The (Late) Monthly Roundup #6: May 2014


Huh; it’s suddenly become clear to me that I’ve gotten into the routine of consistently putting out five or so posts per week and hitting above twenty posts per month, which was once difficult to produce on a frequent basis, but it seems to have become routine (somewhat) and I have to say that it feels good. On an expected note, it kind of blows my mind that we’re now into the sixth month and its equally as expected that it’s been a month of typical east coast weather fluctuations — the first half of May had a sunny day or two but the general theme was clearly overcast and/or rainy but the second half of the month quickly morphed into gorgeous hot summer weather. It was also strange in the sense that the stress of university was over but summer had not truly begun yet … or at least it hadn’t when I originally intended to get this post up.

01. The Evening Skincare Routine

To be honest, I included this post because I was happier with the associated photograph over the other posts included in this series but really the whole ‘skincare series’ in itself was a definite highlight of the month. After planning on doing skincare posts for months without action, I was satisfied with the results of the posts I brought out in the last month and hopefully you did too.

02. The Beauty Bargain: The Summery Bright Lip

This was yet another series I had been planning to add in the swing of things here for ages but in my usual fashion, I kept putting this off so obviously I was more pleased than not when I began bringing it into fruition and not only that, I was particularly happy with how the post came out in real life independent of the potential series.

03. Daily Face #14: The Usual + Unseasonal Lip Favourite

I was feeling much too self-indulgent here so I decided to feature perhaps my most-viewed post of the month, assuming that you enjoyed it in the same way that I enjoyed writing it. The deep red Revlon Lacquer Balm might have been as out of season as things get but it’s easy to wear and flattering so ‘who actually gives a damn’.

04. Spring Essentials

I must say that I struggled with selecting this post, not because it wasn’t one of my noteworthy posts looking back but instead because I’m not crazy about the associated picture. That aside, it was a post idea that had been spinning around my mind and seemed kind of difficult to make happen but somehow I managed to do a roundup of my favourite products of Spring rather than the generic kind of edit post.

05. An Apology to Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 08

It was exciting enough to rediscover the moisturizing lipstick that previously didn’t seem quite right on me but more than that, I enjoyed the more chatty, beauty-thoughts style of the post so much that I want to add more of these style kinds of posts that are neither full on reviews, edits or ‘looks’.

What were your May highlights?
Maggie, x.





Weekly Medley #15

Recently Updated5

(1) The pre-movies face (2) The loved product of the week (3) My face again, obviously (4) evidence that I am no longer ghastly pale – woo (5) the show that I’ve Netflix-marathoned this week (6) the blog that rekindled my fixation on style

This week was an uneventful one, I’m afraid, but it would be difficult for me to be happier about it. Although I can say that I actually went out and socialized in public this week, wrote up a few posts and made some major organizational headway, this was not a particularly eventful or productive week but for once that does not ensure impending doom. And, let me just express my incredulity over the fact that it is now May.

After not buying clothes in ages as regardless of my share of wholehearted efforts to look stylish or pulled together through attire/outfits because I always failed in the face or comfort or whatever, becoming more indifferent about this whole style-oriented thing, my interest has been rekindled this week. That’s not exactly true — there’s been a gradual change but I might have just become more conscious of it all of a sudden. I suppose I admired the style and whole pulled-togetherness that some bloggers and vloggers that I adore exude and then bam, I found myself scouring through Sophie’s blog and found myself inspired by her minimal style posts and addicted and possibly found myself addicted to her other posts as well – I’m sure you know how it is. The picture above in the bottom-right is taken from one of these posts titled, “The Basic Wardrobe” and it’s definitely one to commit to memory if you ask me. In light of this, you might expect the occasional style post or mention in these posts but don’t worry, I haven’t lost any of my focus on all things beauty in the slightest.

Despite being someone who embraces their paleness and doesn’t obsessively yearn to be completely bronzed all of the time, there’s a product of the self-tanning variety that has earned it’s rightful place of mention as the weekly beauty highlight. Being generally incompetent in general and oblivious to the world of fake-tanning, I went for a less intimidating product- a standard gradual tanner- namely the  Jergen’s Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer in Medium to Tan and I’m glad I did. It’s not a dramatic product but this is definitely a perk for me as after a few days of repeated use there is quite a difference and it looks natural. I accidentally picked up the darker shade but I’m glad I did, as it gives me that natural-looking beige-yellow kind of tan that matches my natural undertones. But for me what stands out about the product is that my extremely-sensitive eczema-prone body skin can tolerate this product with no irritation involved – rather it is actually moisturizing – and it goes on fairly evenly even over my rough skin that cannot tolerate any sort of scrubbing action. There may be a few hints of unevenness in colour along my wrists/hands and a select few severe dry patches on my skin but apparently it looks as if I actually got it from the sun — my friends actually thought the shade was authentic. This is no miracle worker but it has found a home in my everyday routine and doesn’t require much fuss.

How was your week?

Maggie, x.