The Monthly Roundup #2: January 2014


Blogging-wise I’m pleased to say that I’m rather happy with myself this month. I managed to have twenty entries this month and although that’s not daily or anything, it’s pretty damn good in my book. I aim to keep it up. And I’ve been pretty happy with my content this month so here it goes.

1. Maybelline Hi-lighting Bronzer in Deep Bronze

I’ve talked about this product (and the post itself) on a variety of occasions this month so this shouldn’t be much of a surprise but I fell in love with the product this month and somehow managed to put up a detailed review fairly soon after its release. I’ll shut up now.

2. Indeed Labs Pepta-Bright

This was one of those posts that I had been meaning to do for ages but never quite got around to until recently and I was pleased with the result. It’s a hero skincare product of mine in short and it’s bloody fantastic and the review is much more detailed obviously…

3.  The Daily Face #6: Warm and Smoky

After going through one of those blah phases when I wasn’t happy with my makeup for about a week straight, this is what pulled me out. It’s one of those makeup “looks” – I’m beyond hesitant to call it that — that was flattering and warm using the beloved Naked Palette, looking smoky but not over the top. Easily my favourite daily makeup of my month, hands down.

4. NARS Golshan Satin Lip Pencil

This post served as another piece of evidence of my mission to post actual product reviews frequently here and the product itself is divine and the shade does not get the recognition it deserves, if you ask me. It’s a gorgeous warm-toned wearable deep berry lip that does not dry out the lips or wear off weirdly.

5. Weekly Medley #1

This is a recent post and the first in a new series of mine that I have committed myself to and I was pleased how the chatty post turned out. You’ll have to let me know your thoughts. I rather enjoyed the mixture of lifestyle and casual beauty check-in post and I’m determined to continue with the series.

What were your favourite posts this week?

Maggie, x.


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