October Favourites


I must say that while I’m not the biggest fan of the large volume of tasks and the associated stresses that October has brought, I do absolutely adore that whole cozy laid-back feel that has come over us all with the cooling weather – that I love, being someone who is always warm and detests being in such a state. I’ve also rather enjoyed having the justification to burn candles and being able to wear cozy sweaters and this can be easily found in my favourites.

Aldo Lazares Satchel ($60)

I will admit that because I’ve been loving this colour-blocked crossbody bag so much on a daily basis this month, I’m afraid it is not in the most immaculate shape and I’m both sorry and not for that. It’s not real leather or anything but I find Aldo quality to be pretty good for resisting wear and I’ve enjoyed carrying this bag around because it’s not too out there but looks stylish (IMO) and it fits my laptop and a nice amount of other stuff inside it without any sort of difficulty.

Gap Drop-Shoulder Sweater in Mushroom ($54.95)

I have been similarly obsessed with this lightweight but warm slouchy sweater that I picked up at the same time as the bag, for not entirely different reasons – it’s practical in terms of comfort and whatnot and I think it looks much more pulled together than the usual alternatives. It is not itchy which I rather like and I find the slouchy silhouette suits my typical leggings and rather slim-fitting jeans, plus I’m having a love affair with the grey hue. I’ve worn this sweater as often as would be seen socially acceptable and then some.

Bath & Body Works Flannel Mini Candle ($5)

I was indeed distraught contemplating whether to include this one in this months post, not because I was not loving it immensely throughout the month (even above other candles as I was in the candle burning mood) but instead because Bath & Body Works apparently decided to get rid of it when their Winter candles came out – I found this out the hard way. Alas, I’ve been loving burning this quite musky somewhat-masculine scent that has this pleasing fresh undercurrent to it that somehow reads as unisex and enticing. It’s like Mahogany Teakwood without the woodsy element but might perhaps make me feel even more relaxed. It should be noted that it kind of smells like an attractive male who might be wearing flannel.1

Phillipa Gregory ‘The White Queen’ ($14-19)

Thanks to picking up this book again and rereading it, I’ve fallen back into the habit of reading for fun – shock horror – and have been enjoying it tremendously. It has that accurate historical spin that leaves you reeling paired with good writing and an astonishing lack of clichéd-ness – certainly not a word I’m aware…

DiorSkin Star Fluid Foundation ($50)

We’re coming to the final stretch of this favourites segment and I promise the rest are all products of the beauty variety and I can say with absolute certainty that this one has earned the top spot. I’ve been wearing this pretty much exclusively since picking it up a month ago and it has quickly earned its place among my top favourite foundations. It somehow manages to impress me despite its otherworldly claims and hype, bringing that luminosity and texture-concealing factor that I’m looking for with ridiculous longevity and impressive coverage at the same time.

It’s not quite like my sheerer luminous foundations in the sense that it looks 100% like bare skin – it is hardly detectable on the skin unless your looking for it – and is the most flattering on moderately dry patches and textured areas. Plus, I love that this foundation is lightweight and hydrating, formulated without irritating alcohols; I believe this is what allows my skin to not look a bit dull and dehydrated as the day goes on but rather luminous and all that jazz. There will be a review in the near future and it will be glowing.

MAC Powder Blush in Style ($21/26)

Although I seem to have had taken quite a break from my usual obsessive chronicling of blushes in recent favourites, I promise that I’m here again in my typical fashion to ramble on about my current obsession. This month I’ve fallen in love with this peachier coral with the most gorgeous gold sheen to it and I’m not even going to apologize for being consistent with my year-round coral blush loving. It’s life. Plus my palette is out to get me and won’t let me get the pan out.

Indeed Laboratories Facial Powdered Exfoliator ($29.99)

I’ve been enjoying this fruit acid packed powder exfoliant for a few months but I’ve been relying on it 2-3 times a week in the last month or so because it’s delivered on the brightening front, rescuing my skin from dullness, especially coming with the cooler weather.

L’Oreal EverCreme Intense Nourishing Shampoo ($9-10)

I finally succumbed to the hype of this sulfate-free affordable shampoo and I couldn’t be more pleased with myself. It cleans the hair effectively but gently and doesn’t cause any adverse effects such as tangling up my hair or weighing it down and comes awfully close to my favourite Pureology shampoo. It also smells delicious.

Garnier Deconstructed Texture Tease ($7-8)

Especially when I’ve been touching up my natural waves after day or two of wear by adding some curl with my straightener, I’ve been enjoying liberally spraying my hair with this texturizing and volumizing spray. I tend to lean upside down and work it into the roots of my hair in that position and it works to add instant volume that doesn’t fall after five measly minutes. It adds a fair bit of grittiness so it’s not one that I would recommend to anyone who loves that clean soft feeling in their hair.

 What were you loving this month?
Maggie, x.

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