My Second Foray into Highlighter | Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

I’m quite the fan of highlighters in general, but I’m sure this is not surprising considering that I’m a lover of all things glowy. More surprisingly, however, I don’t have a large number of highlighters in my collection but I do reach for them often without talking about them. The Benefit Girl Meets Pearl ($36/ 0.4 oz) was the second highlighter that I ever acquired and it remains one of my favourites. I say ‘acquired’ because I did not actually purchase or rather, pay for the “liquid pearl for face” – the full-sized product was part of the first 500 Point Perk that I redeemed from Sephora.

DSC_0461DSC_0464It’s not what I would think of as a traditional highlighter and was my first foray into the world of liquid highlighters that I’ve come to adore. Unlike most liquid highlighters, it doesn’t have an overly runny texture and is not nearly difficult to deal with as the typical liquid textures. The formula is slightly sheer in the nicest way possible – but this does make it impossible to photograph in its true glory – and is a relatively light pale pink-hued shade with a golden champagne sheen running throughout and no obvious shimmer. I love how it reads on the skin as natural luminosity rather than any sort of product and how it sits half way between pink and gold. It’s extremely blendable into the skin and I have to say that I enjoy that it blends seamlessly into my dry skin even when I’ve been naughty and have applied the cream product over powder.

It’s quite pricy but I might say that it’s worth the money as the product goes such a long way and it’s simply gorgeous on the skin. It doesn’t hurt how versatile it is, either, working underneath foundation to add a glow and even things out, used on top as a traditional highlighter and mixed in with foundation to sheer things out while adding some luminosity.

What’s your favourite highlighter?
Maggie, x.

One thought on “My Second Foray into Highlighter | Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

  1. This looks nice and subtle which is my preference for highlighters. I’ve using my MAC Strobe Cream on my cheekbones underneath my foundation lately and I really like the effect.

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