That First Nail Post



I’m going to start (yet again) with something I’ve said before on multiple occasions: for most of my life I haven’t been a nail polish girl due to my inadequacy and general lack of skill at the task and its tendency to chip insanely fast on my nails after the effort was made. This in mind, while the Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Bakers Street ($11.50 CDN) isn’t flawless, the formula of this neon cobalt hue delivers the compromise on the fronts of my issues of application and longevity; the polish is easily the most opaque that I’ve ever tried, one of those one-coat wonders — but I wore two for good measure — and requires minimal talent to apply, drying quickly to boot and it might not last for a week like the best Essie shades, but it comes pretty damn close, wearing nicely for 4-5 days (I’m on day three here in the pictures).

It also doesn’t hurt that it is quite possibly the most quintessentially “me” kind of shade, vibrant enough for summer but with that different kind of edge that keeps things looking a little bit cool and less manicured to perfection and fussy. If you’re from overseas, I’m sure that these polishes are old news but now that they’ve come over to Sephora, this Canadian girl has got her hands on one and doesn’t plan on stopping with this one.

Have you tried Nails Inc polish?
Maggie, x.

P.S. I’m choosing to ignore the unfortunate gradual-tanner between-the-fingers situation.

4 thoughts on “That First Nail Post

  1. Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself – before I started this nail art stuff (some 300+ manicures ago) I had probably painted my nails a grand total of 30 times. It’s an insidious little beast, though, and next thing you know you’re painting chicken drumsticks on your nails – true story. Also weird: one of the very first “luxury” polishes I ever bought was Baker Street, and you’re right, it’s awesome. 🙂

  2. For a beauty product lover, I’m not really a nail-polish-wearing girl either haha! Although, I do really like the Butter London nail polishes, and have tried Nails Inc. before and really liked the formula. Great post! xo

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