The October Empties



Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 100 Ivory ($10-12): Once upon a time, not so long ago – in fact it was in the last 72 hours, I finally finished up my bottle of this seemingly never ending foundation. It’s definitely one of my favourites still, with good coverage but a natural skin look and a radiant finish, that rarely seems to do me wrong. I love that it works wonderfully over dry patches and the only complaint I have is that the shimmer can enhance imperfections when I’m dealing with raised breakouts and that the shade range is definitely limited. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a radiant foundation with some coverage, but I’m going to attempt to work through some more foundations in my stash before thinking about a repurchase.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in 125 Very Fair ($7-8): This concealer was really nice for providing medium build able coverage that looked nice even on my driest patches, however, it did not provide enough for blemishes and did not have quite enough correcting properties to conceal my bags on their own. It was a real treat for concealing redness, though, and to highlight the under-eye area after using a corrector – it was especially helpful that it looks so skinlike.

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer in 010 Ivory ($7-8): So apparently I finished a lot of Rimmel face products this time around but I’m pleased to have this one used up, because I liked it, but it was not my favourite. Despite being marketed as a concealer-highlighter-hybrid, I found that this brush-tip concealer had medium build able coverage and didn’t have any luminous properties whatsoever. Although the brush was irritating for use on blemishes, I found it could be used on them as well as underneath the eyes. However, I found it a bit dry underneath my eyes, even though it concealed darkness fairly well and it had a tendency to look really makeup-y when applied in any sort of moderate amount. I would recommend it, though, especially if you’re curious about a thinner textured product that comes with a nice amount of product and has substantial coverage. I must be an awfully tough concealer critic…

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara ($9-10): The only non-Rimmel makeup product that I finished, huh? I do love this affordable volumizing mascara because it is not a menace to remove, does not get clumpy, doesn’t have an overly wet formula and works well without feeling like its even there. I’ve been through so many tubes of this and I don’t plan on stopping.

Prevens Makeup Remover Wipes ($6-7): I’m not your usual makeup wipes kind of girl, but sometimes I want to remove my makeup without the bother of going to the sink, removing everything with separate products and having to go through the routine and these are rather nice, but not my absolute favourite. I quite like that they are gentle, formulated without alcohol and somehow do not sting even my sensitive eyes. They’re not drying either and I’m afraid I have to admit to enjoying the subtle citrus scent.

Aveeno Eczema Care Moisturizing Cream ($15): If you’ve been a regular reader around these parts for some time, no doubt you will be aware that I suffer from a moderate case of eczema – particularly on my legs – that doesn’t seem to respond to much and I had to try this 1% colloidal oatmeal enriched cream because I love the body wash so much. I did enjoy the cream gel texture for how soothing it felt and the lack of general irritants, but it didn’t come out as impressive enough to warrant a repurchase.

Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All ($14): I definitely don’t buy the claims of this bubble bath doubling up as moisturizer and being a treat to the skin but I do adore it for the sake of the luxurious calming experience it provides, without being loaded with irritating essential oils – I find my eczema flares up in reaction to them – and sodium lauryl sulfate. It has that gorgeous warm patchouli scent that reminds me of Miss Dior that loads of products from the brand do and I enjoy it tremendously. I’m also partial to the fact that it’s not irritating and that I can even get away with using it as a body wash as well.

Dove Unscented Anti-Perspirant Stick ($5-6): I feel absolutely ridiculous including a deodorant in an empties post but this one deserves it. It might be a little TMI but I have the tendency to get a bit of eczema in my underarm area and most deodorants are painful to apply there and irritating, but this one works well and doesn’t sting or anything. I’ve repurchased before and I will again.

Bath & Body Works Nantucket Sail 3 Wick Candle: While I can’t seem to do an empties post without harping on about a scented candle, I haven’t been burning through many in recent months – mainly because of the warm weather and extended indian summer that we’ve been having. However, about a month ago I burned through this light citrus musk candle and I did enjoy it, while it’s not enough for a repurchase. It has that nice cologne kind of note that I like but it’s not up there with my faves.

Have you finished anything lately?
Maggie, x.

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