MAC Powder Blush in Well Dressed



moderate swatch
moderate swatch
On the cheeks paired with Sonia Kashuk Creme Bronzer in Warm Tan and Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter in natural daylight

The MAC Powder Blush in Well Dressed ($25 CDN) to be honest has underwhelmed me. It was one of my first blush purchases years ago and I thought I would love it as the perfect everyday blush on my fair skin. I know lots of people with my colouring adore this blush but I just don’t to this day.

The colour is a pale cool-toned pink with a satin finish that has alright but not fantastic pigmentation. I quite like the satin finish as it doesn’t add obvious shimmer to the cheeks but doesn’t leave the cheeks looking flat and chalky and the texture is nice. I find I really have to build up the colour to get it to show up on me but on others and on my wrists, the pigmentation does not appear to be poor so I think that something about my skin-tone on my cheeks causes it to look invisible. On my naturally rosy cheeks, it makes my cheeks look slightly pink, as if my foundation were wearing off when it was still on. I think my yellow undertones and naturally deep rose flush neutralizes the shade on me.

It wears nicely on the skin for seven-eight hours which I consider to be good and doesn’t start to look patchy over time. My problem with the blush is not that it looks natural, per se — I’m a fan of natural-looking blushes that add radiance and brightness to the face — but my issue is that I don’t seem to get that brightening lift from the shade that many others seem to proclaim to. For me, it’s a nicely-formulated-yet-boring pale pink shade that doesn’t seem to do my colouring any favours.

Longevity         – 7.5/10
Pigmentation – 7.5/10
Texture               -9/10
Packaging          -8/10
Overall Value  -7/10

39/50= 78% B+

Have you tried this blush? If you have, what are your thoughts?

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