April 2016 Favourites

What’s this – an almost early favourites post? Hide your unbelievable shock and read on.



Shea Moisture Mongogo & Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture-Seal Masque ($17.15): I’ve always heard great things about Shea Moisture’s products and wanted to try them to no end, but I was always doomed to frustration because they were not available in Canada in stores or to order. However, I learned that Target will ship them to Canada with their relatively recent Canadian shipping at not too high of a cost and couldn’t resist trying a number out. One of them was this deep conditioner from the new high porosity hair line – which I have despite having fairly healthy hair – and it was almost as life changing as it gets. It’s one of those concentrated and rich but somehow lightweight formulas that manages to both drastically improve the condition of the hair in a few minutes but leave the hair bouncy with a bit of the remaining product left in. It has heavier butters in the first couple of ingredients so it does have the potential of weighing those with looser textures and extremely fine hair down. It also has a really perfume-y scent that I don’t love but thankfully does dissipate.

Shea Moisture Tahitian Noni & Monoi Smooth & Repair Rinse-Out Conditioner ($14.51): My love for a good conditioner or two – and copious amounts of said conditioners – run deep but regardless, I do feel a bit ridiculous including two Shea Moisture offerings in one fairly restrained selection of product favourites. The fact remains that I couldn’t resist leaving this everyday conditioner out. I love the smell, because it’s fresh and energizing but I particularly love how it has a concentrated boost of protein – keratin is the third ingredient – and packs a moderate hydration punch that lasts. I imagine that it’s not quite as heavy as other Shea Moisture conditioners, as the shea butter appears lower on the ingredient list and likely because of this I can easily leave a generous amount in my long wavy hair without disturbing the curl formation in the slightest, or even use it as a leave-in. It pleasantly has decent enough slip for detangling but the best part is that lightweight moisture-protein mix that helps to perk up my droopier waves.

Pixi Overnight Glow Serum ($31.69): I ordered Pixi’s glycolic-laden serum on a whim from Target in order to reach the threshold for more affordable shipping, being impressed with the aloe rich and alcohol-free formula of the serum. Despite not hearing much about this chemical exfoliant with all of the recent exfoliant hype, I have to say that it’s a delightful one – with enough glycolic acid to be brightening and resurfacing but soothing and hydrating at the same time. My only complaint is that the product has a weirdly thick and gel-like texture to be effectively dispensed through the dropper.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($68): I can count on a few fingers the number of times that I wore makeup in April that did not include the cult favourite foundation and I regret each of these times. It’s not super-detectable on the skin and has that luminosity but its subtle in a way that wears well and does not require powder or anything. I love that it makes me glowy and doesn’t highlight my dry patches, whilst providing almost undetectable medium-buildable coverage. It has risen to the top of my absolute favourite foundations, let me tell you.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit in Fair ($52): Despite not being a full-on heavy contour kind of girl, I found myself springing for the cream offering from Anastasia during the Sephora VIB Sale and falling in love with the effect. I’ve found that these creams make contouring really easy and laid-back, fitting into my routine at least a few times a week. Unlike powders, they sit seamlessly with my dry skin and they last and last at the same time. The best part are the colours for my moderately fair skin – coming with two cool-toned grey contours that add that natural shadow and one more neutral offering and three highlighters that actually add some natural-looking light. The contour shades can be combined to sculpt my face and the neutral offering can add warmth and I’ve actually found myself applying a bit of the highlighting creams under my eyes for brightness in that triangular shape – with good subtle results. The sheer golden highlight is also lovely for adding that kind of lit-from-within glow.

MAC Eyeshadows in Typographic & Phloof ($8/each): With MAC lowering the price of their shadows by a significant margin last month, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I found two new shades to fall in love with. Typographic has proven to be that perfect black – it’s actually the deepest grey – with a soft matte creamy and pigmented formula that performs expertly as liner or to smoke out the lash line and outer corner. Phloof has impressed me similarly, functioning as a pale champagne-ivory lid shade and as a spectacular inner corner highlighting shade with it’s champagne lean and pigmentation.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Juliette ($39): This coral lipstick was yet another addition during the month of April that I couldn’t place my order from Sephora without or write this post without including. I love the Audacious formula and even though I was surprised to learn that this particular shade was a bit bolder than I originally thought, I have been adoring it. It’s bright while having those rosy and peach undertones that give it a more neutral and understated quality, softening it somewhat. The shade is ridiculously flattering and seems to perk everything up. I’ll have to get a post of me wearing it up as the photo here doesn’t do it justice.

What were your staple products in April?
Maggie, x.




One thought on “April 2016 Favourites

  1. So good to know that shipping from Target is reasonable! Now with the dollar being better, I just might have to place an order! I definitely want some Pixi stuff. 🙂

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