The Monthly Roundup #4: March 2014



Despite how March was not fun, I managed to write 19 posts here and even to my pessimistic self, this isn’t another example of failure. March was the kind of month that characterizes the whole University as suffering ordeal. I was exhausted but I survived without any major regrets. On the positive side, I was blessed with good health aside of the stress. As I write this, I’m suffering through that one horrendous cold that I get per year that leave me feeling like I haven’t slept in two days when you’ve woken from a long night of sleep along with the usual headache, runny nose and cough. So, I’m lucky to be someone who doesn’t tend to get dragged down by the bugs of others, thankfully, but I’m frightening myself at the moment to be honest as well as anyone who tries to communicate with me. On a less overdramatic note, I can’t seem to shut my brain off so here’s my belated monthly roundup post.


1. March 2014 Favourites:

I know ever since starting this series I’ve included my favourites posts consistently but I promise its just that I’ve been particularly pleased with my favourite product discoveries and the posts themselves as of late and this one is no different. The post itself is veering into essay territory hitting significantly over the 1k mark…

2. Weekly Medley #9:

Being someone who bores easily and tends to abandon things about as frequently as I start them, I’ve been proud of myself for sticking to my new series of (unoriginal) weekly roundup posts. I was beginning to feel somewhat trapped into a mundane routine, so with this addition I gave the whole series a kind of revamp of sorts and while it’s not perfect, I’ve been pleased with the results.

3. Hello, Spring:

It’s kind of funny looking back on my premature enthusiasm now, claiming that because it was regularly rising in temperature about freezing that the whole beauty routine needed a bit of a shake-up in terms of the changing seasons — little did I know that the next week would bring a blizzard and some stereotypical good old Canadian weather… But nevertheless, I was pleased with this restrained edit of mine.

4. The Basic Smudgy Eye:

This blog has no shortage of ‘what’s on my face’ kinds of posts, detailing the makeup that graces this square-shaped pale mug on a daily basis but I’ve been kind of intimidated by writing posts on a specific feature of my face, wanting to share my thoughts but not wanting to be  interpreted as thinking that I have some sort of makeup mastery by giving the lowdown and this was the post I finally went for a focused eye chat (with details of what I did and the like) and I was pleased with it.

5. An Ode to the Neutral Blush: MAC Tenderling

I will admit that I’m not thrilled with my less-than-stellar application of lipstick here but after having this blush for a while, I finally got around to reviewing it and was happy with the result. I’m making an active effort to get around to writing more full-on reviews this year and I made progress this month, this being a prime example of said progress. Oh, and I love the product in question – spoiler alert.

What were your highlights of the month?

Maggie, x.

P.S. If I sound slightly delirious through my writing, it’s cause I am. No cause for concern. Really.


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