September 2015 Favourites


Base-wise, I happily reached for the Youngblood Natural Mineral Foundation in Barely Beige ($48) throughout the month. Adjusting to the whole university, working and attempting to throw some blogging in on the side has been rather difficult and I’ve definitely been slacking on the daily effort front with makeup, so I’ve adored the ease of use of this luminous foundation and just how forgiving it is, build able where you need extra coverage and flattering over dry patches and uneven texture. I adore its satin, glowing finish that reads as natural skin and just how little effort and time it takes to apply.

Along with that effortless haphazard application feel – there are way too many adjectives in this sentence, I’m aware – I was committed to wearing the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Ethereal Glow ($41). I now remembered why I adored this glowy pastel sheer pink – it applies and builds effortlessly, not even requiring a mirror, and adds instant brightness to the face without obvious colour. The texture and glow-from-within without shimmer particles is all kinds of fantastic. But seriously, the formula of these blushes are all kinds of life-affirming. On a less natural-looking note, I tracked down the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Powder Illuminator in N202 Rose ($16) – at work, no less – and have been enjoying the strong sheen and somewhat visible shimmer particles, as it adds instant visible luminosity to dull, dehydrated skin and works as a gorgeous champagne shadow.

Although I’ve spoken about the NARS Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte ($39) countless times, particular in any favourites kind of the post in the last three months, but I couldn’t make this post without including this creamy warm peach-tinged rose lipstick. The formula is impeccable, as it would have to be at its retail price, and I haven’t wanted to reach for any other shade, as this one is so brightening and just easy. Actually, its kind of a lie when I said that I haven’t been wearing any other shade. I’ve also had the Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Nude Lipstick in 45 ($7-8) thrown in my bag all month long and on days when I haven’t managed to apply lipstick before leaving this own, I’ve been just throwing the hydrating pinky nude-but-not-overly-light shade.

There were also two nail polishes that I was loving throughout September: the Ciate Paint Pot in Brocade Parade ($15) and Essie Nail Lacquer in Find Me an Oasis ($8-9). Unfortunately, the formula on the powder blue Find Me An Oasis kind of sucks, requiring four coats for opacity, but I adore the pale greyed out hue so much that it was worth it. Even paired with this powder blue shade, either as a topper or for an accent nail, I’ve been experimenting with Brocade Parade, this really edgy black and white chunky glitter, that I got in my first beauty box ever (the Luxe Box) and have been loving it.

What were you loving in September?
Maggie, x.

“Recent” Acquisitions & Thoughts

To state the obvious, I will admit that I have taken the longest break that I ever have from blogging and I apologize for that, but in my defence it was unintentional – things were crazy around work and I was falling a bit behind on my posts and then poof, my laptop finally hit the dust and I was without a computer for two weeks. My apologies for this and let’s get onto the post that I had started to write before this all went down.

I had some general musings to share before getting into the nitty gritty of things: I had been doing quite possibly far too much shopping in recent weeks and therefore, I had felt the need to share my thoughts on these items without overwhelming myself. To be completely honest, I find doing full-on reviews of products overwhelming but I hate the idea of simply going on about items that I’ve purchased without aim or purpose. As I’ve noticed that I can’t seem to get around to writing a dedicated review of a product until I’ve used it to death, – figuratively – I’ve been thinking that these more review-y acquisition posts might be in order for sharing my verdict on these more recent purchases.


Sephora Collection Master Cleanse Brush Cleanser ($19): Makeup brush cleaning might be the most mundane, seemingly unnecessary and unappealing task so along with generally skimping on the chore, I’ve downright refused to spend any money on any sort of brush cleansing product. I used the (somewhat) recent 3x points even as justification to foray into brush cleansers, wanting to add one to my rotation for daily spot cleaning. This alcohol free but fast drying spray feels conditioning on brushes and works well to instantly remove makeup, particularly on eye brushes without fuss or time spent waiting for it to dry. It’s also nice because it won’t break down brushes but still has that instant effect.

Sephora Collection Pro Smudge Brush #11 ($23): I want to begin this with a funny story but I’m not sure that this is actually interesting in the slightest – I bought this brush along with the cleanser, inspired to invest in and take care of my brushes but I accidentally grabbed the wrong brush. Regardless, I used this short wide shading brush without noticing and fell in love with it anyway. I adore it for applying colour underneath my lashes and for building depth along the lash line and outer corner. I do note that the quality is impressive.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette ($64): I’ve heard quite a few less than stellar responses to Urban Decay’s latest palette instalment but I have to say that I really disagree. I do not find that the shadows blend into one another and I actually quite enjoy the shade selection, not finding it repetitive from their previous palettes in a problematic way or unflatteringly cool-toned. Because this palette offers a variety of smoky shades in different depths along with a nice variety of matte neutrals, a few of those light shimmery lid shades that I adore, and a mix of neutral, warm and cool shades, I find it to be perhaps the most versatile palette out of the collection. I do agree that many of the shades are close to others released in previous palettes but as an all-in-one palette, I don’t mind in the slightest because of the convenience.

Youngblood Natural Mineral Foundation in Barely Beige ($47.99): Being someone who suffers with dryness and foundation settling over patchy areas of skin and can suffer with sensitivity to certain powder formulas, I’m not usually one for these mineral powder formulas but since being exposed to this luxurious mineral makeup line at work and playing with the product, I couldn’t resist picking this loose powder up. It does feel weightless on the skin and provide coverage whilst almost looking undetectable and gives both build able coverage and a glow. I enjoy using it on its own for lighter coverage days and to set liquid foundations for other occasions.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25h Comfort Serum Foundation in 103 True Ivory ($9-10): By no means did I need yet another foundation but I couldn’t resist picking up this affordable comfortable yet long wearing foundation, particularly because it’s been hot this summer and my skin has gotten a little bit more combination in the t-zone and I’ve been curious to find something a little more matte but that’s still flattering. This foundation has impressed me, providing a semi-matte finish and medium build able coverage that lasts without clinging to any uneven texture.

Colab Volume Extend Dry Shampoo in London ($9-10): I can be quite a harsh critic so I’m rather surprised that even my final product of discussion has greatly impressed me – in other words, the hype is authentic about Ruth Crilly’s dry shampoo formula. This one does leave a bit of residue that needs to be mussed with to eliminate but its worthwhile because it gives a dramatic amount of volume that actually lasts and doesn’t leave too much of a powdery feeling in the hair along with the grit it adds. I’m partial to the scent as well, with its slightly musky sophisticated notes that I can’t quite describe.

Any thoughts?
Maggie, x.