The Summer Essentials

So this summer, I’ve been a mess. Aside from working, making plans with friends and taking copious naps, I haven’t managed to get anything done. For a while, I was dreading even having to wear makeup on account of the humidity and heat that we’re experiencing. However, I’m now back into it. I’m just hoping I can pull myself together enough to make posts happen again. I’m still going to pull together a favourites post at the end of the summer, summing up my favourite products for the months I’ve missed posting on, but I’m going to go through some seasonal essentials today:

(Can you tell I’ve had this post waiting in drafts for over a month? :))


Essie Nail Lacquer in In The Cab-an: Particularly on my toes, I adore a bright blue polish in the summer and this one is perfect, leaning slightly more on the bluer side of turquoise with an easy cream formula. It’s opaque in two thin coats and is easy to work with, lasting a while – on my toes at least.

Skin79 Snail Nutrition SPF 50 BB Cream: In hot and humid weather, everyone – even those like myself who have skin that edges itself towards the truly dry and perpetually dehydrated end of the spectrum – dislikes the feeling of heavy product (or hardly any product at all) on the skin. We all can appreciate a multitasking product that does all three of its functions well – providing necessary sun protection, moisturizing and functioning as an everyday product – and this is it for me. Unless I’m being an idiot, I never burn when I’m wearing this. Impressively, it provides medium natural coverage that works whether or not I’ve gone for a full-face or not and stays put.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: In this truly humid weather of the summer that just passed, I was not in the mood for any sort of makeup experimentation. This left me looking for a foundation that looked like skin, had a bit of glow and left my skin looking far better than before on a fairly regular basis and this one was my pick. With its satin finish, medium-buildable coverage and longevity, it might just be worth its hefty cost.

Physician’s Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer: Despite being a lover of applying a bunch of cheek products on the daily, my lack of enthusiasm for makeup application left me looking for a one and done cheek product on a regular basis – and that product in question was this effortless and slightly glowy golden-hued bronzer. It’s smooth formula gave that effortless glow with the swipe of the brush and it added much needed life to my face in an instant.

Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Eyeliner & Serum: I suppose this was the summer that I really fell for some Physician’s Formula products. In the very beginning of Summer – or perhaps the tail end of Spring – I broke down and bought the eyeliner that everyone raves about and fell in love. It’s fine tip creates the smoothest lines and makes creating a flick a breeze in seconds. I love that its rich colour and smooth application doesn’t fade after opening for a few months. In my whole not wanting to put a load of makeup on fairly regularly, I’ve been relying on this liner to give me that instantly polished look.

OPI Nail Lacquer in No Doubt About It ($10-12): My infrequent posts in the last six months or so, aside, I have mentioned that I’ve become way more polish obsessed as of late. This summer, I fell for a neon pink – despite not being the kind of girl who is into pink in any shape or form. In my defense, it is a pink-coral kind of hybrid and it’s flattering on my warm undertones. It dries matte so it dries unbelievably fast which is nice, but my only complaint is that it does not cover completely on its own and layered over white, the polish only applies evenly with a perfect coat of white underneath. However, in three coats alone, it does cover 90% of the nail line and looks even.

Zoya Pixie Dust in Vega ($12): This teal tinged pale blue textured polish might not have the same quintessential ‘summer’ quality to it but its ease of use and cool kind of feel left me reaching for it more often than not. The mixture of matte and holographic glitters leave a cool effect on the nail but truly, what I adored the most was that it dried quickly – only requiring two easy coats – and was chip-resistant even without any top coat.

What did you love this summer?
Maggie, x.


February/March 2016 Favourites

I would say that this post is my latest post ever, but I’m afraid that my 2015 favourites has taken the spot. I finished exams last night and let me tell you, I’m excited to get back to being a functional human being and blogging. I’m stubborn to a fault and on a related note, I refuse to skip favourites posts so here’s a belated two-months favourites post…


Paula’s Choice Calm Redness Relief Repairing Serum ($32 US): For a good two or three months now, I’ve consistently been using this no-frills (but excellent) serum. It’s hydrating and soothing while still being lightweight, loaded with hyaluronic acid, ceramics and various anti-irritants. It works to soothe and hydrate particularly when I’m slacking on my skincare routine or have gone overboard with the acid exfoliants.

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation in W2 Light Ivory ($21-25 CDN): My go-to foundation for ease and results has been this cushion foundation. I don’t know if I believe all of that cushion compact hype but I love the ease of application with the included sponge and the brightened luminous skin that this light to medium coverage base provides. Essentially, it’s a tinted moisturizer alternative for me, and a good one at that.

Covergirl Trublend Blush in Medium Rose ($13.99 CDN): Despite not being into the brand and not having tried anything from Covergirl in maybe the last five years, I couldn’t resist picking up this mineralized blush. It’s a warm toned medium pink with maybe a hint of coral and a hint of a sheen and I do have to say that I’m impressed in how the quality compares to higher end blushes in wear and results. It’s an effortless shade and I often grab for it.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Concentrated Crayon in 725 Bronze Truffle ($10.99 CDN): Almost every single day for the last two months I’ve used this lighter taupe-y bronze cream shadow as either a shadow base or an effortless lid shade. It’s an identical shade to Bad to the Bronze in the regular line and the performance is similar but I prefer the texture and ease of the pencil formula, especially for applying on the lower lash line.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Mono in 207 Pain Au Chocolat ($7-8 CDN): When I’ve had the energy and actual time to wear full-on eyeshadow, I’ve been using the pigmented cream-like powder shadows that L’Oreal has most recently released. This shade is an awesome brightening lid shade – a taupe and champagne mixture with a gorgeous metallic gleam – and the formula is all kinds of amazing.

Essie Chinchilly Nail Polish Lacquer ($9-11 CDN): Throughout February and March, I was going through an obsessive nail painting (and buying phase) and this cult classic shade ended up being one of my favourites – and often graced my nails. It’s one of those awesome greige-y shades – but it’s a bit darker and more grey based than some others – but it has a smooth easy two-coater formula that lasts on the nails. I raved about it here.

Zoya Naturel Satin Polish in Rowan ($11.99 CDN): In February, I made my first foray into Zoya polish and I fell in love with this pale grey-taupe satin shade maybe even more than I thought I would. I’ve worn it countless times because I love the greige kind of effect, particularly in the semi-matte polish and the fact that the formula is so easy and lasts on the nails must have played an impact. I love that this polish is one that takes minimal time to apply and dry and can be applied before bed without a worry.

Zoya Pixie Dust Nail Polish in Arianna ($11.99 CDN): I do feel all kinds of ridiculous including three nail polishes into a single favourites post but I couldn’t go without including this one. I love that textured berry red look on the nails but most of all I liked it’s ease and practicality. With two coats it was opaque and because it was textured both coats dried very quickly, it was a fast easy manicure. But even more exciting, it’s chip resistant despite having a matte effect.

What have you been loving?
Maggie, x.