The Essential: Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Moisturizing Stick


The condition of my lips cannot be described as anything but slightly mangled and disastrous; regardless of care and all that jazz, my lips are extremely sensitive, chapped, dry and all kinds of uneven. While I have not found a miracle balm to cure all ills, I’m pleased to report that I’ll fallen in love with this balm that not only does not irritate my lips – you wouldn’t believe how irritated my lips get from the most seemingly benign formulas – but even more than that provides nice soothing moisture on the lips without feeling heavy or leaving any sort of cast or wonky texture. The Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Moisturising Stick Stick ($9) is all kinds of awesome, coming in an easy, practical and hygienic chapstick form and containing nourishing ingredients like shea butter, oils galore and honey and none of those aesthetically-pleasing ingredients like copious amounts of fragrance, alcohol, menthol and the like. It may not be ideal for some, but I appreciate that this lightweight but very hydrating balm is suitable for daily wear even under makeup but does not contain SPF – I really tend to have sensitivity issues with sunscreen found in lip products. Being in a stick form, it doesn’t contain the greatest amount of product, amounting to 4 grams.

I was tempted to leave this post at the previous paragraph which would be impressively concise slash short and sweet for someone as wordy as me but let me paint the picture of how this balm came into my life. It was the end of August, with my third year of university in the near future and I was at the mall with my friends. Frustrated with the condition of my lips, despite many attempts to cure them, I had decided that I wanted to try the traditional Nuxe Reve de Miel pot lip balm that so many bloggers that I adore tremendously had declared their love for and as luck would have it, I was without lip balm and my lips felt like they were going to fall off. I scampered into the larger Shopper’s Drugmart and headed into the section with the like French brands, ready to shell out $17 dollars and then I realized that the cult-favourite formula was sold out. How rude. I was disturbingly enraged until I spotted the less expensive more traditional stick formula and convinced myself that it was worth a try and would be easier to justify to myself as a purchase. As soon as it was paid for, I aggressively applied the balm and things were instantly better, both on the moisture and sensitivity front. Maybe 4-5 months later, I’ve still held onto that little guy and have been enjoying the results and believe it or not, I’ve made a major dent in the stick. Pointless ramble over.

DSC_0236DSC_0241What’s your favourite lip balm?
Maggie, x.

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