The Monthly Roundup #5: April 2014


I’m going to do that typical-blogger cliched thing and begin with my disbelief with today’s date. It’s shocking that it’s May but I can’t exactly deny it anymore as it’s finally sunk in that University has ended and that those two hectic months are over. And it’s finally sunk into Spring weather here; although there was some snow going on at the beginning of the month, it has drifted back to perpetual spring rain with the occasional sunny day once in a while. That’s Spring on the east coast in a nutshell. I’ve worn short shorts outside and that should be evidence enough that the seasons have changed and the months have passed. Despite all of this months exam-related craziness or perhaps as a result of procrastinating by writing blog posts to keep insane during, I’ve written 21 blog posts this month and I’m actually pleased with myself. Here are some of my post highlights…

1. April 2014 Favourites:

I promise I won’t be forever including my monthly favourites posts in these round-ups but this month was another one that I’m proud of — I found an edited selection of fantastic everyday staple products and wrote about them in a passable way.

2. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Ethereal Glow:

I know I’ve been rambling on and on about my love for this expensive cool-toned pink blush but it really is that good and deserves the mention. As well, this represents my increase in actual full-on review type single-product posts. And I thought I would switch things up and represent this post with a shot of the blush on my face, as it seemed a bit excessive for the product to be shown four times in the above collage…

3. Drugstore Essentials #2:

While this was not a new post idea as it was kind of an updated post in the vein of my first post on this blog ever but I had been putting it off. I knew I had discovered enough new drugstore treasures that I wanted to show you all wrapped up in this one post but these ones are tough to write and deliberate so I hummed and haw-ed, scratching out various attempts to plan the post until I decided enough was enough and wrote the post up while procrastinating from school-related troubles — I’m beginning to notice a pattern with blog posts being posted and school-related procrastination but I’m not complaining, as writing here is the best form of escape!

4. The Daily Face Routine:

This was one of those post ideas that came to mind numerous times but I rejected out of fear of trying something different than the usual stand-bys and what I see every blogger alive constantly doing but I pushed myself for it to happen and somehow it did. I found myself getting into a constant daily face routine with a few products that was working for me (and still is) and I went for it and was pleased by the results as well as the escape from the monotony.

5. Spring Makeup Update:

For a while I’ve known that I’ve wanted to do a follow-up full on Spring edit kind of posts but rather than going for an excessive edit, I decided to go for more edited selection for updating your daily routine for spring rather than a huge takeover. I was particularly pleased with the result and that I wasn’t writing a nice excessive rambly novella of a post like I can tend to.

What were your favourite post(s) this month? I’m feeling like I’m being rather self-indulgent but I honestly want to know what kinds of posts you’d like to see in the next month and I’ll love you forever if you give me some feedback down below.

Maggie, x.



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