Weekly Medley #33


1. The necessary tools for surviving a Monday, even if it’s the first authentic one you’ve had in ages… The friend that allows you to cry about your life to and make inappropriate jokes to without judgment is not shown, but there nevertheless. Anyways, if you’re ever in Halifax (yes in the Canadian Maritimes) and you’re into that whole cafe situation, I highly recommend Coburg Coffee. Their food in general, and in particular their breakfast bagels are also fantastic.

2. The post that had me genuinely hysterical… Vanessa, a fellow Canadian, shares my sense of humour apparently and had me keeled over with her ‘Some (Sarcastic) Tips to Become a Popular Blogger’ over at Citron & Guavaberry.

3. The product that you need in your life if the first words you’d use to describe your legs/arms/other body part would be itchy, eczema-ridden, dry and/or scarred… Like pretty much any product in existence, the La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP will make patches with open abrasions burn but it doesn’t have any irritating ingredients and actually works to help prevent itchiness and other nastiness in the future, with its high niacinamide content. It also absorbs in seconds, working without that greasy residue.

4. Charlotte Tilbury lusting reignited… I had just about given up on trying the legendary makeup artists beauty line because (a) I have no income and (b) it’s not impossible to get her products shipped to Canada, but it’s ridiculously ridiculously monstrously expensive but when I saw Allana haul some of her treasures from Beautylish and say that they waved the $20 shipping fee from her first order, I was excited. As much as I’d love the Filmstar Bronze & Glow, the price-tag is a little steep by any stretch of the imagination, especially compared to other treasures like the Dolce Vita Luxury Palette.

5. Favourite overall makeup face and photo of the week… I’m not in love with the whole yellow undereyes situation which I have to blame on my laziness — I was lazy and attempted to use my face concealer underneath my eyes. I’m wearing the gorgeous L’Oreal Ginger Pop Glossy Balm, Bourjois Sweet Cherry Cream Blush, Smashbox Cherry Smokes Eyeshadow Palette and the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. I’m somewhat partial to my hair as well here, so yay.

6. One moisturizer finished … I mentioned this already but I was a good little beauty-obsessed individual and actually used up a product before moving onto the closest light-reflective object. T’was nice but not life-changing enough to repurchase, in short.

7. My ‘Project 10 Pan’ post… Not only was I a fan of how this post turned out but I also have been enjoying the whole committing to use up products thing and not buying as many things endlessly. Woo.

8. A final moment of shameless self-promotion … Not only was I pleased with actually getting an actual product review out there, I was particularly happy with how it turned out and the photos that went with it. And, I kind of love the product in itself, the MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick.

In case you didn’t notice, I tried something a little different for this week’s round-up and I’m feeling the less-focused informal style. I haven’t been back to university for an entire week yet but I’m already bogged down with readings and that all that accompanying fatigue already. I’ll stop crying about my life now. Erm, let’s just say that Fall doesn’t appear to have begun here by any means and it’s been so very hot hot hot here. I swear to god I’ve slept in a sports bra and short shorts above the covers and still have been dying of heat. I’m not meant for a hot-climate obviously.

How was your week?
Maggie, x.

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