Another Weekday Wishlist

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With the first month of 2015 passing by with great speed, I figured it was time for another wishlist…


  • NARS Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte ($37)

This has to be the least unexpected item in this list, as everyone and their pet iguana has raved about the formula and sleek magnetic packaging of these pricy – even for NARS – lipsticks and I’ve mentioned my interest in the ‘nude rose’ shade before, but after I tried on this shade of the lipstick at Sephora yesterday and fell in love, I knew it could not be resisted. The only thing that stopped me from grabbing it and leaving the store was the fact that the shade appeared to be sold out, much to my disappointment. It has a nice cream finish, is moisturizing and flattering and wore for an impressive time, staining the lips with its flattering rosy tone.

  • Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Taupe ($23)

This gel-pomade formula brow product has also had a great deal of buzz since appearing on the market and I included it in my last wishlist post, but even though I haven’t gone and picked up the product yet, despite enjoying my sample of it tremendously and not wanting to run out of it. I enjoy the very ashy colour and even though I would be expected to go with a darker shade, I’ve been enjoying this to control my crazy brows while giving them so shape without necessarily having to go insane or unnatural in the slightest. This is another product that I shall indulge in.

  • Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster ($48)

With my interest in skincare in the last couple of months – and more plausibly – I’ve been wanting to try out a serum that would be gentle, effective and most of all be relatively inexpensive and affordable and I’ve been wanting to venture out of using an oil product during that stage as a substitute. This nicely formulated potent Vitamin C product appears to tick off all of the boxes, formulated with zero irritants and many soothing ingredients outside of the wonder antioxidant that promises to even skin-tone, protect against environmental damage, brighten and smooth the skin.

  • Mink Pink Um Yay Sweater ($78)

If you know me in real life you might be aware of three things: that I live for these kinds of comfy slouchy sweaters, I absolutely love these kinds of word-graphic tees and such and that I find myself often saying ‘yay’ in my usual flat monotone-come-sarcastic voice. This is quite expensive but I’ve seen it in passing a few times and have gazed at it longingly. Note: the image is taken from

  • Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Liberte ($39)

I’m suddenly realizing that I should have prefaced this post with the warning that I would be writing on and on about the expensive lip products that I’m lusting after because I’m currently in a lip-product addicted state, tending towards the expensive. You may know that I tried my first Chanel lip product last week, the Rouge Double Intensite in Darling Pink and since I’ve had such an amazing experience with that formula, my interest has peaked in other Chanel formulas. The lipstick in question has a sheerer balm-like texture in a muted peach-tinged coral hue that will be nice to transition into those seasons that actually involve seeing the sun looming ahead.

What items are on your wishlist currently?
Maggie, x.

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