Winter 2015 Luxe Box Review

I have seen the allure of the monthly (or seasonally where this one is concerned) allure of these beauty boxes but I’ve always been determined that they were not for me on account of their high cost and no guarantee of what products you would receive; in other words, I thought I was too much of a control freak in order to fork over the money for unknown products, regardless of the value. Somehow, though, I decided to try out the seasonal Luxe Box by Loose Button seasonal subscription box back in August, after hearing about how it shipped for free, was less of an investment and focused on higher end products, and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve been really impressed with the two boxes that I’ve received, as they have interesting products and contain enough quantity for me to be willing to fork over the cash. It costs $24-$26 CDN per box, depending on the subscription and unfortunately is only available in Canada.


Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Tinted Primer ($31/ 3g) [$10.33]: I was not exactly expecting to adore this lash primer, as I am not a lover of the mascara formula of the same name – and not loving the They’re Real Mascara was my hesitation about going with the switching out of four products for ones from Benefit option that I ultimately ended up going for. However, I found myself very impressed by this brown-tinted mascara primer. It functions as a nice volumizing and separating mascara on its own, even without any mascara on top, and layers to create dramatic lashes, all while being not as impossible to remove as its namesake mascara. What I love is that it feels lightweight on the lashes, yet covers all the bases.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara ($31/8.5 g) [$16]: I’ve heard all kinds of fabulous things about Benefit’s latest mascara release, however, I was hesitant to go out on a limb and try it for two main reasons: namely that I’m skeptical of higher end mascaras in general and that I’m even more skeptical of Benefit’s mascaras, especially those with rubber wands. I will say that it is worthy of all the hype because of the curl it provides the lashes, moderate separation and thickness it provides, and most of all because of the otherworldly length that it provides. I do enjoy that it’s less hellish to remove.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara ($31/8.5 g) [$16]: I might have been a wee bit disappointed to receive the popular and impossible-to-remove Benefit mascara but now that I think about it and have the lash primer of the same line to try, I am somewhat excited to give it a go again. It does give nice lengthened and volumized lashes but my issue with this is just how difficult it is to remove.

Benefit They’re Real Remover ($22/ 50 mL): The unquantifiable foil sample of Benefit’s makeup remover designed for their mascara did kind of make sense given the theme of Benefit products, however, it was my biggest disappointment with the box. Foil samples are always messy to use and the product quickly deteriorates for one, but most importantly, I’m really fussy about the products I use to remove eye makeup from my sensitive lids, and this is not the kind that I would even try. The amount of product is also very tiny.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar ($54/ 60 mL) [$54]: This product was unlisted on my card, so I presume that this is the bonus full-sized product that that extra $10 optional charge paid for, and I was impressed as it was a cult-favourite moisturizer that I had always been curious about, in a full size. It’s a cosmetically elegant moisturizer housed in attractive jar packaging but from my experience, I now know that it does not compare to my favourites, nor does it have a scent that I can stomach – it has a super strong herbal scent that does not seem to go away over time. I have been pleased to try it and I’ve been even more pleased that they seem to listen to my product preferences in my profile before sending out products.

The Face Shop Moisturizing Character Mask ($9/3) [$4]: I’ve been loving trying out sheet masks lately – even though they are mighty expensive for a single use product – so I was thrilled to see the nourishing mask in my box, especially when I saw that the ingredients were impressive, with glycerin and panthenol – and few irritating ingredients. I will admit that I haven’t actually used it yet so I can’t report back on that front, mainly because I wanted to make sure it was looking nice for the picture…

Star Looks Luxe Longer Eye Liner Pen ($19/ 10 mL) [$19]: I did not have high expectations for this brand, for some odd reason, but I was actually quite impressed with this liquid pen liner because it’s easy to use and doesn’t skip. My only complaint is that it is not an intense black shade, but I have been using it happily lately.

Teez Trend Cosmetics Read My Lips Lipstick in Roulette Red ($28.94/ 2g) [$28.94]: It’s nothing particularly unique or life-changing of any sort, but I have worn this deep muted plum-toned red lipstick and do quite like it. The formula is comfortable but did last on the lips and I found the muted quality of the shade flattering.

Paid | $34: Value | $148.24

What are your thoughts on beauty boxes? Maggie, x.

4 thoughts on “Winter 2015 Luxe Box Review

  1. I’m addicted to beauty boxes, I’ve used and bought more products than I ever would have done. I love Philosophy Hope in a Jar, really helps my sensitive skin look it’s best.

      1. I love Cohorted, and I’m excited to see my first Look Incredible box! What are your favourites?

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