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I’ve made many promises to myself to drop my whole woe-is-me, I’m a stressed, sleep-deprived, emotionally unstable groaning act but it has been one of those weeks when there’s something due every day… I’ve been mulling around with this post idea since Monday, I believe, and I actually was able to get the photo done nice and early – thanks to the recently longer days of adequate sunlight – but after barely finishing everything that had to be done this week on time and barely getting enough sleep to function, I was unable to muster the effort to lift my head, let alone write a coherent blog post. I have had feelings on products and I wanted to share them. Oh, and I’ve been really getting into the sunscreen on the daily as of late but I’ve flip-flopped around with two because of the general skin craziness situation, so I’ll have to share my thoughts at a later date:


  •  Differin 0.3 % Adalpalene Gel *RX* ($95): You might have heard me harp on about how much I have loved the long-term effects of using a non-irritating (read not alcohol based) retinoid to both prevent my mildish acne on my face and provide healing and fade general imperfections and unevenness and that has not stopped. However, I realized that I was using my old prescription Biacna retinoid-antibiotic combo gel after it was quite expired and my prescription had expired – so it was due time to visit the doctor for a new one and I ended up changing to this more hydrating purely adalpalene formula with a boost in concentration. So far so good but I was stupid and decided to use it for three days in a row right after going a little heavy on the AHAs, of course when my skin was already a bit dry so I might have gone through a patchy and flaky few days…
  • NUDE Skincare Perfect Cleanse Nourishing Cleansing Oil ($46): I splurged on this cleansing oil back in November’s Sephora VIB Sale and have been using it fairly consistently ever since – however, in the last month or two it has become a staple and I’ve been kind of obsessed with it in the last week or two with my dehydrated irritated skin to remove makeup with the least fuss and aggravation. I have to praise this cleansing oil’s supreme gentleness, soothing ability and hydrating texture, the fact that it’s actually effective without going to town but most of all, I love that the pump does’t leak or get messy in the slightest. I’m not sure it’s worth the price tag, though, to be completely honest.
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation ($9-12): Although it’s only a one ounce bottle and being a glowing formula, I wouldn’t have expected this one bottle to last such a ridiculous long time and as much as I enjoy the formula (particularly on drier more finicky skin), I am dedicated to finally finishing up my bottle. It has a thicker but moisturizing texture and its thickness is likely why the bottle seems to be never ending…
  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer ($7-8): I’ve had this affordable concealer for awhile but I’ve been rather indifferent to the formula, seeing as the colour is a wee bit too peachy golden to be ideal for underneath my eyes and a little too sheer for my eye bags and the formula is a bit too illuminating for use on the rest of the face. In the last week or two, however, I’ve been using the illuminating formula over the top of corrector underneath my eyes and to provide a bit of highlighting in the centre of my face – because of the sheerness of the concealer and its creamy texture, it actually works layered on my dry skin while still looking smooth and natural. The shade I use is 125 Very Fair, which isn’t all that pale to be honest.
  • Benefit Girl Meets Pearl ($36): With my dull, dry and slightly irritated skin, it should almost be a given that I’ve been highlighter obsessed in these recent weeks to compensate for the dullness, dryness and general lacklustre skin and this easy-to-use liquid one has been my go-to. I love how it’s the easiest liquid product to apply even over powders and dry patches and the way that the colour sits halfway between a pink highlighter and a gold highlighter is strangely flattering, reading as luminous skin.
  • Maybelline EyeStudio Brow Drama in Soft Brown ($11.99): I have loads of unruly – but sparse – long crazy brow hairs and while I wish this formula had more pigment and ability to fill in the gaps, I actually find myself loving the large ball applicator for quick application and foolproof shaping. The formula lasts on my brows for a ridiculous long time and doesn’t smudge off at all and I’m very partial to the colour as it’s appropriately cool-toned and not insanely dark.
  • MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Chilled On Ice ($25): When I found myself wandering through MAC, on the lookout for a new lipstick, – a much-appreciated Valentine’s Day gift from my mother – I was transfixed by their lovely cream shadows, particularly those in lighter shimmery shades and I let myself go for it, as I’m kind of low on cream shadows in those shades that are not too dry to function. I surprised myself by reaching for a shade with some micro glitter along with my usual metallic finish, a pale whitened gold shade with a champagne lean to it that I believe originally came out years ago in the Cham-pale collection and has been made permanent since. I do have to say that these are my favourite creamy shadows based on their wear time and ease of use and I’ve been enjoying this shade as a base and as my whole eyeshadow – or just my lid shade – when I’ve not been up for much.
Have you tried any of these?
Maggie, x.

MAC Lipstick Collection + Lip Swatches, Musings & Favourites


DSC_0398 As were many first makeup loves, MAC (lipsticks) were my first form of lipstick love, back in grade eight- with a questionably pink shade and a few months later my beloved Creme d’Nude – so I thought it would be fitting to share my favourites, considering that I’ve been blogging well over a year. However, upon contemplating my favourites, I realized that I kind-of-sort-of adored all of my shades because over the years I’ve returned or back-to-mac‘ed all the ones that I did not love. And, I resolved this inner conflict by deciding to show and discuss all eight of my MAC Lipsticks but highlight my top five favourites in brackets. I’ll warn you that there are two limited edition shades in here and neither of them are available (from MAC, anyway) but don’t despair pleaseGet ready for some posing slash lip swatching awkwardness, dodgy lipstick application and terrifyingly rough lips. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

P.S. MAC Lipsticks come with 3 grams a product and retail for $19 CDN/ $16 US

the naked lips, pre-swatching and pre-rough

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MAC Lipstick in Patisserie (Lustre) | “sheer creamy neutral pink” (1)

Recently Updated59MAC Patisserie came into my life during the late Fall of 2013 and hasn’t been neglected ever since, becoming my go-to purse lipstick as it’s foolproof to apply, doesn’t require a mirror and is essentially a glorified tinted balm with an extra dose of pigment. Being as moisturizing and dryness forgiving as it is, the formula is not the longest wearing, only lasting three or so hours but for me it’s worth it. It’s a mix between a nude and a my-lips-but-better colour, being slightly browner/darker and warmer than my lips but still staying in that nude-ish family; I don’t wholeheartedly agree with MAC’s description and I would be more likely to call it a pinky beige with warm brownish undertones. I have yet to find a makeup look that the shade doesn’t suit + its actually hydrating also! 🙂

MAC Lipstick in Creme d’Nude (Cremesheen) | “pale muted peach beige”

Recently Updated58Creme d’Nude is, to this day, my favourite true paler nude lipstick and we’ve had a love affair since I was in ninth grade (or maybe the summer before) and now I’m nearing the end of my third year of university… Cremesheen formulas are not always my favourite as I don’t find them overly creamy, moisturizing or flattering, – they tend to stick to any textured parts – this shade has the best formula out of all the shades in the range that I’ve tried. I’ve come to prefer this warm-toned beige-nude with strong peachy-orange undertones with lip-liner to avoid that concealer lips effect and add some shape, though and it is very pretty that way. It lasts for about four hours on its own and had medium colour payoff that makes it more wearable than other paler nudes – MAC Myth, anyone? – even though it swatches very light. I would not recommend this for anyone with extremely cool undertones – it might be questionable.

MAC Lipstick in Sweet & Sour (Cremesheen) | “soft peach cream” (5)

Recently Updated60Despite being of the difficult-to-wear pastel family and not being one of the better Cremesheens, I bloody love the muted peachy-coral shade but given that it’s a pastel and remains rather pale in colour, I might suggest a lip liner to make it look a bit more wearable and for your lips to look like they have actual edges. It lasts 4-5 hours, surprisingly with medium colour payoff and can actually remain on the lips through some light eating and drinking. This is one of my absolute favourite everyday lipsticks in the spring and summer, even though my lips don’t love the formula and it tends to highlight every bit of texture and dryness in the lips.

MAC Lipstick in Kinda Sexy (Matte) | “neutral pinky-rose” (2)

Recently Updated61In the summer, I was wandering around MAC, tried on this lipstick and I fell in love with the neutral rosy-peach shade with some brown to it. It’s up there with Patisserie as being my favourite lipstick and is in the neutral category as well, but with much more colour than a nude. I’m tempted to almost consider it a my-lips-but-better shade even though its quite deep to be considered in this category. The finish is matte but it’s not drying, wears a ridiculous amount of time and doesn’t look outwardly bad on my dry lips. It also doesn’t hurt that the rosy-hued neutral shade is just so flattering on my fair warm skin tone, blue eyes and dark hair.

MAC ‘A Fantasy of Flowers’ Lipstick in Dreaming Dahlia (Lustre) | “sheer red-coral” – limited edition

Recently Updated62I don’t agree with the description of the last spring’s limited edition lipstick because it’s surprisingly pigmented and not sheer in the slightest and I find it leans much more pink-coral than red but I wouldn’t be overly concerned as it’s limited edition and no longer available. It was from the MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection, which overall was an impressive collection in my opinion. I haven’t worn this lipstick as much as I should in the past because it’s not exactly a bold lipstick or a neutral one either but lately I’ve been giving the balmy comfortable formula more play. It lasts maybe four hours on the lips and has that hydrating consistency whilst providing even medium and slightly buildable opacity. If you’re looking for a shade like this that you could actually get your hands on without resorting to ebay or the like, I’ve found that the more affordable NYX Butter Gloss in Cherry Cheesecake to be impressively close, with a slight bit more orange to it and a balmy-gloss consistency.

MAC Lipstick in Dubonnet (Amplified Creme) | “deepened claret” (4)

Recently Updated63The Amplified formula does all that it promises, gliding over the lips with that hint of hydration, providing amazing pigmentation, being as comfortable as anything on the lips while lasting for 5-6 hours unless there’s been some oily-food eating or sliding before the colour has fully dried down on the lips. Dubonnet is my favourite and only MAC deep autumnal shade offering and I love its versatility, straddling the line between a more wearable berry or deep read and a true vampy shade. It’s one of those colours that believe MAC named aptly because it actually looks like the wine in colour, being a red-leaning berry hue with neutral brown undertones (in the best way possible). I have to say that the pictures do not do the shade justice because the glossiness does not show up favorable on camera, but this is fixed as soon as you let the lipstick set or do a bit of blotting. The shade is very similar to my other favourite NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Golshan and notably cheaper.

MAC ‘Hey, Sailor!’ Lipstick in Sail la Vie | “bright mid-tone orange” – limited edition

Recently Updated64As one might guess on account of the pretty nautical packaging, this neon orange shade with a little hint of red to it, was, in fact, limited edition and out almost three years ago before it sold out quickly. Believe it or not, I bought this shade to wear to my prom over the top of a reddish liner (to match my dress) and I’m some glad that I did. The satin formula wears for ages and ages and eventually stains the lip with more comfortable and easier application than a matte. It’s nice and pigmented, also and lasts on my lips for a good five hours. I’m sure that this is a dupeable shade but I can’t think of any options on the top of my head – and if you’re crazy and want to track this one down, I’ve seen it on Amazon for inflated but not absolutely ridiculous prices. I haven’t worn this as much since starting my blog, unfortunately – but I wore it loads before – just because I didn’t want to be wearing a shade that you couldn’t get your hands on in a post…

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo (Retro Matte) | “very matte vivid blue-red” (3)

Recently Updated65The cult-favourite shade has possibly the most drying clay-based formula ever and is difficult to apply to the lips but it lasts so long on the lips and doesn’t move so it definitely has its merits; the formula is most certainly worth it because the flame-bright red with cooler undertones and a hint of pink is stunning and as universally flattering as its reputation assumes. The shade lasts a ridiculous amount of time on the lips and doesn’t transfer but when it does fade, it tends to leave that ring effect so I would recommend reapplication and it makes teeth look remarkably whiter without being jarring on my warmer skin tone. I’m tempted to say that this is my favourite red and I’m definitely one of those red kind of girls.

Do you have a favourite MAC Lipstick to share? What one should I try next?
Maggie, x.

Weekly Medley #39/40

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(1) The reason for the lack of recent posts around these parts… The last two weeks have consisted of drowning in the stress of my never-ending workload and thinking about everything that had to be done, even before getting anything done was considered so things didn’t exactly happen frequently blogging-wise. I’m sure any readers understand but I irritated myself in slacking more than anything else. I’m not going to hold myself to anything but I hope for things to go better in following weeks, even though things are pretty crazy now that its midterm season.

(2) Getting back into that whole nail painting thing… In recent weeks I had completely left that whole nail painting game but in the last two weeks, I really have made a return to loving polish and this was perhaps my favourite combination, the slightly frosted deep red OPI I’m Not Really A Waitress paired with the Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat. It would have lasted a good amount of time had I not picked it off during a moment of great anxiety (there were many) and it was almost opaque in one coat, drying quickly to boot.

(3) When all else fails, I turned to Netflix for some binge-watching … It’s easy to say that when this craziness was entering the scene that I should not have decided to start watching a new series without stopping but somehow I started watching Downton Abbey and couldn’t stop watching it for a good week afterwards. I don’t want to even think about how much time was spent watching this but it is a very compelling show, like a less-trashy Gossip Girl set in the turn-of-the-twentieth-century.

(4) One of the few passable pictures of the makeup situation… You might recognize this day’s photo from my not-too-distant review of the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Cheeky Bronze but I was also a fan of my makeup that day in general, particularly my first effort with the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick that I recently picked up.

(5) The cliched and expected blogger mirror picture … You may be aware of this but I’m not known for taking pictures in this fashion that show the clothes that I’m wearing and the length and craziness of the mass that is my hair so this had to be included. I didn’t hate my hair so it was a given.

(6) Where it all began… My decision to watch the aforementioned show comes down to clicking on the Lisa Eldridge Downton Abbey Tutorial, as one does when Lisa releases a new Youtube video and then my interest was piqued enough to try watching the show, simply with my interest in the gorgeous but natural makeup. It was one of my favourites of Lisa’s and I’ve watched them all so I highly recommend giving it a watch or 23.

(7) MAC Heirloom Mix wishing… Although I’m aware that the MAC holiday collections are not universally fantastic, – thanks to my constant scouring of Temptalia’s archives – I’m always ridiculously excited for the October release of the massive collection and this year I’ve got my eye on the Keepsakes Smoky Face Palette ($48.50 US/ $59.50 CDN) . I am aware that Temptalia gave it a scathing review based on the shadows (the inclusion of the infamous Carbon in particular) but the mixture of products is so intruiguing that I want to give it a go. If you’re interested, I would recommend giving her review a look and then perhaps having a look in store.

(8) Insert example post here… I’m sure that I’m not alone in doing this, always including at least one of my posts of the week (or two weeks) in these round-ups and this week I chose my The Current Shower Staples because not only did I manage to get an appealing photo taken with this post, but I also did something a little bit different that I was pleased with the result with.

(9) Another case where I should have known better … This week, I fell in love with reading again, for the sake of fun! However, with all of the craziness that was going on I really should not have spent the time re-reading a lengthy novel for amusement rather than being productive. Phillipa Gregory’s The White Queen was fantastic and I’d give it a go if you’re historically inclined. I’m now onto re-reading The Red Queen…

How have your recent weeks been?
Maggie, x.



A Standard Autumnal Shopping Trip



I’m sure you know how the story goes already; girl feels stressed and overwhelmed about University life and makes plans with close confidante to have a look at the mall as a reward and you somehow end up with a variety of items that you didn’t have in mind but adore and less money to your name than you can easily stomach. Luckily this time, I didn’t go too crazy and end up in that awful state where you come to feel nauseous after you realize all of the purchases made and I can also say that I bought things that were actually rather utilitarian and I managed to resist any purchases at Sephora and the drugstore. I’m rather proud of myself.

Aldo Lazares Satchel ($60)

First up is a bag, and this is completely justified (actually) because all of my school bags seem to be falling apart in some way and this one caught my eye and ticked all of the boxes. I think I’m in love. It’s a roomy satchel that has a rather muted colourblocked effect with the cobalt, midnight navy and tan detailing and has that slouchiness I adore, coming with a lovely crossbody strap too. It will fit the computer and a few books (I’ve checked) and I think it’s the perfect size for touting around all day and looking decent while out and about too.

 Bath & Body Works Mini Candles ($3/12)

After going through the heartbreak of watching the glass of my Spiced Pumpkin Cider 3-Wick Candle shatter and take the wicks with it before I could even light the candle, I couldn’t resist heading into the store with their sale on and I’m pretty proud that I didn’t succumb to the rather expensive 2/35 offer on the larger candles and instead went for these small ones, but I was disappointed that they were all out of my lost scent. However, I came out with three small candles to try and I’m fairly excited to try them; my favourite has to be Flannel, one of those warm and spicy scents that screams attractive male but also looking forward to burning the weirdly nice-smelling Wasabi Apple Mini Candle and the nicely subdued Pumpkin Caramel Latte Mini Candle that surprised me by not making me feel mildly nauseous on account of the sweet scent.

 Gap Drop-Shoulder Sweater in Mushroom ($38.46)

Before heading home, I was wandering around Gap with the mother, as one does and this one caught my eye and from the moment I felt it, I knew the muted taupe-y slouchy sweater had to be mine. It has a flattering slouchy fit, as one would expect but the material is the best part – it’s nice and lightweight and soft without being heavy or scratchy and I would attribute it to the nylon and wool blend. Love.

 MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Cheeky Bronze ($37)

I was strolling around MAC picking up a makeup gift for someone else and somehow I couldn’t leave MAC too empty handed (for myself) and this shade of the gorgeous luminous Mineralize Skinfinish caught my eye. I’m sure regular readers have heard me rave about limited edition shades loads of times and I couldn’t resist picking this permanent shade up that I could potentially fall in love with and others could actually get it. Whoa. It has the formula that I love and it’s definitely one of the more pigmented and smooth shades and it’s a golden hue with a hint of coral thrown through it. This is definitely not a highlighter on me but I’ve been loving it as a glowy blush – at least in the one time that I’ve worn it. I’m excited. Ever so slightly.

Recently Updated36

What have you picked up lately?
Maggie, x.

The Acquisition: MAC Style Blush




Hands up if you can remember when I spoke of a cheeky MAC purchase that occurred when out, goofing around and shopping with friends — honestly, I’d be surprised to find too many hands raised for that one — but you’d be more likely to raise your hand if you’re aware of my coral blush buying problem/ love… this has been chronicled here on many occasions. Ramble over. Did I need yet another coral blush; was this one so different than others in my stash to completely warrant purchasing? The answer to any sane person would be no but I can rationalize it to myself because it does differ from the dozen other coral blushes I own.

It’s my first frost blush from MAC and the finish is much different than I expected, not miles different from the Sheertone Shimmer blushes that I’m familiar with, simply with less obvious shimmer and a stronger sheen – and not an overpowering one or unflattering one at that. The texture, pigmentation and longevity on this one are all amazing — especially the longevity considering that this blush is not advertised as long lasting but lasted on me for 12 hours without fading in the heat. The colour of this one is a strong orange-coral with such a strong golden sheen running throughout that it has a duochrome kind of quality to it. This is definitely one that you have to be careful if you’re fairer with a cooler skintone because it has a tendency to flash orange; however, I’m relatively fair and I don’t have this problem because of my neutral-to-warm undertones. This is also a shade that would be gorgeous on medium to deep skins as well because of its pigmentation and orangey undertone. With it’s golden sheen, this one instantly adds glow to the cheeks and brightens my face and is a versatile one in my opinion because it’s a subtler shade with one layer and builds in intensity with the second (in a flattering way). I’ve shown this below here with a light application on the left and a slightly heavier one on the right:

Recently Updated29

To reiterate, quality-wise MAC Style Powder Blush is top notch and given that it costs $21 in pan form and $26 in compact form for a whooping 0.21 oz of product, it is rather economical. It has quickly become a staple in my collection of blushes; I say collection despite how funny it sounds because I acknowledge fully that I might perhaps have a small problem. In the pan, Style does not look different than the MAC Springsheen Blush but when swatched, they are different and I prefer Style on account of the texture, gorgeous sheen and hint of orange-coral to it. However, it is even more similar to (not identical) to the limited edition MAC Stereo Rose MSF, but is a little bit more of an amped-up coral that leans more on the orange-copper side of things — in a good way. Both shades have that gorgeous sheen and if you’ve been wanting to try the MSF, I would recommend giving this one a go in its place.

Comparison swatches from top to bottom: MAC Style, MAC Springsheen, MAC Stereo Rose
Have you tried Style?
Maggie, x.

My MAC Eyeshadow Palette


The first beauty love of my life was MAC eyeshadows — For my thirteenth birthday, I got my first one along with my beloved MAC 217 — and to this day, that love hasn’t weakened in any shape or form. I’ve been wanting to write one of these kinds of posts for ages and they are my favourite to read so now that I’ve kind of sort of completed the eyeshadow portion of my palette, I feel compelled to bite the bullet and do it. If you’re ready to see my palette and hear an assortment of my thoughts on the whole thing and the individual shades, read on. However, before I get to all of that I shall preface this by saying that all of the shades are good quality (unless specified, sort of) and I highly recommend putting your own palette together because although it seems expensive at first having to pay for each shade, there’s something practical and economical in putting together your own MAC palette.


Dazzlelight (Veluxe Pearl) – neutral with shimmer

A creamy ivory shade that is only subtly different than my natural skintone on my lids but slightly lighter with a golden sheen running throughout, Dazzlelight is a gorgeous subtle highlighting shade and also works on the lid for an extremely natural shade. This is a staple that I might just adore and need to repurchase in the future.

Vex (Frost)beige with pink-green pearl

This one has to be among MAC’s most unique offerings but I will admit that I don’t reach for it enough. It’s a shimmery cool-toned ivory colour that has a strong pink-green duochrome so it looks really interesting on the lid. It’s a nice highlighting or general lid shade, in my experience.

All That Glitters (Veluxe Pearl)beige with gold pearl

This longtime favourite eyeshadow of mine has to be my favourite eyeshadow to this day and I’ve already used up two pans of this stuff already. In essence, it’s a golden-peachy champagne with the nicest metallic sheen running throughout that has the easiest texture to work with and is my favourite lid shade of all time. It’s a more golden and peachy souped-up version of Urban Decay Sin. It’s worth all of it’s praise. This is one of the few items I would deem ‘holy grail’.

Patina (Frost)taupe brown with golden pearl

This one is yet another gorgeous lid shade and its one that I hadn’t been reaching for enough because until recently it was in pot form and out of sight. It’s a slightly cool-toned muted golden hue that comes out a whole lot lighter than one would expect and with a whole lot less obvious shimmer too. It does have that gorgeous taupey lean to it, too.

Era (Satin) soft golden beige with shimmer

I’m afraid that I can’t say much about this one as I only picked it up yesterday (after lusting after it for well over a year) and haven’t applied it to my eyelid yet but it does look rather promising and I’m excited to put it to use. I will admit that it doesn’t look too different from Patina, but I promise it is unique because it doesn’t have any of that olive kind of lean and is more of a golden champagne shade — without the peachiness of All That Glitters. It seems to be extremely smooth and pigmented with a gorgeous sheen running throughout that comes off rather subtle. I’m fairly certain this shall be a lid shade.


DSC_0142Soft Brown (Matte)soft golden peachy-brown

I really should have listened to others when they raved about this shade and gave into the hype much earlier than I did, despite my reluctance to buy the neutral matte ‘boring shades’ but nevertheless, this new addition to my palette is valuable. It’s a really creamy warm-toned crease or transition shade that is a staple for me and I think it would be for anyone who is on the warmer side of things with a fair to medium skintone.

Coquette (Satin) – muted greyish taupe

I’ve rambled on about this ‘matte’ (but easy to work with) ashy medium-dark taupe before more than a time or two so I’ll keep this brief to the best of my ability. If you ask me it’s a better version of Charcoal Brown, perfect for naturally-ashy brunette brows as it doesn’t turn red and also works nicely in the crease with its smooth and pigmented texture.


Swiss Chocolate (Matte)– muted reddish brown

This is much more of a recent addition to my collection but it was one that instantly impressed me with its practicality; it’s a smooth and blendable warm reddish brown darker medium tone that’s ideal for deepening the crease and adding subtle depth to the outer corner and lower lashline.

Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl) – warm antique gold

Paired with All That Glitters, this is my most repurchased item, having been replenished three times and it’s safe to say that the shade is worth the hype. It’s not always my favourite shade in the world, but it’s the best gold ever with amazing texture and warm metallic finish; if you ask me it’s a much better version of Urban Decay’s Half-Baked. However, it does come off much more coppery on cooler skintones, especially when blended.

Clarity (Matte2)

It is rather unfortunate that this punchy smooth and pigmented electric turquoise shade has been discontinued; it was definitely a good one, despite being of the neon variety. Because of this, I haven’t mentioned this great shade around these parts, although I do use the shade — but not often enough. I do love using the shadow for a pop of colour on the lower lashline. Sorry, but it’s no longer available 😦


Coppering (Veluxe Pearl) – orange copper

Coppering is more than a little bit more interesting than your average neutral shade and because of this, it doesn’t get used on an everyday basis by me but it is one of my very favourites on account of its phenomenal pigmented and buttery texture and gorgeous true copper metallic hue. It’s a shade that I either like to wear through the crease for some rustiness or all over the lid.

Satin Taupe (Frost)taupe with silver shimmer

This cult-favourite shade is not the most unique by any means but it’s an amazing medium-buildable neutral taupe with strong plummy undertones. It’s worth the hype as it is one of my alltime favourites for the crease with it’s blendable, smooth and creamy finish.

Club (Satin) – red-brown with green pearl

This popular shade is a unique and versatile medium-dark brown shade that’s essentially a reddened brown with warm undertones. It also takes on a gorgeous green duochrome and this is one of those shades that works well on the lid, in the crease and in the outer corner!

Sketch (Velvet) – burgundy with red shimmer

This one is an unsung hero of my eyeshadow collection, an almost-matte warm deep plum shade that oddly enough swatches rather dry but applies much more smoothly to the eyes to smoke things our or add definition to the outer corner. Plus the slightly less powdery, drier texture ensures that there is minimal fallout during application.

Smut (Velvet) muted black with red shimmer

I might have only added this almost-black-but-not-quite-alternative to my collection last month, but it’s become one of my staples, serving the purpose of a black as a liner and outer corner shade, but also being easier to work with and more interesting. It has the same great texture as Sketch, and is notably darker although it doesn’t swatch so — it doesn’t swatch as impressively as it applies to the lids — and is a darker version of the former shade with less plum and warm-tones to it. I might say that it’s a taupe shade that also has a good amount of burgundy to it and a hint of grey to it.


Moving on to my quad…


Sable (Frost) gold-plum with bronze pearl

This popular shade is rather nice but it’s not a favourite of mine; the warm muted plummy bronze shade has a nice sheen running throughout and looks much nicer on those with green or brown eyes, if you ask me. This strikes me as a slightly darker version of Urban Decay’s Toasted and to be honest I prefer the lighter version. This is like Satin Taupe’s warmer and bronzier sister.

Charcoal Brown (Matte) – muted taupe brown

This is a matte slightly cool-toned medium brown that I purchased initially as a brow shade but proved itself to be inferior to ashier shades as my brows pull most products red. It’s a nice shade, both in practicality and quality, but it’s not necessary for me because of Coquette, although it does make a nice crease shade. I won’t be repurchasing after it’s used up, however.

Satellite Dreams (Veluxe Pearl) deep plum with pearl

I’ve had this shade for ages and even after working through the top layer, I’m afraid that this shade is a dud in my eyes. However, I know others don’t seem to share my pigmentation concerns so I’m convinced that I might have just got a dud of this shade. If I do really pack it on, it is nice and will show up better than swatched.


What’s your favourite MAC eyeshadow?
Maggie, x.

The Daily Face #20



It has been a good couple of weeks since my last ‘Daily Face’ post, strangely enough, so it goes without saying that it was time for another one. On another note, don’t get used to this whole two posts in one day kind of deal — it’s only happening because life has gotten in the way lately and this morning’s post was really meant to go up yesterday, so it truly is the post I wanted to put up today and I had the time, inspiration and focus to do so. With it being all Summery and whatnot paired with general life busy-ness, I haven’t been feeling like playing and faffing around as much with makeup so it’s on the more basic end of the spectrum for me and easily takes less than 10 minutes.


DSC_1153First things first, I promise that the above shot is not doing my eyeliner justice — it’s the angle that makes the line look uneven, seriously. End Ramble. Seeing as I’ve accidentally gotten a bit of colour from the sun (whilst using good spf of course), I’ve been able to wear the lovely dewy Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation in 73 without having to work at blending the rather dark shade into my pale neck and therefore I did so. I was much too lazy to do that whole pinpoint concealing regime, but I had quite a red blemish on my right cheek so I covered it up (somewhat) with the Revlon Colorstay Concealer in Light and my finger. As per usual, I relied on the tiniest amount of the Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light to Medium Bisque to cancel out some undereye darkness. At this point I decided to run some of the MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Quiet Brunette through the brows for some heavy-duty taming and some natural-looking effortless definition — before I went on and continued with the face.

I decided to use my loved MAC Harmony Powder Blush that I recently depotted to contour the face a bit and then of course, I decided to use a whole load of MAC products — apparently I’m having a bit of a MAC moment. For blush, I used another shade in my palette, MAC Tenderling Powder Blush, a rosy tan hue to add some warmth and colour to my cheeks with little to no effort. Then I went and grabbed the lovely Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette , running Dim Light throughout the t-zone for some finishing and blurring action and finishing with a dose of Incandescent Light to highlight the cheekbones.

As I have been for the last week or so, I went for the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded as my base to add some much-needed longevity. Then on the eyeshadow front, I stuck to three colours from my MAC palette that I’m currently obsessed with; Soft Brown was blended through the crease, the antiqued-gold Woodwinked went all over the lid and my recently acquired shade, Smut was placed in the outer corner and used to line the lower lashes. I’m having a bit of a love affair with all of these shades but Woodwinked might be the most noteworthy as I’ve had it for ages and have just recently rekindled my obsession with it. In the last week or so, I’ve also become reacquainted with my liner love, the effortless L’Oreal Lineur Intense and I obviously went for a subtle flick — that I repeat is much more on point in real life. Because we all know that mascara is a necessity, I’m sure you’re unsurprised to hear that I went for the Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara.

On the lips — you guessed it — I went for another MAC shade that I’m currently obsessed with and that shade is the MAC Lipstick in Kinda Sexy. While it’s a matte lipstick it’s not overly drying or unflattering on the lips but most importantly it’s the most flattering my-lips-but-better rosy peach shade with the subtlest brown-tinge to it. Neither words or swatches do this one justice, I’ll tell you…

Thoughts on this makeup?
Maggie, x.


Two MAC Acquisitions



DSC_1124There are three things (remotely beauty-related things) that moved Monday into great day territory. First, I actually got up off my ass and successfully de-potted some MAC eyeshadows and blushes and I didn’t burn my house down or anything along those lines. The next thing was that I was able to Back-2-Mac with the now-empty casings, looking around with a few of my favourite people alive – who enjoy MAC and don’t judge to boot – for a lipstick free of charge. Last but not least, I experienced the satisfaction of completing my first fifteen-pan MAC palette (or at least the shadow side of my duo palette); I am aware of how pathetic my life sounds, if you were pondering the subject. The point of this ramble? I’m rather pleased with the eyeshadow and lipstick that I picked up, even aside from the fact that I was only set back $13.80 — with tax included.

I had gone into MAC with the idea that I was going to pick up the wearable but deep Brick-o-la shade but it was actually sold out and I quickly got over it, picking up the MAC Kinda Sexy Matte Lipstick ($19) and instantly falling in love with the “neutral pinky-rose” hue when I swiped it onto my sore lips. I would describe it as one of those neutral flattering shades — on me it’s a my-lips-but-better shade that is quite opaque and peachy – that adds a little bit of colour to the lips without looking like ‘lipstick’. The matte formula isn’t particularly drying or unflattering on sore lips and actually seems to stain my lips somewhat and the shade seems to have the perfect mix of peach and brown – not muting my lips out but not having that unflattering ‘brown’ look either on my pale lips. I’m in love. 

In my recent wishlist post, I had mentioned my desire to complete my palette with MAC Smut Eyeshadow ($12/18) and that’s exactly what I did. Exactly as I thought, the “muted black with red shimmer” is a nicely textured shade with a satin finish (I don’t know what they’re talking about on the shimmer front) that serves the same purpose as black but is more interesting and easy to work with. It might not seem like the creamiest shadow in history but it’s blendable and has almost no fallout despite its dark shade. I’m loving this shade just as much to add depth and definition to the outer corner or general smokiness and I’m wearing this one in the outer-corner below, with All That Glitters on the lid, Soft Brown as a transition colour and Swiss Chocolate in the crease. The dark charcoal burgundy plum shade is a nice option for darkening things up, if you ask me.





What are your favourite MAC products?
Maggie, x.

The Essentials With Laura


DSC_0750This isn’t anything close to resembling a sort of novel post, but I love reading the kind of posts where bloggers bring their friends into the mix and ask them about their staple products and I’ve been planning on doing one for ages so I bring you the first post of a series I hope to continue. So, here’s Laura, one of my very best friends since the day she was born that I now go to University with and I’m pleased to report my beauty-obsessive tendencies seem to have rubbed off on her. Success. Let’s get all nosy and into her staples…


DSC_0752Urban Decay Naked Palette: “I’m not really an eyeshadow girl but I do go for Sin on the lid during the day and add other shades – usually Half-Baked, Smog and Toasted – into the mix for nights out and the like”

MAC Patisserie Lipstick: “If I feel like lipstick but nothing too statement, I go for this one. It’s a MLBB (my lips but better) kind of shade on me.” Note: I approve of this choice and I didn’t pressure her into it; she came out with it after being helped in the store without me being present. This is clearly an testament to how amazing the shade is.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation in N2: “I’ve been using this one for almost a year now and it’s just shy of full-coverage on me and I can go without concealer in less we’re dealing with that hormonal situation. It looks natural on the skin but does develop some shine on my oily t-zone after a few hours but it otherwise lasts”.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in C2: This is a great powder, especially for when I’m in need of more coverage and don’t feel like going for concealer. It’s perfect for setting my foundation, getting rid of shine and I use it frequently for touching up – even then, it doesn’t cake”.

MAC Cubic Powder Blush: “This is my everyday blush shade of choice; it’s perfect for adding a natural flush to the cheeks and the muted hue is foolproof. I also like its more matte finish to sculpt the face”.

Benefit Bella Bamba Boxed Powder: “When I want to go for more of a pop of colour, I go for this blush as it instantly transforms my face. It’s a watermelon kind of shade with shimmer that isn’t too obvious on the skin”.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser: “This is the perfect concealer for underneath the eyes to get rid of dark circles that undoubtedly are caused by late nights and refusing to acknowledge my dairy intolerance. It’s a must-have for any student because it instantly fixes late night issues”.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15 Fair: “It’s great for covering blemishes and actually is a good match for my fair skin. Also, it blends in easily with my foundation”.

L’Oreal Lash Out Butterfly Mascara: “This is a great mascara for my itty bitty lashes — I’m still on the hunt for one to hold a curl but I love the volume and length that this one provides. The wand is the best part as its flexible with the nice “butterfly” shape to catch all of my lashes”.

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium:” It’s the perfect match for my light brown hair and actually doesn’t turn my brows orange. My favourite part is the spoolie on the end; even if I’m not using the product, it helps to clean up the brows and the spoolie is great for blending out the pencil for a natural look”. Note: Laura’s brows look the best I’ve ever seen them due to this product.

Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in 011 Sable Brown: “I’m not normally an eyeliner kind of person but if I’m feeling some added definition, I’ll add this one to my lower lashes and if I make the effort to sharpen it, it’s great for the upper lashline too”.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve: “It’s not a treatment but it’s also not too sticky and it’s great even for when I don’t feel like lipstick because it adds a nice healthy sheen to the lips while hydrating them”.

Benefit High Beam: This one is great for a natural looking highlight on the browbone, the tops of cheekbones and the corners of the eyes. It attracts the light rather than being obviously shimmery”.

Essie Bikini So Teeny Nail Lacquer:This is a really nice sky or periwinkle blue and it looks perfect on nails, consistently generating compliments whenever I wear it. I also love Meet Me At Sunset, a reddish orange that looks equally as amazing on fingernails and the toes“.

I hope you enjoyed the opportunity to look into someone else’s makeup staples with different (but still pale) colouring and skin concerns. Thoughts?
Maggie, x.



A Good Ol’ Dash Into MAC


So here I am, writing a post on Canada Day, lounging in front of my fan in this rare heat that has kind of killed me over the last few days and I’m quite excited about it, as far as these things go. After classes being out for two months, I haven’t been doing any full-on mall shopping and therefore I hadn’t been to either MAC or Sephora in ages so when I went in town early yesterday, I picked up a few pieces here and there – and they added up but not in a crazy sort of way. I had the rare opportunity to browse my local MAC shortly after it opened with only one customer in the store in addition to myself and in other words, I was able to take my time browsing and talking to the helpful makeup artist because for once it wasn’t hectic and crazy busy. T’was divine.

The shadows were what I had planned to be looking for when I dropped in, as I’m so close to filling up my palette and am rather satisfied about that fact but lately I’ve been looking after something with the least amount of faff to define and control my brows, even when I’m wearing the most minimal of makeup that would actually suit my weirdly ashy brows; with this in mind, I was quickly sold on the MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Quiet Brunette ($21) and so far, I’m impressed. Whilst the shade isn’t quite as ashy and grey-toned as my beloved MAC Coquette Eyeshadow, it doesn’t veer anywhere near the neutral or warm side of things and considering that this was the first time that I fully applied the product, I did a horrific job applying the brow gel (err, I got a clump on my skin and didn’t get it in time) and it doesn’t look entirely horrible, things look promising. I wore this yesterday and I would hazard a guess that it’s actually as waterproof as they say and it seems to fit the bill with subtly defining the brows in seconds while feeling and looking absolutely natural. The name of the shade is beyond accurate too, having enough ashiness for light brunettes without being insanely dark like many cooler-toned products.

Obviously, the urge towards completing the shadow portion of my MAC Duo Palette was not forgotten and I came out with two shadows that are very different from the shades that I already own and they strike me as versatile rather than exciting like my usual choices. I was telling the makeup artist  helping me (she was fabulous, by the way) that I have a good number of the popular MAC shades but tend to skimp on some staple shades and asked her for some of her staple shades. From talking to her, I happily came away with two warm matte brown shades, my first actual transition colour, the cult favourite light-medium warm tan Soft Brown ($12) and the dark but warm reddened chocolate brown that is appropriately-titled Swiss Chocolate ($12).

DSC_0711From the top: MAC Soft Brown, MAC Swiss Chocolate, MAC Quiet Brunette

I’m at least as pleased with these after I’ve worn these two shades on my eyes, paired with my staple lid-shade, All That Glitters today; For the sake of potential curiosity and clarity, I’ll inform you that Soft Brown was blended loosely through the crease and Swiss Chocolate was patted into the outer corner and lower lashline for definition…


DSC_0705                                          P.S. I’m not going to address the questionable eyeliner situation more than this: I was tired and too lazy to fix it up. I’m aware.
Have you tried any of these products? What have you picked up at MAC lately?
Maggie, x.