The Other Favourites

As I promised (a few days before now), I’m getting off my bum and getting started on the list of the less beauty oriented favourites that I was enjoying throughout June – and beyond. It is nearing the end of July after all…



Phillipa Gregory “The King’s Curse” ($19.99)

For my birthday on the first of June my mother got me the final novel in the historian’s Plantagenet series and I devoured it, enjoying every single page of it. This has to be my favourite book in the series, which is high praise because its one of my favourite series as of ever. I love how Phillipa Gregory bases her novels on historical events and sticks to the record, only veering when in the realm of creative liberties while creating fascinating and engrossing narratives from a variety of female perspectives. I find that her novels actually inform me of the period with their emphasis on historical context and I like how they create a framework of cause and effect during these different events that the English royalty experienced between The War of the Roses and the Tudor reign.

Nina Garcia “The One Hundred” ($19.99)

For years Project Runway has been one of my guilty pleasure shows so it’s only sensical that my love for Nina Garcia, the harsh but loveable no-nonsense judge, has grown into a particularly strong one. I’ve remained focused on editing my wardrobe and shopping smarter for a month or two now and I picked up this illustrated book, detailing 100 pieces that Nina deems essential to a woman’s wardrobe and why without being disappointed in the slightest. Toledo’s illustrations are a nice touch and I’ve actually found the writing impressive yet helpful.

American Eagle White Destroyed Denim Shorties ($55)

Having gone for so long without buying hardly anything in the clothing department and fluctuating in weight, I was due for a new pair or two of shorts and at the end of May I believe, I picked these mid-rise cutoff style ones up. They are borderline obscenely short but somehow they are short in a flattering way because they aren’t overly tight and do have a bit of a relaxed fit in the legs. I’ve been wearing my white pair many-a-time with just about anything and I do have to say that I enjoy how comfortable they are – along with the fun denim-printed pockets.

Talula Lipinski Sundress ($70 $50)

In expectation of wearing it to my cousin’s early July wedding, I picked up this flattering but slightly more expensive blue printed sundress from Aritzia and while I ended up wearing something else to said wedding, I’ve been loving wearing this easy floaty sundress. It has a comfortable skater kind of silhouette with a flattering nipped-in waist that I enjoy tremendously because mine is certainly not the slimmest in the world, and even moreso it has this lightweight breezy fabric that feels soft and actually holds up in the heat and humidity. Essentially, I’ve been happily grabbing for this short sundress because it is an easy instant outfit and it has the most slimming fit ever. If you’re interested, I would check it out while it’s on sale…

Bath & Body Works Bow Ties & Bourbon 3-Wick Candle ($22.50)

As if I could somehow go a month without including a scented candle in my general favourites post and neglect to mention one in one of these kinds of posts… Well, throughout June this candle addict happily burned this more sophisticated cologne-esque scent whenever I could stand it. It has definitely moved its way up into my absolute favourites — as I did purchase another — because of its more unique and refined vanilla, sandalwood and rich woodsy scent. It’s one of those candles that hits just the right spot for me, with a lingering but not overpowering scent and a candle that reads as seasonless.

Any more random favourites to share?
Maggie, x.




The Weekday Wishlist #3 | February

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Today I had a paper due, I’m sick with my yearly cold from hell, I have a growing pile of work to get accomplished, I’m exhausted and we had yet another storm today so it’s safe to say that I was not up for much blogging wise – but I did want to post something. Although it has only been a few weeks since my last wishlist post and I haven’t really gone shopping so I’m still lusting after those items big time, I thought I would gather another collection of items that I’ve got my eye on.I’m not complaining, but I’m complaining.

Remember when I talked about how nail obsessed I randomly became last week and lusted over nail polishes? Well, the whole gorgeous Essie Cashmere Matte collection was the main object of my lusting, with a gorgeous collection of interesting neutrals with matte but reflective shades. I’m forcing myself to narrow myself to one polish and this mauve-hued taupe shade has to be my top pick with the amazing pale blue duochrome. Unfortunately, I don’t know a single person who has managed to nab them in stores around me.

I came to accept the sad truth the other day, that my loved Caudal moisturizer is nearing the end and as much as I want to purchase another out of my anxiety for being without the soothing cream, I want to try something else – namely this mineral sunscreen enriched moisturizer that has enticing ingredients but actually costs under thirty dollars. As regular readers might be aware, I tend to suffer from bizarre reactions to sunscreen but I am definitely attempting to get sunscreen into my daily routine, rain or shine – especially after learning that your skin is damaged by the UVA rays as soon as the sun is out, even inside your own house. Moderately terrifying, no?

Ever since falling in love with the formula of the hella expensive Chanel Rouge Double Intensites last month, I’ve been eager to have a go with the more affordable dual-ended long wearing lip products in the same vein and I’ve heard great things about the new L’Oreal offering. The fact that it actually comes with a balm and not that gloss topper intrigued me as did the medium-toned peachy rose hue.

Just like every beauty blogger seems to be on the planet, I’m somewhat willingly taking a ride on the Hourglass train and the current object of this obsession is this eyeshadow palette despite the fact that I need an eyeshadow palette like a need a hole in my head and I’ve heard some questionable things about the blend ability and powdery nature of these shadows. There’s something so intriguing about their smokey palette offering – even beyond the gorgeous packaging – with a matte cream, a metallic gold, matte medium-dark brown, a darkened teal blue with a shimmery finish and a metallic taupe-leaning silver. The palette has an interesting combination of both warm and cool-toned shades and it appears to have a healthy mixture of matte and shimmery finishes, along with the colours for a multitude of interesting variations on the smokey eye theme.

I’ve mentioned more than once or twice in recent months that I’ve been getting into that whole lip liner game that has been oh-so-trendy in recent months and obviously that might be conducive to adding a new liner or two from the stash. MAC’s probably my go-to place for all things makeup because they are trustworthy, have a lovely return policy and aren’t actually ridiculously expensive and I’ve heard great things about this rosy shade. Believe it or not, it’s actually not red, but like the name could suggest half way in between a nude and a red.

For years and years American Eagle has been my go-to haunt for all things clothing, although I’ve definitely stopped my frankly obsessive weekly visits in the last year or two. There’s something about the store that allows for a stress-free shopping experience, they have great sales and generally decent prices – although this is a rather expensive t-shirt – and do that comfy slouchy top thing that I absolutely adore. I love this burgundy hue and that whole loose and slouchy vibe and just about everything else minus the retail price and the fact that it only comes in one size. Lame.

What do you have your heart set on at the moment?
Maggie, x.

That First Style Post: Two Standout Pieces




Inspired by the inspiring Sophie, of “The Private Life of a Girl”, I’ve oddly enough been somewhat focused into building a standout minimal wardrobe. I’ll admit that some of this might be in place to facilitate maximum beauty-related spending, but I haven’t always been minimal about fashion-related purchases but I think it can be the best way too go as too much doesn’t add to a wardrobe but rather detracts from it. Last Monday, when that impromptu shopping trip occurred, I picked up two staple pieces of what I imagine to be my capsule wardrobe and they didn’t break the bank either so I have to share.

The Lightweight & Breezy Slipdress: American Eagle ‘Don’t Ask Why’ Slip Dress ($35 CDN)
When I spotted it in the store, after being away for a while — I somehow seem to have a whole lot of American Eagle in my wardrobe — the first thing that crossed my mind was that it appeared to be going for that Brandy Melville thing with its one size fits all nonsense. The second thing that crossed my mind was that I had to have it pronto as it was that perfect effortless dress that I had been yearning after for ages. American Eagle does summer dresses well and the lightweight and slightly sheer fabric of this one is particularly noteworthy for the hot weather we’ve been having lately. As mentioned above, the effortless feel of this dress ensures that it can be worn with simply a bandeau etc. underneath through the summer and will work in cooler weather layered with warmer pieces. It is the most comfortable dress ever which is also rather nice.

The Luxe Basic: Club Monaco Patrizia Top ($49 from 119 – 30% off sale promotion)
Club Monaco is that store that I can spend hours in longingly staring at the clothes as my bank balance shudders so when I’m actively not trying to spend money, I force myself away, however I was shopping with the lovely and amusing Lauren and she wanted to have a peep inside because she has actual money to spend with her two jobs and there was a sale going on – all items that were already reduced were further reduced by 30% off. With a why not attitude, I scoured the racks and was determined to try on this cream-coloured t-shirt with long sleeves, made from the tricot material that is slightly clingy in a flattering way — it skims loosely — with chiffon attached at the hem. In some ways it’s just a nice t-shirt but the chiffon detailing makes it really stand out to me but at the same time it won’t clash with anything. I swear, their t-shirts are magical; I can’t explain it. It’s also the lightest weight ever and therefore versatile.

So here is my first actual style-based post as promised ages ago. Did you like this change of pace? What have you picked up recently?
Maggie, x.

Weekly Medley #16

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(1) the lazy Saturday face (2) the obligatory self-promotion: “An Affordable Curly-Hair Styling Duo” (3) I think I might love my Rimmel foundations a wee bit (4) “I went in for one thing and came out with 7 – whoops” (5) attempt to photograph OPI Tickle My France-y involving hardcore yoga balancing (6) slightly more successful nail photo (7) OMG I bought clothes

Being my ever-so-slightly wordy English major self, I tend to abhor the whole institution of using words such as blah and like frequently to describe events and the like, even on my little beauty corner on the internet but despite having a few days to mull it over, I cannot come up with a more articulate yet accurate way to describe my week. This was one of those typical Spring weeks of constant rain and unappealing weather outside and a constant feeling of grogginess — in other words this was one of those dull blah kind of weeks when the days kind of passed into a blur. I wasn’t doing nothing all week but I’m definitely more than aware that I was not being as productive as I should. Story of my life, honestly. On a more positive note, I was adequately consistent on the posting front, getting out six posts in the last week and I was pleased with them overall. It’s nice to be satisfied with your blogging week even when your actual week might have left much to be desired – in my view, at least.

If you’re someone who has a love/hate relationship with shopping, where it can uplift your mood and spirits until that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach of buyers remorse like me, days when you head out expecting to pick one thing up and then ending up with at least ten your bank account reads at least $100 dollars lower are neither wholly exciting or wholly torturous. This happened midway through the week for me but in my defense my purchases were practical things rather than of the more frivolous kind and there was loads of sale action happening. And shocker I picked up three pieces of clothing because American Eagle was having one of those buy one get one for blah-blah-blah kind of promotions and was offering their clearance items for additional ridiculous savings. I’m pleased with both the beauty items and the fashion items that I picked up and do not regret picking them up or curse the Canadian return policy on drugstore cosmetics.

I’m not one to end up losing makeup in a permanent way — most often misplaced items can be quickly found my searching underneath my bed or emptying out my purse– but when I actually was without my Revlon Lacquer Balm in Enticingfor a good month, I realized how great the comfortable and easy dark red was in the balm-y formula so I had to replace the one I lost when Revlon lip products were on for 25% off. However, I did not think that along with this necessary purchase would be another six items but it happened nevertheless… I won’t get all focused in on the details now as I’m planning on doing a collective thoughts kind of post in a week or two after trying the products – thoughts? So, I lied and being proud that I nabbed these practical purchases at somewhat of a discounted price and thinking that any of you fellow Canadians might be able to hit up Lawton’s to join in on the same deal- if it’s still on – I thought I would give you a rundown of the products I picked up and the price that I paid for them: Revlon Lacquer Balm in Enticing/Vivacious ($7.46), Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara in Blackest Black ($7.46), Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel in 210 Casino Lights ($5.99), L’Oreal Super Liner Brow Artist in Blonde ($7.99), Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat ($7.49) and La Roche-Posay Rosaliac AR Intense Anti-Redness Intensive Serum ($26.40).

Although I must admit their colour range does leave much to be desired, I have to say that I’m a huge fan of Rimmel’s foundations — they are on the more affordable side of the drugstore variety, neither dry out or irritate the rather fragile skin on my face and come in fairer shades with warm undertones that fall on the more yellow-toned side of things. It is by no means a new development that I’m loving my Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation – I’ve quite possibly rambled on about my love for this product more than any other product on here but after not loving it on my skin after I had that exam-period blemish problem last month as the teensy bit of shimmer can highlight imperfections slightly – but I’m also loving my newly purchased Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse foundation so in the last week or two I’ve been switching between the two and out of my love for both have had a hard time picking which foundation to go for. As I’ve said before, the Stay Matte isn’t all that matte or shine-controlling but it offers excellent coverage in a weightless cream kind of formula that can be blended seamlessly into the skin and does not cling to dry patches it seems. I should mention that the second offering is appealingly budget-friendly and appears to come in lighter shades so its a great one for the fairer skinned but if you’re anything more than tanned it might not be such a great option.

How was your week?

Maggie, x.





Three Things


I apologize for the sheer abundance of rambly posts where I complain about some of the school-related woes that I have to overcome but it’s all that seems to cross my mind these days, however I often astound myself with my ability to procrastinate from the pressure of accomplishment itself. Somehow this is how a good number of my blog posts come to be. Hmmmm.
evidence of incompetency
evidence of incompetency (read below)

Why don’t I ever talk about anything fashion related here? Well, it’s not out of a lack of interest and that’s for certain; I’m someone who attempts to look somewhat pulled together but comfort is key in my world so sometimes (err most of the time) it just does not happen and in all honesty I’m a mediocre photographer at best and therefore impaired at taking nice style shots and the like. I’m willing to make an exception for this infinity scarf that I picked up from American Eagle a few months back for around $35 CDN and have been obsessed with ever since. I love infinity scarves and this one combines my love for fair-isle, looking festive and cozy while still looking presentable and polished.


To be honest, it sort of astounds me that the NARS Golshan Satin Lip Pencil ($30 CDN) doesn’t get more love and mention from me here. I’ve been so close to including it in a few recent favourites posts yet I’ve found myself restraining from doing so because it’s not exactly something that I reach for day after day as it’s such a full-on shade. But, oh man, is the formula of the shade gorgeous – it glides over dry patches like a dream and leaves the perfect deep wine colour on the lips that lasts without requiring loads of maintenance. I’m going to be sad when spring truly comes and it will be no longer acceptable to wear the shade….

I gave the Marc Jacobs Beauty Starlet Palette ($71) a glowing review earlier in January and featured it in a few other posts but it’s something that I have mixed feelings about as an all-inclusive palette. The seven metallic shades are interesting offerings for a neutral palette and are fantastic quality shades but I don’t necessarily believe that it offers a variety of cohesive everyday looks on its own exactly. I had taken a break from using the luxurious palette for a bit but I dug it out today and was glad that I did. I did add my eyebrow shade, MAC Coquette, in the crease for some depth but still the champagne on the lid with the dark bronzy shade in the outer corner is a winning laid-back combination in my eyes.

I fear I must get back to digging through articles, researching for the essay that’s killing me (it’s a philosophy one) and making some headway actually writing my paper. What have you been loving in the last little bit? Any thoughts on the products I mentioned?

Maggie, x.