Craziness; May Candle Empties

Throughout May I was a candle burning machine, somehow managing to burn through five candles – even though I note that I did not begin burning most of these this month (some I’ve been burning since December) and most of them are not even full sized. It seems that my love for the burning of candles necessitates writing up an entire post detailing the candles that I’ve burned to completion all month and I won’t lie, I do feel like a slightly insane person for writing a single and somewhat lengthy post simply reviewing the candles that I have burned within a thirty day period…


1. Target Be Peaceful Lavender & Eucalyptus Fragranced Soy Candle ($12.49/16.2 ounces)
  • scent description: N/A
  • It might not have burned among optimal burning criteria of the harshest candle critics but it was an addictive calming candle at a great value that performed well, lasting an insane number of hours and delivering a great but not overwhelming throw
  • smells exactly like basis description in title, with relaxing essential oils
  • I would definitely buy again if Target had not pulled out of our country or if I or someone I knew was taking a trip to the US
  • Only critique would be that there was some mild tunneling on account of the large diameter and single wick and thus the candle burned a teensy bit unevenly


2. Bath & Body Works Brazilian Blue Waters Medium Candle ($12.50/6.3 ounces) | review
  • scent description: “escape to Brazil’s shores with notes of ocean waves, sea foam and dappled sunlight”
  • collection: Spring 2015 “Brazil”
  • It smells almost exactly as one would expect a water-note candle to smell, but the notes kind of go into weird territory with references to seemingly odourless things, more accurately described as a nice fresh watery scent with some clean light floral in the background
  • The scent does not have the most intensity but it delivers an excellent throw, especially for being a single-wick candle that is not offensive in the slightest, burned nicely with the slightest bit of tunneling at end and burned extremely close to bottom of container
  • It’s not one of my top five candle picks but it’s repurchase worthy
  • My experience with this medium candle has been consistent with the others (so this applies to all) so these are an excellent value or way of trying out scents without committing to the larger 3-Wick, often going on promotions for good deals and lasting for at least as long but with perhaps a bit less intensity
3. Bath & Body Works Sparkling Limeade Mason Jar Candle ($12.50/6 ounces)
  • scent description: “shake up a divine new drink with lemongrass, effervescent tonic water and smooth gin”
  • collection: Spring 2015 “White Barn Market”
  • Although the scent description for this candle is spot-on to my experience with the scent, this candle is nowhere near as sweet and strongly lime as its name would suggest and I would qualify the description even further by calling it a herbal/green gin and tonic scent with some slices of lime in it
  • It was a good burn, only the teensiest bit of tunneling and uneven burn towards the very end but I’m not even fussy about these kinds of things
  • This scent is a definite repurchase as it was my favourite spring scent because it matched my tastes and was quintessentially spring


4. Bath & Body Works Champagne Toast Medium Candle ($12.50/6.3 ounces)
  • scent description: “pop, clink and sparkle with an effervescent blend of champagne, juicy nectarine and black currant”
  • collection: Holiday 2014 “Celebrate and Cheer”
  • I knew that I would like the scent from the description, as it’s a refreshing fizzy muted citrus but I do not get any hint of that black currant, ideal for the holidays
  • The scent can only be described as gorgeous and the throw was impressive, I burned it both on Christmas Eve and Morning and would likely purchase it again but only for the holiday season


5. Bath & Body Works Amazon Falls Medium Candle ($12.50/6.3 ounces)
  • scent description: “the scent of fresh water, green rainforest fern and a hint of sunlight, inspired by the breathtaking beauty of a lush waterfall in the remote Amazon”
  • collection: Spring 2015 “Brazil”
  • The scent description only includes one thing with an actual scent, the rainforest fern, and unsurprisingly the fresh fern is the dominant note although I think I can smell some ‘water’ note or a fresh floral note in the background
  • This candle neither has the strongest throw or intensity, however, it is a nice and fresh green scent
  • I do not plan on repurchasing but I do recommend it to those that love fresh green scents and not for people that don’t, if it’s worth anything my father described the scent as a musty basement…
Any Candle-y Thoughts?
Maggie, x.

The Review | Bath & Body Works Medium Candle in Brazilian Blue Waters

Gradually over the last year, Bath & Body Works scented candles have infiltrated my life and eventually my blog posts, so its only fitting that I’m now going as far to dedicate an entire post to reviewing a candle. Bath & Body Works’ Brazilian Blue Waters is part of their Spring 2015 Hawaii collection and they describe it with the words “escape to Brazil’s shores with notes of ocean waves, sea foam and dappled sunlight”. I picked up the medium size, which is a single wick, containing 180 grams of product that should theoretically last 30-40 hours burning – this particular size retails for $12.50 or 2/$20. Brazilian Blue Waters is also available in a mini along with the 3-wick and while I wouldn’t necessarily wholeheartedly agree with the scent descriptor, I understand where they are coming from and enjoy the unique water-themed scent.


Brazilian Blue Waters is a unique scent that is subtle yet has an intense (but not overwhelming) intensity and throw and I find that I can burn it in my small room for hours without repercussions – and my room smells like it for ages after it has been burnt. While it’s definitely an aquatic scent, it’s nothing like your usual watery scents, as it doesn’t have any of those beach scents or citrus/musky hit that many other candles tend to have in this category. First and foremost, it smells like fresh running water but it has strong fresh-floral undertones along with some of that delicious clean-laundry scent.  This is one of those scents that feel distinctly Spring-esque and appropriate at this time – even though here there is still snow on the ground here and it’s more of an aquatic scent. This scent strikes me as being both invigorating yet mellow and is conducive to productivity in my experience.

While I have to say that I do prefer my beloved Beach Day from last year with it’s more authentic ocean-slash-beach scent, absence of floral notes and stronger citrusy musk element to it, I have quite enjoyed this candle. Even though it’s described in similar terms to the more summer-appropriate ocean scents, it definitely has a different feel that is seasonally appropriate and is a bit different in a lovely way. This is also a scent that I would hesitate to say that anyone would find offensive in the slightest. I just really do not get the sea foam note in the slightest and why floral notes were not in the descriptor. I can only imagine the 3-wick would have out of this world intensity and throw, considering the performance of the medium size.

Do you have a favourite scented candle at the moment?
Maggie, x.