The Monthly Roundup #11/12: October/November 2014


Despite the lack of content on my blog as of late, I have neither died, lost function of my hands or contracted a fatal illness. Life had just gotten all kinds of crazy especially over the last week or two and now that classes are done and I’m through that horrible crunch where I had to write three term paper kinds of things in a four day period, I’m feeling much more human and in turn, you can expect much more action around these parts, known as my blog – I’m rather excited about the prospect. Well, I skipped over my monthly round-up last month so I figured that I probably shouldn’t do so again and that I might as well combine the two months into one.
  1. My Sephora Sale Picks/Recommendations

I had it in my mind that in honour of the November Sephora VIB Sale, I was going to put together a group of my personal recommendations because I think its always nice to know what are the top picks in someone else’s view. I was determined and I got the post together in time. For me, the surprising thing was that the products I chose ended up being those essentials in my collection that I seriously would not want to be without. This pleased me – no shit.

  1. The Current Shower Staples

Don’t worry, I’m always – no scratch that to almost during crazy exam periods and like situations to be completely honest – appropriately concerned with bathing and hygiene but over the last two months I’ve been really into taking baths and showers to some extent as a kind of pampering experience. This post was where I detailed my favourite products back in October and I still stand by them now.

  1. The Elusive Mellow Saturday

Looking back at this edition of my ‘The Weekend Post’ entries, makes me laugh at my former belief that things university-wise were winding down and that there was nothing to be done, regardless this was one of my favourite posts. Also, it’s still an accurate one where I ramble on about my most relaxing day staples.

  1. My Sephora VIB Sale Goodies

I’m fairly certain that the most exciting event in the last two months was the whole getting of the Sephora 20% off coupon and spending it (agonizing included) but I’m absolutely certain that beauty-wise it was the most noteworthy kind of thing. I ended up quite pleased with my post detailing the products that I picked up for myself, pictures and all because I don’t think it was quite novella length, but I gave nice descriptions of the products I picked up and why I had done so.

  1. The Review: Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Smooth-Effect Makeup

If you’re a regular reader here or know me in real life, you might be aware of my foundation-hoarding problem and overall obsession so it only seems fitting that I take my review posts very seriously and write them with lots of thought with extreme detail – so its not something one can just write in the spur of the moment after a few weeks of use. At the beginning of October, I pulled together a review of the foundation that I’ve been raving about since June and I stand by everything that I’ve said since.

Am I the only one who’s in complete disbelief that tomorrow marks the start of the second week of December?
Maggie, x.

The Monthly Roundup #10: September 2014

Recently Updated37

Last month was definitely one of those fast-paced months of adjustment, as September tends to be in my world. I’m sure I’ve said this in loads of posts of this kind before but the following statement was especially true over the last month; While I might not have been able to get up as many blog posts as I would have liked, I’ve been particularly satisfied with my quality of content in September. Now, this seems awfully self-indulgent to talk about in a sense but so much of blogging for me comes down to how I feel about the content that I’m producing so it’s crucial to me in a non-narcissistic sense — first and foremost I’m doing this for me and what’s the point if I’m not enjoying what I’m producing. Can anyone relate? — I’m not positive this is coming out adequately. Regardless, I’ll be pleased if things continue down this path through this month and and even more pleased if I add a few more posts into the schedule of things.

1. The Weekend Post | Project 10 Pan –

Believe it or not, I’m actually making even more progress towards the commitment I made in the beginning of the month to finish up 10 products before purchasing other products of the kind despite that small little failure that didn’t even register as such, known as that time when I found myself at the register with the Dior Star Foundation prior to finishing up my beloved Rimmel Wake Me Up. This was definitely a post that I enjoyed writing and it’s the kind of post that I love reading for others fittingly. Plus I think there’s something so satisfying about trying to limit your endless product purchasing and accumulation by trying to finish up products before they go bad. The de-cluttering is also rather life affirming.

2. The Daily Face #22

I promise that I didn’t merely include this post because it was the only ‘The Daily Face’ post that I put up this month; I was actually rather pleased with the autumnal-themed makeup variation and it’s definitely been one that I’ve been sporting regularly. It features the lovely Smashbox Cherry Smokes Photo-Op Eyeshadow Palette and uses it in a way that I think is rather flattering and easy to achieve with half-assed effort. I liked it.

3. Weekly Medley #33 –

Now, I’m not saying that this post was preferred over any of the other weekly editions of the post but I’m rather enjoying refreshing these with the change of format where I was inspired by Laura a wee bit and decided to annotate the pictures included in the collage and provide a much shorter little ramble at the end that detailed my week. I’ve found that I have enjoyed writing these since the switch-up and I think they might be slightly less daunting to read with the more casual structure. I also rather enjoy being able to share my thoughts without going into formal paragraph structure on them all if that makes any sense…

4. The Monday Morning Edit –

I had to include my final post of the month; there was no doubt or deliberation concerning the matter. It was one of those posts that was written on the stir of the moment and almost seemed to write itself, surprising me with how quickly the end result came and how nice and authentically-me it was and it was easily my most liked post in months, so I’m assuming it went over well with you guys too. If you missed it and are curious about the products I reach for when I can hardly muster the effort to get out of bed in order to look presentable, I would love it if you gave it a little read.

5. A Standard Autumnal Shopping Trip –

I’ve shared the complexities of my feelings toward putting up haul posts on numerous occasions, so I’ll spare you another ramble here but keeping that anxiety in mind, I was particularly pleased with how this post detailing the small assortment of products I picked up recently turned out. I’m also enjoying the products, so this is a double source of pride for me. Lame?

6. The Weekend Post | The Productive Pamper –

Last-but-not-least is yet another one belonging to my the  ‘The Weekend Post’ variety and it’s one that I’m rather pleased with because I don’t find it painfully cliched, I think the material is a little bit different and it’s something that’s very true to me — I employ the whole technique often and love doing so. I also liked the pictures and this may have played more than a little bit into the consideration of including it here.
I promise I’m not as self-absorbed as the following question makes me sound but I would still like to know the answer: What kinds of posts are your favourite to see around these parts? I would love to hear some feedback to take into consideration!
Maggie, x.

The Monthly Roundup #9: August 2014

Recently Updated32

I might not have been loving life all August (but when am I ever?), but things have been pretty great here at Beautylit & Ramblings this month. Obviously, I haven’t done all of the posts that I planned to at some point but I’ve definitely been pleased overall with the quality of my posts and I did post 22 times, so I can’t complain.

1.  August Favourites

Where I shared a nicely edited selection of products of the beauty variety (along with a few random ones) without going overboard with the most complex, exhaustively long sentences known to man. I’ve been good in the last few months and haven’t been consistently including every single favourites post in these monthly posts so I was happy to go back to my old way for once.

2. The Pre-Fall Haul

Where I outlined the products that I picked up in preparation for the upcoming fall season and close-approaching fall school semester and gave my general thoughts on them. I was particularly pleased with the vast quantity of nice pictures included in the post along with my feelings towards the items themselves.

3. The Six-Step Sunday

Where I wrote more of a typical lifestyle-infused ‘weekend post’ and talked about my six different steps for the ideal relaxed Sunday. It was definitely a different post for me but I was pleased with the results and it did get a significant number of views etc., so I’m assuming you enjoyed it as well.

4. The Five Sumer Essentials

Where I wrote a ‘little’ ode to the five products that I agonized over including as my five standout products of the summer season. I liked it and it did take some thought…

5. My MAC Eyeshadow Palette

Last but not least is a post that I’ve been meaning to do and planning for ages that finally came to fruition this month, taking more work than you would assume. I was happy with the result and I hope that my overview of my shadows was a helpful resource to some of you. I just about choke with satisfaction whenever I glance at this post…

What were your standout posts/things of the month?
Maggie, x.

The Monthly Roundup #5: April 2014


I’m going to do that typical-blogger cliched thing and begin with my disbelief with today’s date. It’s shocking that it’s May but I can’t exactly deny it anymore as it’s finally sunk in that University has ended and that those two hectic months are over. And it’s finally sunk into Spring weather here; although there was some snow going on at the beginning of the month, it has drifted back to perpetual spring rain with the occasional sunny day once in a while. That’s Spring on the east coast in a nutshell. I’ve worn short shorts outside and that should be evidence enough that the seasons have changed and the months have passed. Despite all of this months exam-related craziness or perhaps as a result of procrastinating by writing blog posts to keep insane during, I’ve written 21 blog posts this month and I’m actually pleased with myself. Here are some of my post highlights…

1. April 2014 Favourites:

I promise I won’t be forever including my monthly favourites posts in these round-ups but this month was another one that I’m proud of — I found an edited selection of fantastic everyday staple products and wrote about them in a passable way.

2. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Ethereal Glow:

I know I’ve been rambling on and on about my love for this expensive cool-toned pink blush but it really is that good and deserves the mention. As well, this represents my increase in actual full-on review type single-product posts. And I thought I would switch things up and represent this post with a shot of the blush on my face, as it seemed a bit excessive for the product to be shown four times in the above collage…

3. Drugstore Essentials #2:

While this was not a new post idea as it was kind of an updated post in the vein of my first post on this blog ever but I had been putting it off. I knew I had discovered enough new drugstore treasures that I wanted to show you all wrapped up in this one post but these ones are tough to write and deliberate so I hummed and haw-ed, scratching out various attempts to plan the post until I decided enough was enough and wrote the post up while procrastinating from school-related troubles — I’m beginning to notice a pattern with blog posts being posted and school-related procrastination but I’m not complaining, as writing here is the best form of escape!

4. The Daily Face Routine:

This was one of those post ideas that came to mind numerous times but I rejected out of fear of trying something different than the usual stand-bys and what I see every blogger alive constantly doing but I pushed myself for it to happen and somehow it did. I found myself getting into a constant daily face routine with a few products that was working for me (and still is) and I went for it and was pleased by the results as well as the escape from the monotony.

5. Spring Makeup Update:

For a while I’ve known that I’ve wanted to do a follow-up full on Spring edit kind of posts but rather than going for an excessive edit, I decided to go for more edited selection for updating your daily routine for spring rather than a huge takeover. I was particularly pleased with the result and that I wasn’t writing a nice excessive rambly novella of a post like I can tend to.

What were your favourite post(s) this month? I’m feeling like I’m being rather self-indulgent but I honestly want to know what kinds of posts you’d like to see in the next month and I’ll love you forever if you give me some feedback down below.

Maggie, x.



The Monthly Roundup #4: March 2014



Despite how March was not fun, I managed to write 19 posts here and even to my pessimistic self, this isn’t another example of failure. March was the kind of month that characterizes the whole University as suffering ordeal. I was exhausted but I survived without any major regrets. On the positive side, I was blessed with good health aside of the stress. As I write this, I’m suffering through that one horrendous cold that I get per year that leave me feeling like I haven’t slept in two days when you’ve woken from a long night of sleep along with the usual headache, runny nose and cough. So, I’m lucky to be someone who doesn’t tend to get dragged down by the bugs of others, thankfully, but I’m frightening myself at the moment to be honest as well as anyone who tries to communicate with me. On a less overdramatic note, I can’t seem to shut my brain off so here’s my belated monthly roundup post.


1. March 2014 Favourites:

I know ever since starting this series I’ve included my favourites posts consistently but I promise its just that I’ve been particularly pleased with my favourite product discoveries and the posts themselves as of late and this one is no different. The post itself is veering into essay territory hitting significantly over the 1k mark…

2. Weekly Medley #9:

Being someone who bores easily and tends to abandon things about as frequently as I start them, I’ve been proud of myself for sticking to my new series of (unoriginal) weekly roundup posts. I was beginning to feel somewhat trapped into a mundane routine, so with this addition I gave the whole series a kind of revamp of sorts and while it’s not perfect, I’ve been pleased with the results.

3. Hello, Spring:

It’s kind of funny looking back on my premature enthusiasm now, claiming that because it was regularly rising in temperature about freezing that the whole beauty routine needed a bit of a shake-up in terms of the changing seasons — little did I know that the next week would bring a blizzard and some stereotypical good old Canadian weather… But nevertheless, I was pleased with this restrained edit of mine.

4. The Basic Smudgy Eye:

This blog has no shortage of ‘what’s on my face’ kinds of posts, detailing the makeup that graces this square-shaped pale mug on a daily basis but I’ve been kind of intimidated by writing posts on a specific feature of my face, wanting to share my thoughts but not wanting to be  interpreted as thinking that I have some sort of makeup mastery by giving the lowdown and this was the post I finally went for a focused eye chat (with details of what I did and the like) and I was pleased with it.

5. An Ode to the Neutral Blush: MAC Tenderling

I will admit that I’m not thrilled with my less-than-stellar application of lipstick here but after having this blush for a while, I finally got around to reviewing it and was happy with the result. I’m making an active effort to get around to writing more full-on reviews this year and I made progress this month, this being a prime example of said progress. Oh, and I love the product in question – spoiler alert.

What were your highlights of the month?

Maggie, x.

P.S. If I sound slightly delirious through my writing, it’s cause I am. No cause for concern. Really.


The Monthly Roundup #1: December 2013


1. December 2013 Favourites where I ramble on about my favourites of the list and take a blog photo (and edit it) that I’m rather proud of.
2. Daily Makeup #4: Non-Festive Holiday Makeup & Playing With New Products – where I gush about a good number of my Christmas beauty product additions, ramble a bit about my life as per usual and talk about the non-festive makeup I wore on Christmas day. I was proud of myself for not being cliched and wearing red lips… not that there’s anything wrong with that…
3. My Top Six Cold-Weather Lipstickswhere I somewhat successfully photograph lip swatches of my favourite lipsticks with the same makeup and consequently make my poor dry and chapped lips revolt. I was rather proud of myself for being informative about each shade and formulation while being brief – for my standards anyway.
4. Top Thirteen Beauty Products of 2013 – where I make good on my personal challenge of narrowing down my favourite products to a scant thirteen, use my best efforts to provide concise and informative mini-reviews of each product and don’t go on an on about each product.                                                                                                                                                                        5. Base Bonaza: Dior Diorskin Nude Skin Glowing Makeup– where I make personal progress at taking high-quality product photos (in my opinion at least), force myself to write the review I’ve been meaning to write for weeks and reveal my thoughts on another foundation in my excessive stash.

I’ve always really enjoyed reading these kinds of monthly round-up posts and figured that it was time to start doing my own – but that wasn’t my entire motivation. I figure if I start doing these on the monthly, it will motivate me to keep posting frequently as I have been in the last month or so even though I’ll be weighed down by the force of that thing that one has to do at that dreaded institution known as University, work.

Thanks for reading. X


If you’re a blogger, what were your favourite posts that you wrote in the last month? If you’re a reader, first and foremost, tell me what posts you most enjoyed in the last month. 🙂