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While in my experience it is crucial to write unique content to your aesthetic, it can be fine to follow the herd at other times, especially ones like this one where it feels authentic; without futher ado, I’m jumping onto the bandwagon with my first ever cliched ‘Weekend Wishlist’. Keep on reading if you’d like to hear my latest musings about this edited selection of items that I’m lusting over at the moment…

1.Nuxe Reve De Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm ($19) 

The Nuxe balm is one of those products that are constantly raved about by other bloggers with supposedly similar lip concerns as mine but it’s something that I’ve always passed off as purely hype but when I was strolling around the large Shopper’s Drugmart in downtown Halifax, I spotted the balm and gave the tester a try on the back of my hand. I was impressed with how rich the translucent matte balm felt instantly and I’ve got my eye on this one now. I have reeeeeeally dry, sensitive and chapped lips, if you weren’t already aware and I’m always searching for a cure, or at the very least a product that works rather well.

2. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita ($30)

I’ve been on a NARS kick lately (and loving it) and I’ve had my eye on this deep rosy hue for ages  so it only seems prudent to include this one here. I haven’t tried the velvet matte lip pencils yet but I have tried the Satin formulation and I want to try more. I’ve been really into these your-lips-but-deeper shades that instantly make you look less dead but aren’t too over the top and this one seems to be the quintessential autumnal shade.

3. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush ($41)

I’m fairly certain that I included the Diffused Heat shade in my last wishlist post and I haven’t since indulged in a second shade of the luxurious blush range but I figure that since I just bought another coral blush, I should have my eye on one in this range that is at least slightly different than my 383 coral blushes. Luminous Flush is described as a “champagne rose” and from what I’ve heard the description is apt, being a more glowing warm rosy shade. I am aware of my blush problem, if you were wondering.

4. H&M Powder Oversized Jumper ($19.95)

I absolutely adore these lightweight and relaxed sweaters — in fact, they are a wardrobe staple — and I loved the pale blush-hued lettering on this one. It seems to tick all of the other boxes too, being very affordable and having the bold lettering graphic. A sweater like this, skinny jeans or leggings and a slouchy scarf are the main components of my quintessential fall outfits.

5. MUJI 5 Drawers Acrylic Case ($27.95)

Given how horrifically cliched the inclusion of the typical makeup storage is here, I’m doubtful that much of an explanation is required. Even after looking around for a local and more affordable storage option, I’ve come up with nothing and am seriously considering paying the monstrous shipping rate and ordering from the storage experts themselves. It’s funny how I used to laugh at those who got excited over beauty storage but now seem to be turning into someone who spends time researching makeup storage. If any of you have used Muji storage, let me know if its worthwhile below – please?

6. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Powder Pink ($32)

Again, I’m emphasizing my awareness of my teeny-tiny blush buying problem. Lately I’ve been really enjoying the natural-looking luminosity that cream blushes bring to the cheeks and this multi-purpose formula instantly came to my mind as an option; they’re not overly pricy and they go gorgeously onto the cheeks and lips. I already have the much warmer and deeper Rose shade (which I love) and this lighter/brighter warm pink shade seemed right up my street. Plus, it’s not even coral…

7. NARS Radiant Cream Foundation in Fiji ($43)

My foundation obsession slash buying problem might just rival my blush one but this product is actually one that I’ve sampled for a good amount of time and believe to be worth the money. The cream texture feels lightweight on the skin, doesn’t highlight dry patches and provides a gorgeous luminosity to the skin while offering good medium-plus coverage. Somehow this manages to perfect the skin without giving that dull mask-like effect in the slightest. Although Punjab is a better match for me now when I have a bit of colour, Fiji seems to be a better match for me throughout the year with it’s peachy-beige undertones. I can definitely see this foundation as a staple in the cooler months, but I’ve been using my sample in the hot weather and it works well too.

8. Dior Star Fluid Foundation in 20 Light Beige ($58)

So I need another foundation like I need a hole in my head but when I heard about Dior’s new foundation offering and it’s alcohol-free ingredient list, I was instantly intrigued. Dior has impressed me before with the Diorskin Nude foundation so when I heard of their new brightening and illuminating foundation and read the impressive ingredient list, I knew that I at least had to try it. It also helps that I’ve heard great things about this one, being all illuminating and skin-like and all that jazz. It shall be mine.

9. Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel Exfoliant ($24)

Despite not trying her actual line of products, I have been listening to her product recommendations for over a year now and have watched my skin improve so naturally I’ve been curious about her affordable but effective product line and given my love of well-formulated alcohol-free chemical exfoliants, this brightening daily formula was an obvious contender.

10. Citizens of Humanity Avedon Ultra Skinny Jeans ($209)

Even as I type the words into the keys of my laptop, I can scarcely believe that I am seriously including a two hundred dollar pair of jeans in one of my realistic wishlist but nevertheless here I am, doing this. Last year, I picked up a pair of these jeans for less than half of the retail price in a plum colour and fell in love –they suck in the stomach like nothing else, make the butt look less flat and are comfortable to boot — and I’d love to snap up another pair in a more traditional hue if the price was right. These skinny jeans are magical on my thin and stick-like legs slash rather nonexistent butt —if you know me in real life, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

11. Nude Skincare Miracle Mask ($60)

It was not intentional in the least, but it does seem rather fitting that both skincare products mentioned are brightening options, loaded with AHA’s. The one, however, it significantly more expensive but what others have said in praise of this one and the ingredient list make it into a promising option; it’s an exfoliating treatment with gentle rice powder along with the chemical exfoliants in mask form that is meant to combat dullness and an uneven skin tone. In my experience, AHA’s have done all of these things and more for my skin so I’m always up for trying more.

What products are topping your wishlist at the moment?

Maggie, x.

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