An Everyday Lip Combination



There are very very few things that I like less in life than bullshitting around the truth so I’m just going to cut to the chase; this post is only happening because a, I liked my makeup and b, I managed to get some decent shots of it and therefore it had to be documented here. However, when I picked up my pen and my moleskin book of blogging, inspiration struck me instantly — me, the girl who doesn’t tend to be faithful to daily routines and doesn’t really do that whole lip combination thing has found a staple one as of late and that begs for some sharing. I might even be converted to the realm of lip liner more than once a year.

Putting a balm down first, as obvious as it appears, makes a world of difference to sensitive chapped lips like mine and for this I like the moisturizing but not particularly glossy or fussy EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit ($3). These balms might not work miracles but they’re a nice hydrating balm that work without any sort of fuss.

I’m sure regular readers around these parts might be rather surprised about talking a lip liner as an everyday staple but rest assured, I have not had a personality transplant but rather the uber-affordable Annabelle Lipliner in 405 Demure ($4-5) has stolen my heart and might just have converted me. The creamy but precise liner is a warm muted rose that strikes me as the perfect cliched ‘my lips but better’ shade for me that can be worn on its own as well as a liner with other lipsticks etc. And if you’re wondering, this Canadian brand is available to you Americans on their website for affordable shipping rates…

The lipstick has been mentioned many times before around these parts, which should not be surprising in the least considering that MAC Patisserie Lipstick ($19)is easily my favourite lipstick of all time with its flattering hue — a slightly sheerer version of the above liner, a glossy rosy shade with some subtle understated brown to it that flatters my pale lips — and it’s actually moisturizing texture that doesn’t highlight dry patches on the lips or irritate them when they’re in the lovely chapped state. There is miniscule shimmer in this shade but I never notice it on my lips, even when these fade. I know for some MAC’s Lustres can be glorified and overpriced tinted balms but for me they’re the best balmy lipstick that still offers on the pigmentation front and sticks around without much fuss. I must pick up more… it’s clearly a necessity.

The trio is comfortable to wear but still sticks around for about four hours with some minimal eating and drinking in there. Aaaaaand without looking obvious on the lips, it makes my lips look sort of symmetrical and brightens the whole face. A few of the items here may or may not be gracing a monthly post at the end of the month, if you know what I mean. Spoiler Alert.

What’s your go-to everyday lip?
Maggie, x.

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