A Holiday-Themed Wishlist

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Don’t you worry, I’m not here to subject you to your umpteenth holiday gift guide post this week but I do have to admit that I do enjoy sharing the products that are currently at the top of my lust list and ramble on about them for ages. I will admit that I have slacked on all kinds of productivity on the last few days so I’m allowing myself the privilege of writing this post as a break from studying for my upcoming exams, so forgive me if things are a bit wordy and crazy sounding – warning. This is not simply a wish list at the moment because there is that simple fact that this is the time of year that there are gifts to be gotten, or at least this is how I justify writing this self-serving post…

I’ve been into the idea of trying a product or two from the luxurious cult-status brand since hearing everyone and their goldfish declare their love many times over but I’ve always had difficulty finding them in my area or on a hassle-free site for ordering. However, as I was walking around downtown the other week, I spotted the line on the shelves of a local salon and I’ve made note. The most exciting product strikes me as this one because of Tayler’s detailed videos on the brand that I may have watched a time or four and I see this becoming mine in the near future despite the frankly ridiculous price.

Since trying the rollerball version of this warm and rich fragrance in the early summer and falling in love – despite the unseasonal factor – I haven’t stopped loving it since and I’m about ready to go for a larger sized bottle. The oil seemed like a good idea given my sensitive skins general reaction to alcohol in products, my love of oils and the price.

Spoiler alert, I may have recently finished up my two ounce tube of this cream-gel and hankering to repurchase it. I find it to be a universal product and last for ages at that with its potency or concentration; on my wavy-curly hair, I find that it adds some volume, that grittiness that I love along with good curl definition. It’s great on straighter hair too for giving it that beachy look.

I may or may not be expecting to find this in my stocking this year, so in a way, it’s not a true wishlist item but I’m excited enough to include it. I’m a huge fan of Caudalie’s Vinosource range and particularly at this time of year when the perpetual dehydration of the face sets in, I’m into using oils before moisturizer to double up, soothe the face and add some vitality.

  • Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder in 52 ($24)

I’ve had this power on my list in the book o’ blogging for ages now because of the great things I’ve heard consistently from British bloggers about this creamy-textured non-powdery powder but as I was with my friend, walking around Shopper’s Drugmart (as one does), I touched it and fell in love with the epically creamy and smooth product. The angels were singing when I swatched it.

I never expected to be someone who would give into the Anastasia hype at all, as I’ve been happy with filling my brows in subtly with an angle brush and the grey-toned MAC Coquette Eyeshadow and in particular, I never expected to go for anything like the Dipbrow because it screamed full-on glamorous instagram brows to me – I tend to do better with the natural. However, I picked up a sample of the ashy shade a few weeks back and I’ve been enjoying just how much control you get with the product and how it does double duty in terms of filling in and setting things into place.

  • Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Golden Reflections ($61)

It would be an understatement to say that I love me some Dior quints and the interesting Golden Reflections variation that came out in their Holiday collection seems to tempting to resist. Back on the note of my extreme love for these, I may have bought Jardin with the Sephora money off thing and I don’t regret it the slightest on account of the amazing formula that’s pigmented, blendable and easy to use.

Every time I so much as enter Club Monaco, I instantly fall in love with at least one article of clothing. However, the store is rather expensive so I tend to invest in a piece now or then as an extravagance after its been placed on sale. I’m currently dying for this wine-hued sweater with that slouchy feel that I love and that cool girl pleating.

What’s on your wishlist?

Maggie, x.

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Dior 609 Earth Reflection Quint



Dior palettes are the kind of makeup item I find myself gazing at longingly but never seem to purchase as they seem to extravagant and pricy but I have to say I’m glad I took the plunge and picked up this one.

The eyeshadow quint retails for $61 CDN for 0.21 oz of product and I picked mine up at Sephora. The shades are the typical size of a full prices shadow pretty much (0.042 oz each) and the cost breaks down to $12.20 per shadow which is not too bad granted all the shadows are to your liking – and luckily in this case they were for me.

Obviously this palette contains five shades. The darker shades do tend to be more pigmented but all the shades are impressively long wearing with a buttery, smooth and blendable texture with a beautiful finish. Like all of the palettes in this series, the shades are iridescent but manage to have that sheen without being overwhelmingly shiny or glittery which can be a difficult feat. The texture is so soft and amazing. There is slight fall out but I don’t believe it’s escapable.

This palette seems to me to have a taupe theme and is neither overwhelmingly cool or warm. The palette features a shimmery pale pink that is sheer in consistency and quite brightening, a pale gold champagne shimmery shade with the same consistency, a light gold-beige shade with more pigmentation, A silvery taupe with a hint of purpliness to it (sort of similar to Satin Taupe but a touch lighter and more golden) and a darker taupe shade that is slightly warmer and plummy.

Even the dark colours have that soft texture and blendability, which is tough to come by. Although I don’t own it, the overall colour scheme of the palette seems to be along the lines of Urban Decay Naked 2 but obviously with less selection. The lack of selection doesn’t bother me. I find myself enjoying this palette for its simplicity. Just using this palette I can create subtle day looks to a dramatic smoky eye and that’s hard to come by for me. It’s a nice palette to create entire looks from.

The lightest two shades are grey highlight shades for me, the pale gold looks great on the lid, the silvery taupe I either wear on the crease and the darkest shade I like to wear in the outer-v for more subtle eye makeup or in the crease for darker looks and it’s dark enough to be used as liner. I like having a palette that I use every shade in!

I would have to give this product an A rating because the only downside of the product is the lack of different finishes and the price. These shadows have really impressed me because of their buttery texture, pigmentation, texture and longevity. I decided that I was going to create actual categories for review purposes to make my perceptions of products less arbitrary:

Pigmentation – 9/10

Longevity – 9.5/10

Packaging – 9.5/10

Value – 9/10

Overall Quality – 10/10

Total Grade – 47/50= 94%/A

Far too expensive for your wallet? Although they are not quite as longlasting, buttery and pigmented, Physicians Formula Nude Eyes palette struck me as similar. It features the same taupe shades and beautiful iridescence. Those shadows are generally impressively soft.


Top - Bottom: golden shade on upper left, pinky shade in center, light taupe on upper right, dark taupe on bottom left, highlight shade on bottom right
Top – Bottom: golden shade on upper left, pinky shade in center, light taupe on upper right, dark taupe on bottom left, highlight shade on bottom right