The Review: Beyond The Zone Noodle Head Curl Boosting Spray


I really had the intent of putting up this post yesterday as my third one of the school-week (as promised) but that whole essay that I had to finish had gotten in the way and I had the rare blessing to have an actual nice well-needed nap and it was definitely put out of the question. Alas, here I come providing you all with a review of a product of the hair variety, significantly less sleep-deprived than I have been in ages.

I’m not fortunate enough to have hair that will hold its intended shape during the day, let alone after a night of sleeping on it but I’m not one to wash my hair any more than twice a week, therefore I’m looking for something to refresh my hair daily after it’s been slept on and this product that I picked up from Sally’s Beauty Supply has fit the bill like I had hoped. The Beyond The Solution Noodle Head Curl Boosting Spray ($6.99) does what it promises, – but perhaps with a little more effort and more product used than I might prefer – acts as a styling spray to revive lifeless curls, adding bounce to natural curls without any stickiness and giving them shape and separation along with light hold, anti-frizz protection and some shine. The only problem I have with this is that I would say that it can feel stiff in the hair before it has completely dried and it requires me at least to section through my hair and spray a great deal of the product through with precision. Nevertheless, I’m a fan of the stuff and would recommend it to others with a similar hair predicament.

Ingredient-wise, I’m rather impressed with the stuff. I could do without the silicones, but at least they are of the water-soluble kind and I have to admit that they can create a nice smoothing effect onto the hair but I rather enjoy the nice concentration of protein in the ingredients list along with some oil. I should note that my wavy curls thrive with some protein but I’m aware that others do not, so I would definitely bear that in mind when considering this product. I would chalk the instant vitality that this spray adds to the hair down to the nice protein content that in my view is impressive for a product of this price, especially without being laden with drying alcohols too.

To reiterate, I’ve been enjoying using this spray to refresh my hair and keep it refreshed with the hold it provides, but there are a few drawbacks, the heaviness that it can initially leave in the hair after application, the amount of product required to refresh my hefty head of hair and its inability to add volume to the hair in the vein that texturizing sprays and dry shampoos do.


Have you tried any products from Sally’s that you would recommend?
Maggie, x.

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