Five Things (to Try): Winter Essentials

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Being as clueless as I am with photography, I’ve been rather pleased with my efforts as of late – so I’m not going to ruin that by taking dodgy photos simply because sunlight is not on my side. My apologies for using the general pictures I found available on the internet. It’s been some time since I’ve done any of these posts including my product loves and recommendations on a specific theme and it’s definitely been a trying time, being just so cold and snowy as of late so it’s rather appropriate. And it’s high time for me to share some of my winter weather favourites!

Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia ($2.99)

You might be aware that regardless of the season that I’m someone with dry and chapped lips problem but I’m sure as many of you have experienced yourself, I’ve experienced the dryness and irritation magnified with the subzero temperatures, blizzards and the like; this affordable balm is a fabulous antidote or fixer. The formula is kind of greasy, with loads of shea butter and mineral oil to latch onto the dry patches and soothe them immediately and can leave a milky cast that is less than flattering and not ideal for use before lipstick application. I tend to have issues with fragranced lip balms irritating my lips but this one does not in the slightest – and more impressively I actually love the warm vanilla scent.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask ($29) | review

In the same vein, harsher winters like we experience in eastern Canada leads to increased facial dehydration and seems to bring on the dry patches, even if you don’t classify yourself as someone with particularly dry skin as I tend to. I think a nice way to combat this dryness and increased dehydration is to add a more intensive moisturizing treatment at nighttime at the very least a few times per week. For me this overnight hydrating mask fits the bill, with a thick shea-butter-based texture that works to soothe the skin and more dramatically adding intense hydration, while still remaining lightweight and fast-absorbing on the skin. The only negative of this product is the added fragrance and essential oils so if I’m experiencing more severe irritation or sensitivity, I will go for the The Body Shop Aloe Protective Restoring Mask.

Pixi Beauty Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach ($12)

There’s something about winter that tends to amplify just how tired you – your eyes specifically – look and any sort of dryness in the general area and this creamy but corrective formula works nicely to mask deep dark circles while still blending seamlessly into skin regardless of its condition. Although its irritating that the affordable concealer only comes in one brightening shade, it’s rather impressive just how comparable it is to higher end correctors such as the Bobbi Brown Corrector that I adore.

MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder ($31) | review

Most of us likely are no stranger to the idea of switching up our products seasonally but I doubt that many of us have considered switching out the setting powder in our routines. Even if you’re drier skinned as I am, a bit of setting powder can be nice to add longevity and cancel out any sort of subtle unsightly shine but when you’re on the drier side of things, there isn’t anything attractive about the dry powdery look that traditional formulas can contain. Regardless of where you fall on the oil production spectrum, I would recommend trying out this non-powdery powder because it does everything that a powder should do without making you look completely matte and flat or emphasizing any sort of dryness. While the powder is not translucent, I would not expect much coverage from the product – I would consider it to have light coverage at most.

Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle in Raspberry/Opal ($33) | review

In the dead of winter, my cheeks can get rather dry – they are and have always been the area of my face the most prone to dryness – and my skin gets incredibly pale, drained and dull so I’m expecting an awful lot out of a blush — something with a smooth formula that glides over less than ideal skin and that adds that instant glow. An excellent one is this foolproof mousse-y formula with the muted berry tint and that champagne glow that makes the skin instantly look less dead.

What are your current seasonal staples?
Maggie, x.


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