Baby, It’s ‘Blizzard’-ing Outside

a weirdly calm moment during the storm
a weirdly calm moment during the storm

It’s not every day that one has to trek to school during a blizzard when every other school (post-secondary or otherwise) has been cancelled with good sense. Being a Canadian, I don’t exaggerate about blizzards but even I have no choice but to admit that there is one going on, freezing blowing snow, howling winds and all. Now I diOun’t actually make it out the door with makeup on so I could leave insanely early and actually arrive at the cursed institution but I’m remedying that at the moment because I clearly have a problem and am acting out of character with perhaps the cheesiest post title I’ve done to date. And okay so school was eventually cancelled and I’m finally home after the adventure but of course nothing is ever easy.

the ultimate skincare trio
the ultimate skincare trio

When you’re subjecting yourself (particularly your face) to these kinds of elements (particularly if your skin is as sensitive and dehydrated as mine), your skin will protest if you think the usual skincare basics will be adequate. On days like these, I try to load up on the soothing and gentle products. This morning, I used my recent addition, the sister product to my old flame the    Extra Gentle Cleanser, Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser ($10-13 CDN). It’s among the gentlest of cleansers with one of the pumps that gives the right amount of product and has that light and rich Cetaphil texture while being much more gentle and hydrating on the skin. On the less related note, it removes makeup better than it’s predecessor and the average cleanser, I’m pleased to report. On harsh winter days like these, it can be wise to skip out on the typical treatments in the morning and focus on protecting your skin against the elements and my current pick was the lovely-but-not-quite-as-perfectly-gentle-and-soothing as the fragrance-free Kiehl’s Stress Rescuer, Ren Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream ($66 CDN) which I’m happy to report is very hydrating and is soothing unless applied on the most irritated skin with the inclusion of beneficial antioxidants and anti-irritants high on the ingredient list. The moisturizer is lightweight but rich and leaves a flattering luminosity to the skin that sits well under makeup. To end the skincare tangent of mine, an oil can serve as that extra-protective soothing layer and for me at least, with the combination of the other two has miraculously prevented my red itchy and painful skin. Okay so I was short on time this morning so this step didn’t actually happen but I do love the By Nature Organic Rosehip Oil ($26) with it’s rich dry-oil texture.

Even if you’re not one of those avid tea-lovers, tea is essential on stormy winter days like these. I’m not hugely fussy about the particular details about the said hot beverage but it’s necessary nevertheless. I’m not usually a fan of anything decaffeinated but I’m enjoying my cup of the nice and wintry Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice Herbal Tea. If you’re anything like me and adore spiced beverages and baking, this is for you. In weather like this it should be law to accompany the tea with wearing comfy flannel (mine are from aerie) and snuggling underneath blankets – with a magazine of course. Lately I’ve been enjoying Elle Canada, but regardless of what magazine you have kicking around it’s necessary to haphazardly flip through it all warm and cozy. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I love magazines and this one is nice as it has actual content to pair with the fashion and beauty bits.

Now that I’m back home, unable to leave the warmth of the blankets I’m snuggled underneath and muster the effort to apply makeup to the face that I will later have to remove so the previously mentioned makeup didn’t happen. You know how it is, I’m sure.

What have been your winter staples?



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