That First Style Post: Two Standout Pieces




Inspired by the inspiring Sophie, of “The Private Life of a Girl”, I’ve oddly enough been somewhat focused into building a standout minimal wardrobe. I’ll admit that some of this might be in place to facilitate maximum beauty-related spending, but I haven’t always been minimal about fashion-related purchases but I think it can be the best way too go as too much doesn’t add to a wardrobe but rather detracts from it. Last Monday, when that impromptu shopping trip occurred, I picked up two staple pieces of what I imagine to be my capsule wardrobe and they didn’t break the bank either so I have to share.

The Lightweight & Breezy Slipdress: American Eagle ‘Don’t Ask Why’ Slip Dress ($35 CDN)
When I spotted it in the store, after being away for a while — I somehow seem to have a whole lot of American Eagle in my wardrobe — the first thing that crossed my mind was that it appeared to be going for that Brandy Melville thing with its one size fits all nonsense. The second thing that crossed my mind was that I had to have it pronto as it was that perfect effortless dress that I had been yearning after for ages. American Eagle does summer dresses well and the lightweight and slightly sheer fabric of this one is particularly noteworthy for the hot weather we’ve been having lately. As mentioned above, the effortless feel of this dress ensures that it can be worn with simply a bandeau etc. underneath through the summer and will work in cooler weather layered with warmer pieces. It is the most comfortable dress ever which is also rather nice.

The Luxe Basic: Club Monaco Patrizia Top ($49 from 119 – 30% off sale promotion)
Club Monaco is that store that I can spend hours in longingly staring at the clothes as my bank balance shudders so when I’m actively not trying to spend money, I force myself away, however I was shopping with the lovely and amusing Lauren and she wanted to have a peep inside because she has actual money to spend with her two jobs and there was a sale going on – all items that were already reduced were further reduced by 30% off. With a why not attitude, I scoured the racks and was determined to try on this cream-coloured t-shirt with long sleeves, made from the tricot material that is slightly clingy in a flattering way — it skims loosely — with chiffon attached at the hem. In some ways it’s just a nice t-shirt but the chiffon detailing makes it really stand out to me but at the same time it won’t clash with anything. I swear, their t-shirts are magical; I can’t explain it. It’s also the lightest weight ever and therefore versatile.

So here is my first actual style-based post as promised ages ago. Did you like this change of pace? What have you picked up recently?
Maggie, x.

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