Weekly Medley #21

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(1) The notable trio of products (2) Tea drinking featuring Essie Absolutely Shore (3) The amazing Lisa Eldridge tutorial that I hung onto every word of (4) My mug with the featured products above (5) Notable and enjoyable weekly reading (6) Fringe, the show with the sci-fi edge that I obsessively watched on the wonder that is Netflix (7) Operation clean and move desk complete.

Another week has passed and regardless of how I might make it sound, nothing particularly groundbreaking in an exciting or catastrophic manner has happened and deviated from the usual pattern too much much – stressing about my whole jobless state but not doing anything about it other than consoling myself by staring at various beauty products and gushing about them in the archives here (and to anyone who can stand to listen in real life) plus the whole escaping the heat situation outdoors. Actually scrap that; this week my cousin’s family who own the house next door (and a pool), have returned for the summer (they have lived abroad for years) and have opened their pool this week which obviously lead to some swimming in the gorgeous water. However, in my typical clumsy fashion I managed to injure myself, at the very least straining a muscle in my arm preparing the pool for swimming, before somehow casually ending up locked in their basement bathroom for nearly half an hour without being noticed. Luckily someone else was looking to use the toilet and after they pushed on the door from the other side to unlock it, I was discovered with my lovely dark bruise on my thigh that I acquired in an actual attempt to break down the door. I wasn’t overly injured or actually in an anxious state so that’s a small victory for me especially considering that being trapped in locked spaces was a fear that plagued me as a child.

As much as I’ve enjoyed the change in pace with these posts away from a standard account of my standout products of the week, I’ve missed sharing a few of my staples so I thought I would go back to my roots and highlight a few. First there’s the Vichy Thermal Spa Water,one of those overpriced water mists that I swore I would never succumb to the allure of. In my defense, the mother passed this onto me after receiving it as part of a gift (so I didn’t actually spend money) and I’ve enjoyed using it in the place of an alcohol-based setting spray to help makeup sit on the skin in a more flattering way. The next product, the Now Solutions 100% Natural Shea Butter, follows along with the same theme of simplicity except without any of the gimmick. I have tried many many things to deal with my uber-itchy and sensitive eczema-ridden legs and this balmy texture works better than even coconut oil at soothing these patches. Plus, the thick-textured balm doesn’t leave that oily feeling for minutes afterwards so you know that it’s one to try. I swear I didn’t intend on this but the third is also of simple and nondescript variety but it’s definitely one I’ve come to appreciate in recent weeks. MAC Harmony Powder Blush, despite its name is obviously an ever-so-slightly warm toned contour powder that never fails to add natural looking definition and colour to the face without ever verging into that orangey or muddy territory.

So I’m now off to prepare for helping my cousin get ready for prom (hair and makeup etc.) and follow her around obsessively on this so-called big day in her life. Man, I’m starting to feel old…

What were the highlights of your week?
Maggie, x.




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