August 2015 Favourites

While I might not have been able to keep up with blogging content throughout August, – or even the beginning of September – I was able to keep up with and organized with my handy list of the products I was obsessing over and gravitating towards all month long…


NARS Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte ($39):  On a daily basis throughout August, I was happily applying this neutral rosy lipstick shade, either on its own or paired with a neutral lip liner. The formula is so gorgeous, pigmented and creamy and I can get it smudged along my upper lip when I’m being particularly careless, drinking coffee and the like, but otherwise it remains comfortable and intact for hours and hours. The shade has that brightening quality that works great with minimal makeup and when you’re looking worse for wear, but it also looks great with more dramatic makeup too.



Colab Volume Extreme Dry Shampoo in London ($9-10): I’ve experienced my first true dry shampoo love with this intensively volumizing formula; with a quick spray, even from a distance, it adds drastic instant volume and texture that lasts for hours on end. It has a nice sophisticated high-end-reading scent that I quite enjoy and it does have a white cast, but it dissipates quickly and the effects are worth the extra effort.


Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX04 ($58): As I’ve mentioned before, I kind of adore the uber-pigmented and creamy formula of this multi-purpose concealing product, although I unfortunately do have to work with it quite a bit on account of picking out the wrong shade – I wouldn’t exactly describe this shade as a fair golden hue, as its quite orange-yellow on my moderately fair skin. With some work, I find it works underneath the eyes to conceal heavy duty circles and it’s particularly amazing to spot-conceal blemishes.


Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette ($64): Essentially every single day in August, I reached for the latest Urban Decay palette without feeling bored by the shades in the slightest. I love the matte shades in the palette along with the more neutral shimmery offerings, particularly paired with the more interesting smoky shades for that neutral-but-smoky look that I adore. If you’re on the fairer side, as I am, this palette contains both a beige transition shade and a matte highlighting shade, along with a few traditional crease and outer corner, which is tremendously helpful. The champagne High and the golden Dirtysweet are both essential lid shades for me, I reach for Combust and Whiskey on a daily basis and I do enjoy the smoky shades such as Smolder to ‘smoke’ things out.

Sephora Collection Master Cleanse Daily Brush Cleanser ($19): With wearing makeup every day – or at least each day that I’ve been working -, I’ve been more inspired to keep my tools clean – to hopefully result in an easier application in the mornings and I’ve been loving this new instant alcohol-free cleanser. I like the slight residue it leaves because it seems to keep my brushes in ideal condition while still quick cleansing well.


Di Morelli Moisturizer ($58): Through work, I’ve had the opportunity to sample some of the lovely products created by the Vancouver-based dermatologist and I have to say that I’ve been loving this moisturizer throughout the month and it might just be worth the price – as it comes with 100 mLs of product and is up there with my beloved Caudalie. It has that lightweight but thicker soothing texture, that my skin drinks up it quickly but it leaves my drier patches adequately moisturized all day, with its high panthenol content to help repair the skin barrier and nice assortment of the usual emollients etc.

What were you loving in August?
Maggie, x.




The Birthday Beauty Acquisitions

Short story even shorter: I just had my twenty first birthday and because my friends and family know me so well, there were a fair number of beauty gifts and I thought I would share them…




Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX04 ($58)

I’ve always wanted to try the famous Kevyn Aucoin SSE so as soon as it was available at Sephora, I knew that I was serious about this uber concentrated and oil-infused concealer pot. I’ve been pleased with this concealer despite the praise that the product consistently gets. I do have to say that this shade runs a bit darker and more orangey than I would expect a fair shades with golden undertones to run – but it does work with my bit of a tan on my fair skin. And it might just be even more concentrated than everyone boasts in the best way possible.

Living Proof Extending Curl Memory Travel Kit ($36)

I’ve always wanted to try the sulfate and silicone free products from the brand,Living Proof, so this trial set of their curl range was right up my street so obviously it was added to my list. I must say that all three are rather nice but the Curl Defining Rinse is fantastic – it detangles my hair like nothing else with it’s unique gel texture while adding lightweight moisture.

Briogeo Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Avocado Leave In Defining Cream ($23)

Briogeo is one of those other brands that has made sulfate and silicone free products for curly hair that has always intrigued me, so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to try out their curl cream. It’s even more interesting that it has some hold to it and is designed for looser curls as well that works to define them with a lightweight texture.

Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter ($35)

Moisturizer (particularly for the body) is not something that one normally gets excited over, although with my eczema and general sensitive skin issues, I’m more disposed to considering investing more money and time into. Regardless, I loved receiving this fragrance-free nourishing body butter. It’s not exactly miraculous but the concentrated balmy cream is all kinds of lovely and soothing.

OPI x Coca Cola Take 10 Set

Lauren, my nail polish loving bestie, continued her tradition of giving me these exciting 10 piece mini polish kits from OPI and I couldn’t be more happy about it – and I admit it, no matter how materialistic that it sounds. I love the OPI formula and these colours are right up my alley and different from all my other shades, consisting of reds, a corally hue and some nice darker offerings. I’m thrilled to have another tube of Nail Envy and to try the Top Coat, too!

Revlon Nail Enamel in Revlon Red ($7)

Along with a gorgeous scarf and maxidress, my friend, Laura (generously) gifted to me this traditional red polish and while I have not applied it yet, I’m excited about it for three reasons; one being that I’m a red kind of girl, two being that I’ve always wanted to try the classic Revlon formula and three being that I don’t have many colours in this shade family. Will report back.

Sephora Lotus Mask ($8)

I’m a face mask kind of girl so sheet masks have caught my attention once or twice, especially those with beneficial ingredients such as this one but I tend to be put off by the price and the fact that they are a single-use product. I’m really excited to try out this “moisturizing and soothing” one, though. It contains only a tiny bit of fragrance as potential irritations and is full of emollients and soothing ingredients.

Any new purchases to share?
Maggie, x.

The Wishlist-come-Birthday-Gift-Guide

I would normally say that more than one monthly wishlist post would be excessive on my blog but this May there’s going to sort of be two. My birthday is coming in a little bit over a week – I’m not saying this for attention, in fact I’m not a fan of this kind of attention – and after frequently being asked what I would like, I thought it would be interesting and different to put together a Wishlisty gift guide post, highlighting products that I think would be nice to receive as a gift along with a few that I’m lusting after myself:


• Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer ($58): I might have prophetic insight that I will receive a pot of this multitasking concealer and foundation in SX04 for my birthday or I might have ordered it during the VIB Sale and sold it to my parents to gift it to me for my birthday. Regardless, a nice idea for beauty gift are the more expensive cult favourite products like this one that we might find it difficult to invest in for ourselves. This product has only recently become accessible to me in Canada and thanks to
Sephora’s recent acquisition of a few new hard-to-access brands, we now have access to some of these luxurious brands. It also helps that it should actually conceal without problems on my dry patches

•Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Incandescent Electra ($41): I’ve raved endless times about my love for these expensive but gorgeous marbled blushes, and I’ve got my eye on the newly released shade – even though I already own far too many corally glowy blushes. This is another one of those indulgent products that are lovely to receive as a gift, especially because they are difficult to buy for ourselves.

•Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 04 Peach Club ($24): When you’re not 100 percent sure of the recipients make up preferences and what to go for, but you want to give a beauty gift, a nice bright lipstick is the way to go – this moderately priced one is my pick. I adore the comfortable formula of this liquid stain and I think orangey peach shade is a nice brightening one that would suit many

•Caudalie Glycolic Peel ($39): I’m partial to receiving beauty related gifts but I think many females would be thrilled to receive one of these extra pampering products that add a nice ritual to the whole skincare routine once or twice a week, and this gentle peel is particularly attractive to me for this purpose. I’m passionate about gentle acidic products and Caudalie as a brand so this brightening and radiance boosting mask-peel so it was kind of an easy choice. I seriously want to try this product.

•Bath & Body Works Medium Candle in Black Teakwood ($12.50): I think that candles are a great gift but depending on how well you know their scent preferences and their level of obsession with candles, it can be better to go with one of the smaller single wick candles because the scent won’t reach as far, won’t be as potentially as offensive and is not the same level of investment. A safe choice is this repackage of the popular refined and relaxing but cologne-y Mahogany Teakwood.

•Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle in Black Sands ($22.50): If you’re confident with your choice in candle scents and that your recipient enjoys candles with some strength, I would say to go for one of the classic three wick candles – this ombred-glass number is my current top pick. The packaging is absolutely stunning and the scent is supposedly a mix of aquatic and cologne-y, reminding one of the beach without any of that dreadful coconut. From my own experience, though, I would also recommend Sparking Limeade, Brazilian Blue Waters, Renew & Refresh and Bow Ties & Bourbon.

•’The King’s Curse’ by Phillipa Gregory ($20): I’m a huge lover of books but I think even the less enthusiastic would love to receive a copy of a book such as this one for a present. I would highly recommend any book of Gregory’s Plantagenet series if one has any interest in historical fiction at all – they are relaxing, informative reads that are also highly engaging. I’m eager to read this one, the newest release. Books do make the greatest gifts though, regardless of genre…

Maggie, x.