The Candle Review |Ribbonwick Small Rectangle Brownstone Candle

I’ve definitely been enjoying burning candles during these colder months and I’ve actually been taking the opportunity to try out brands other than Bath & Body Works, and more particularly, I’ve been trialling candles from the Virginia Gift Brands (WoodWick, RibbonWick etc.) and have been enjoying them enough to pay the slightly heftier price tag for them even. The particular candle that I have been burning is the RibbonWick Small Rectangle Brownstone Candle ($20/339.3 grams) although it does come in a plethora of sizes – this one being the smallest, accurately estimated at burning for the thirty hour range. The Brownstone Candles are part of Ribbonwick’s premium collection and likely do not provide as much bang for your buck as other candles from Virginia Gift Brands do. However, they do come in gorgeous blackened bronze decorative bowl container that serves as quite a pretty decor piece that could be repurposed – if you could be bothered with it. According to Virginia Gift Brands, “the Brownstone collection features an aromatic amber scent brightened with notes of citrus and amber musk” and while I don’t agree with that description, it’s not completely off the map – and I’m happy that I do love  the unique luxe-feeling scent so very much.


IMG_9040The company’s scent description fails to mention the prominence of warm vanilla in the scent and the slight bakery pastry note, and I’m not detecting any sort of citrus note in the warm and cozy scent. I do definitely get the potent but somehow subdued amber notes and the hint of musk in the background of the scent. This is one of those scents that I adore yet struggle to describe because its scent does not fit simply into any typical scent category. I might call it a subdued gourmand though, if I were asked, but there are those warm notes that can’t be ignored as well…

Essentially, if this scent sounds like it might tickle your fancy, I definitely recommend giving it a try, if you’re willing to maybe spend a few more dollars than your usual Bath & Body Works Candles or are fancying a change. It burns flawlessly – and I rarely use that term. I was concerned with the rectangular shape of the container because I’m not known to be particularly patient in waiting hours and hours for that first even wax pool, but I was impressed that any sort of tunnelling corrected itself after the first couple of uses – I think this is because of the length of the wick itself. The scent itself is a medium one, potent but not overpowering, but it throws close to a 10 and lingers hours after being blown out – at least in my small-medium bedroom. Note: it does try to escape the confines of my room so I think this would be a great one for filling a larger space.

The burn itself was clean and it produced essentially no soot, – even with me only cleaning up the wick once or twice throughout the burn – all with really nice wax pools and flames that are neither too low for my liking or dangerously high either. I’m not one to be bothered by the performance of Bath & Body Works candles but this one blew them out of the water and lasted for a comparable amount of time.

Have you tried any Woodwick/Ribbonwick Candles?
Maggie, x.

Another Candle Review | Bath & Body Works Renew & Refresh Candle

Another day, another candle review. Don’t worry, this is still a beauty blog and I imagine that it always will be but don’t be completely surprised if there’s an occasional candle related post added to the mix. I may or may not have also become obsessed with reading candle reviews and watching their youtube counterparts as of late and have decided to dip my toes in the endeavour.

DSC_0611DSC_0613Since the beginning of April, I’ve been burning the Bath & Body Works Renew & Refresh 3-Wick Candle ($22.50) and loving the potent but calming fresh scent throughout the transition into Spring and warmer weather – I began using it during the most busy season in university leading into exams and it served me well for boosting productivity and de-stressing relaxing, but it’s also been a fresh but warm scent that I’ve enjoyed even in the warmer weather of May, as I’ve looked for lighter scents but with the same warmth and relaxing feel.

The Packaging

Renew & Refresh is a White Barn Home returning fragrance that comes housed in a lidless slightly sheer medium blue coloured jar with that white label on the front that scents in this signature collection have with matching blue accent. I haven’t had issues with the lack of a lid on any candles but I know some find this to be a great issue because it interferes with storage, throw and the overall strength of the scent – but at any rate, it’s a sophisticating looking blue jar packaging that does not come with a lid, instead being covered with that flimsy dust cover. At the moment the white wicked candle is only available in the 3-Wick size.

Scent Uniqueness & Accuracy

Renew & Refresh is rather accurately associated with the following description: “refresh the scent and ambiance of your home with the blend of jasmine, fresh air and a touch of mint”. It’s a fresh scent with potent jasmine-y warmth and a hint of airiness which might potentially be the mint note, although I’m not entirely certain. As far as these things go, the scent is definitely in tune with its description but it does not suggest that the scent is nearly as fresh based as it is. There are a number of fresh scented candles that Bath & Body Works has offered, but this one is different with its jasmine notes.

Scent Quality

The scent is a subdued one that has an airiness and an air of sophistication to it. However, it’s so fresh that only those who enjoy these kind of scents would enjoy it. As many have noted, it can kind of smell like laundry softener to those that do not like this kind of scent, as others have noted. This is the kind of scent that will not appeal universally but to those who like relaxing scents with fresh notes, this is one that I would recommend checking out.

Overall Burn

I haven’t had too many issues with the burn of Bath & Body Works candles but this one was almost perfect. The only issue to speak of was that it burned slightly unevenly, leaving slight wax remnants on the side and pooling in a slightly uneven way. The candle has burned for a good amount of time – thirty something hours thus far – although the deep pools of wax seem like they are burning rather quickly. There’s minimal soot happening even though I don’t always trim the wicks as often as would be ideal, along with nice high flames and wicks that never shrunk, let alone went out.


I’m tempted to say that the throw on this candle is absolutely perfect. Although the scent is calming and not the most intense scent, it nicely fills a small to moderately sized room and lingers even a couple of hours following it being extinguished. It lingers and spreads throughout the room without being problematic to those of us who can easily get headaches from heavier scents. My friend, Lauren, and I burned this candle for hours while stressing about our lives together and we both enjoyed the scent tremendously and could smell it throughout without having any problems with feeling sick, despite both being prone to headaches from strong scents.

What’s your favourite scented candle?
Maggie, x.