The Review: Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle in Raspberry/Opal


Being the blush lover and hoarder that I am, I was ecstatic to take advantage of November’s ‘Sephora VIB Sale‘ to pick up two blushes that I had been lusting after for months with the discounted price as justification. Now, I’ve been using both blushes a great deal and have been loving both tremendously – spoiler alert – so its about due time to get off my ass and start writing detailed posts on the loved products. The Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle in Raspberry/Opal ($33) is a whipped texture cream blush that has the easiest texture to work with out of any cream-textured blush that I’ve ever tried, blending expertly into the skin with a dab of the fingers. The blush is housed into a compact silver pot but surprisingly does contain 0.20 ounces of product, which is a nice amount.

The basic premise of this range of blushes is that they combine their Beach Tints with their famous Shimmering Skin Perfectors within the mousse product, in a way that is very reminiscent of Hourglass’s aims with their Ambient Lighting Blushes, but instead of re-creating ideal lighting conditions the shades, these pots add more obvious glow, being swirled with a more overt highlighter than Hourglass’s counterparts. More specifically, Becca markets these souffle blushes as the fusion of four different textures, “a powder to add a pop of colour, a stain to give staying power, an illuminating highlighter and a cream for a flawless finish” intended to provide flattering buildable colour with a youthful glow and soothing hydration. I would agree with these claims even though they are, as expected slightly hyberbolic. Without having any obvious shimmer in the pot, – contrary to how the flash picture below might suggest – the muted berry shade offers the most intense natural luminosity to the skin that actually does replace the need for highlighter with its champagne glow that it adds. Although I would agree with the longevity of the formula, this shade at least, begins rather sheer – which makes for a much more foolproof application – but can be built up in the nicest way. Believe it or not, I might actually find these nice and hydrating and not irritating in the least, along with being flattering on those unsightly dry patches that I’m prone to at this time of the year.

Despite how the online images seem to suggest that the Raspberry/Opal is one of the bolder offerings of the line, the warm-toned muted berry is nothing to fear even with those of fair complexions so I wouldn’t be frightened of the colour if you are on the fence. I would say that they wear for around eight hours before beginning to fade but again, I have easy skin for face products to stick to. I’m definitely interested in trying another shade in the line but I think I’m even more impressed by the glow-factor of this product and therefore am most tempted by the allure of Becca’s famous Shimmering Skin Perfectors. In a nutshell, I love the glow and ease of this blush, along with how flattering and unique the muted berry tone is across the board.

DSC_0192Recently Updated49I would appreciate it if you would ignore the random flashed-induced shine patch to the right above my eyebrow – seriously, it is irritating me beyond words. Have you tried anything from Becca?
Maggie, x.

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