November 2016 Favourites

I’ve mentioned before that I work in retail and with everything getting so busy at Christmas-time and the unfortunate luck of losing some employees around this time, I have been picking up the slack at work and I’ve had no time or energy to blog. Most of all, I’ve had no daylight to take pictures and I’m not the kind of person who is organized enough to take them all in advance. Regardless, I’m forcing myself to get this favourites post up and before long, I would expect another empties post around here – I’ve been finishing up even more products.


NUDE Skincare Nourishing Cleansing Oil: Ever since getting this omega-rich cleansing oil as a gift last Christmas, I have enjoyed it but it wasn’t until November that I fully appreciated it. Rather than using mineral oil (which I have no problem with) and other emulsifiers and emollients to melt away makeup, its beauty lies in the gorgeous nourishing plant oils that it contains. It’s fairly good at melting away makeup – and it does this without irritation – but it’s real beauty is its value as a soothing skin treat.

Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil: Despite the fact that I find that Sunday Riley’s facial oils are extremely expensive and filled with some questionable claims, – mainly that they are Hydroactive and act on a cellular level in a way that lesser oils do not – I picked up her essential-oil-free offering during the Sephora VIB Sale. I’m pleased (or horrified, I’m not entirely sure) to report that it’s the nicest facial oil I’ve ever tried. I like the natural salad dressing scent (lol) but most of all, I like how rich it feels on the skin and how soothing and hydrating it is. It’s been a godsend in this cooler weather that has left my skin in a less than hydrated state.

Paula’s Choice Resist 10% Niacinamide Booster: I’m a massive fan of Niacinamide for its barrier repairing and cell communicating nature, along with its soothing and brightening qualities so obviously I couldn’t go without trying her fairly recently released booster. It’s water-light texture definitely was a learning curve for me but I’ve been loving applying it as a serum when my skin needs extra calming, a boost of hydration and some general oomph. I haven’t had pore issues in ages but I do believe that this has improved their appearance even more!

MAC Fix Plus: As someone with quite dry and dehydrated skin, I really like the instant impact that spraying my face has in terms of giving a glow. However, I find that most of these so-called ‘setting sprays’ fail to add longevity to makeup and are filled with alcohol and fragrance, making the skin look better before making it look worse in a few hours time. However, I find that the cult favourite MAC one to improve the way that my skin looks throughout the day while providing skincare benefits. It has loads of glycerin and a decent amount of antioxidants and bridges the line between skincare and makeup. The mist is also very fine, making it ideal for refreshing makeup and eliminating that powdery dull look.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone: As someone who is always after naturally luminous skin, – especially this month apparently – it’s not exactly shocking that I’ve been enjoying the effect of this liquid highlighter. To be honest, I love the truly luminous finish of this golden highlighter – and the way that it has less visible shimmer particles than Becca’s powder highlighter offerings – all the time but it’s been with the cold weather that I’ve been willing to go to the extra effort with liquid highlighter.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Stereo Rose: I had gone months without wearing this sheeny rosy-coral blush but as soon as I started reaching for it again, as a blush that adds some instant brightness and glow, I’ve remembered why it’s one of my absolute favourites. Unfortunately, it is limited edition and MAC releases it about once a year – with some shade variations. It can pull a bit red on the skin but there’s something about it that I find adds the right kind of rosy flush  on my moderately-fair skin.

NYX Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim: Surprisingly, my favourite lip product of the month was a liquid lipstick. The surprising part of this is that my dry, sensitive lips typically rebel against the drying nature of these lip products. The shade is a warm neutral rosy hue with some brown to it, but that isn’t what I liked most about it. The product dries down to a kind of texture-less finish that isn’t particularly drying and doesn’t feel productY either.

Bath and Body Works Flannel Scented Candle: After I missed out on this scent for a few years in a row in the full three wick offering, I started hoarding this candle – the one pictured is an unburned three wick from this year because I finished the medium jar and it’s not a particularly attractive sight at the moment. Now, it’s a scent that I love to burn the moment that I crave that cozy feeling which happened in November when the chilly Fall weather hit and slowly drifted into Winter. It’s a sweeter cologne kind of scent that features bergamot, a hint of vanilla and warm musk. It’s one that I certainly love and would also recommend even to those who are usually wary of so-called ‘cologne’ scents. I’ve been happily burning it throughout November and plan on burning more throughout the Winter.

Any thoughts or faves to share?
Maggie, x.



November Favourites

I might actually be posting a favourites post on the first day of the new month – what is this? Regardless, I’m pleased to get back into blogging at this busy time of year, especially after much neglect. Despite being so busy, November was a more interesting month beauty-wise for me and I enjoyed playing with loads of products, and I’m excited to share them!



Bath & Body Works Flannel Medium Candle ($12.50): Given the colder northern climate that I live in – Atlantic Canada – it should be a given that throughout November, I would experience a drastic emergence of cold cold weather. I don’t mind this completely though, as I love that cozy atmosphere that it provides, and the excuse to get into extreme candle burning mode. I burned candles like a mad woman this month – as you’ll see in my next empties post – but my favourite was this returning cologne scent. It has the perfect throw without being overwhelming, adds that cozy atmosphere with the warm cologne vibe with a hint of citrusy musk and woodsiness and doesn’t seem to cliche or generic.
MAC Boldly Bare Lip Liner ($19.50): Sometime in the last couple of months, I found myself at MAC and couldn’t resist picking up a few products that have been on my wishlist forever, this being one of them. Throughout November, I’ve been attached to this shade and formula. It is not entirely different than many of my rosy-neutral-brown liners that I adore, but it has that peachiness that I find perfect with nudes, neutrals and underneath just about anything. The peachiness keeps the shade a bit more flattering, I would say, though.

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder in 50 ($62): Before that new NARS cheek palette came into my life at the midway point of the month, I was reaching for this neutral brown powder with rosy undertones to do some bronzing and sculpting at once, on a daily basis. The colour is great and does not read orange or grey in the slightest and the formula feels just as luxe as I would hope for.

Maybelline Superstay Betterskin Concealer in Light ($9-10): In November, I would say that I found my favourite all-rounded drugstore concealer and its this one. It’s neither hydrating nor drying, so it hardly creased underneath the eyes but also goes over dry patches around my chin and nose without accenting them, so it also works on my face. The palest shade works on me unlike many others with a limited shade range, as it has neutral undertones and it has medium-full coverage that looks natural too.

NARS One Shocking Moment Steven Klein Collaboration Cheek Palette ($92): I normally set rules for myself about how long I’ve had to have used a product before including it in a favourites post, but I’ve loved a few of the products that I’ve gotten from the Sephora VIB Sale so much that I couldn’t resist writing this without including them. One of them is this years NARS palette, which has impressed me with its value and inclusion of permanent shades that I’ve wanted to try from the line. NARS Laguna has definitely impressed me as a satin-y brown bronzer that has some sculpting abilities and not an ounce of orange to it and I’ve been rotating between three of the blushes on a daily basis, all of which I adore: Dolce Vita, Luster and Blasphemy. The formula of these powders are definitely impressive and even more than that, it’s versatile, including the essential shades, at a discounted price.


Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Nude Lipstick in 43 ($7-8): Rimmel’s newer nude lipstick range has an impeccable, easy to wear and comfortable formula, and this brown-hued peach lipstick remained in my purse all month long and I grabbed for it whenever I wanted anything on the lips but quite honestly could not be bothered. It suits dry lips and instantly brightens the face, making you look much less dead.
Sephora Collection Oil Infusion Colour & Care in 03 Peach Tea ($18): I’ve only recently become acquainted with Sephora’s house brand but I’ve been hugely impressed as a whole – so much so that this is the second product that I’ve broken my rule for. It’s an oil-infused gloss that is not sticky at all and more than that is more hydrating than just about any lip balm that I’ve ever tried. It’s essentially a balm in liquid form with a nice sheer peach tint and it’s another product I’ve reached for non-stop. If only it stained slightly or deepened in colour as the YSL offering supposedly does…

Youngblood Brow Artiste Sculpting Pencil in Natural Brunette ($32): If we’re being completely honest here, the Youngblood brow pencil is incredibly pricy and its buildable-rather-than-pigmented and waxy texture could definitely be offsetting to some who prefer to pencil in their brows in a single stroke, but I’ve been enjoying using this pencil regardless. It’s the perfect shade, very ashy without being overly dark on my brows and the combination of the waxy pencil and the spoolie ensures that the brows look groomed but extremely natural. I will say that it makes for quick and easy brows.
MAC Feline Kohl Power Pencil ($19.50): I keep on forgetting to include this intensely black eyeliner in my favourites posts for months on end but this time I did remember. I love the ease of the formula, its creaminess and how it does not budge, but most of all I love the definition it provides with the ease of the pencil formula. I’m definitely an eyeliner girl and this is a nice compromise product when I only have a few minutes to get ready and can’t be bothered with liquid.

What were your November loves?
Maggie, x