with a generous 10 grams or 0.35 ounces that keeps things economical. I’m saying that I believe that this illuminating powder is worth the price and I’d say that its versatile because it works on anyone on the medium or lighter side of the spectrum as a blush shade and on darker skins as a highlighter.


Have you tried a MSF before?
Maggie, x.
P.S. I have not dropped off of the face of the earth…. I’ve just been without a moment to spare in this midterm season!

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