Thoughts (and Updates) on Makeup Acquisitions


This morning, after I rolled around groggily and developed the capacity for coherent thought, it dawned on me that I wanted to write a post different than the one I had planned. From playing with makeup in the last little while, I had thoughts that I wanted to share on a multitude of different products, both ones that haven’t been mentioned much before and those that are regularly featured around these parts, without committing to the formality and conclusiveness of a traditional review. And I was feeling in a chatty mood – or is it type-y? I’m not in love with the title of this post either, if you were cringing along with me.


Smashbox Cherry Smokes Photo-Op Eyeshadow Palette ($44)

I actually had gone back to Shopper’s Drugmart, where I purchased this in the first place and I would have returned it if it hadn’t been such a hassle to do so but regardless, this is a lovely autumnal-themed palette. As for the individual shadows, they are creamy and uber-pigmented but it has to be noted that their powdery texture should inspire caution because there disasters can easily come awry with the fallout situation. My issue with the palette is that it doesn’t contain all of my essential daily shades — it does have some nice shimmery lid shades and some matte shades but it would greatly benefit from a lighter shimmery highlight/lid shade and a nice light brown shade for use through the crease and blending. With this complaint aside, the eight shades found within this palette are a nice mix of cool and warm tones that are unique and interesting yet neutral shades. None of the shades in the palette are anything less than poor but unfortunately the least fabulous is the matte reddish brown – which is still good but a wee bit dry and more difficult to blend than the others. The black is bloody amazing, though.

Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow in 734 Grege ($61)

Speaking of palettes, this one remains being a staple in my routine with its small selection of essential everyday shades and impeccable quality; they’re pigmented, long-lasting and blenable with the least fallout out of any shadows that I have ever tried. Even though this quint really does not seem exciting in the slightest, it really is one that should be more compelling. The cool-toned deep brown works effectively to deepen the crease and it also works to fill in my eyebrows, if used with a light hand, the satiny caramel shade fits the bill for use as a transition colour or a standard shadow for the crease, there’s a nice shimmery highlight shade as well and there’s a nice defining shade along with one for the lids. While this palette functions nicely on it’s own, my experience has taught me that it’s also a good one to use with other shadows that are missing the essentials.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Smooth-Effect Makeup ($48)

Before you give into the urge and roll your eyes at me for talking yet again about a product that I’ve been nothing short of confessing my love for since picking it up as a birthday gift for myself back in June, hear me out. I still love this foundation for all of its virtues but seeing as my skin has been on the drier state of things as of late, with dry patches and some of the expected flakiness, so I thought I would give an update on how the velvety foundation would fare with the drier skin, seeing as I’ve been experiencing dryness and a definite introduction to autumnal weather. The formula can show the more severe dry patches but still, I wouldn’t say that it highlights them but more than this, it doesn’t highlight or show skin texture issues in a way that is helpful when I’m on the drier side of things. It’s not necessarily going to perform quite as well on my skin in the colder months, but I still expect it to be one that I frequently reach for. It’s lightweight luminosity manages to really flatter dull dehydrated skin and it can definitely sit nicer on skin with a little bit of extra help on the hydration front or with a luminizing primer such as the Annabelle Luminous Finish Colour Control Instant Perfecting Base. Again, I emphasize that it doesn’t belong with the camp of hideous foundations on dry skin.

 Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette ($67)

I’ve given my thoughts on this gorgeous trio of the supposedly air-brushing powders in a rather comprehensive manner before and have thrown in a few updates before but here I am, adding a few more thoughts. I’m still feeling equally as impressed with the first two shades of the palette — Incandescent Light as an opalescent subtle highlighter and Dim Light as a nice blurring powder — but I have actually ventured into using the darker golden Radiant Light shade and have been using it often. This shade neither works as a traditional highlighter or bronzer in a way that I love, but I’ve found it stunning when used as a glowy ‘blush’ when I’m not going for a ‘blushy’ look. There’s something about wearing this on the cheeks that makes you look glowy and a bit more golden.

L’Oreal Glossy Balm in Ginger Candy ($9-11)

I somehow hadn’t noticed this until now, but it appears that I like these balm pencil style products, especially from the more affordable brands but I might like this formula and shade the most. They have all of the positive traits of the Revlon Lacquer Balms but they don’t have that mintiness to them — my lips might be rejoicing — and there’s even less of that sparkle going on. I picked up this shade without thinking about the shade and I automatically gravitated towards this gorgeous warm-toned darker peachy nude, that strikes me as one of those flattering no-fuss shades, and I have to say that it’s like MAC Patisserie Lipstick in more than just function and practicality – it’ a slightly peachier version of my favourite MAC lipstick. This has found its home in my bag, but has also frequently seen the light of day. I don’t regret this purchase in the slightest.


Have you tried any of these products?
Maggie, x.



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