The Best Detangling Implement Ever

DSC_1235DSC_1239I never thought that I would ever write a post dedicated to a hair detangling implement, but at the same time if there’s someone who is going to wax poetically on about a detangling device, having quite possibly the world’s most tangly hair, I would make a likely candidate. I’m talking about the seemingly basic and surprisingly affordable Conair Shower Comb ($3-5), everyone.

As I’ve said numerous times before, I have hair that’s on the curlier end of the spectrum and I’m definitely not someone who can brush through their hair daily and wear it afterwards and I wash my hair maybe twice a week, so I’m expecting a lot from my brush. Even after being careful, my mass of hair is always left with severe knots that must be dealt with and this is no easy feat to accomplish – however, this comb does the best job with the least effort.

I will admit that this comb is not the best for smoothing through the entire head a few times daily/quickly but it’s definitely the best brush or comb for dealing with severe knots efficiently. I would describe this ‘shower comb’ as essentially your regular wide tooth comb with bristly bits ended at the bottom of the teeth for added intensity. Although its particularly convenient for use in the shower with its hooked shape, I find this also ideal for use on dry hair before I shower and whatnot. It’s particularly amazing in the shower, though.

Do you have any tangly hair recommendations to share?
Maggie, x.

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