The Review: NYX Butter Lipstick in Licorice

DSC_0202DSC_0206DSC_0210Beauty-wise, one of my greatest irritations of living in Canada is just how long it can take for drugstore products to emerge here after they have come to the US and Nyx is perhaps the worst drugstore brand for this in my experience – I’m not even getting into the ridiculous price inflation between here and the States. After checking my local drugstores that sell Nyx and Target ever since these creamy lipsticks were launched in January of last year, I finally spotted them right before Christmas at my Target and I couldn’t resist picking up the NYX Butter Lipstick in Licorice ($8.99 CDN), the darkest shade in the range. It’s definitely a vampy shade, leaning on the bordeaux side of things, a blackened berry sort of shade with a bit of red to it that makes it easier for me to wear than more plum-based shades.

As the formula promises, the lipstick is (somewhat) hydrating with a creamy texture and a satin or cream finish; the texture is lightweight, the pigment is impressively opaque and I would agree with the claim that it is longwearing. However, because this lipstick is so creamy, it has to remain on the lips without eating or drinking for a while to set on the lips, or it will just rub off because of their texture – after that, it will stain the lips and last through some eating and drinking for five hours or so. As a word of caution, I’m not certain that this formula would be long-wearing or as pigmented in a paler shade, especially considering that I’ve heard mixed things about the lighter shades in the line. In this colour, Licorice, though I feel confident to say that the lipstick reminds me of MAC Amplified Creme lipsticks in the best possible way. The formula is flattering and suitable to wear even on chapped lips with some drier patches going on and it feels pleasingly balmy on the lips.

There’s no way of getting around the truth that this is quite the bold statement colour, but I will emphasize that it’s not the most frightening of these vampy options and that my favourite way to wear this shade is in the daytime with a lower key outfit and subdued makeup rather than in the evening as a general rule. It’s lovely for nights out and all that jazz, though – I just tend to be too messy of an eater for most lipsticks to have a chance to last if there’s any sort of food available…

DSC_1392Have you tried any of the NYX Butter Lipsticks?
Maggie, x.

3 thoughts on “The Review: NYX Butter Lipstick in Licorice

  1. Wonderful blog miss maggalicious….my recent obsession is with the NYX soft matte lip cream…i have 6 different shades so far and working on getting as many as possible! They are easy to apply and dry to your lips fairly quickly (~5 mins) and like the above lip product is $8.99 CDN. It is a long lasting lip cream and you don’t have to worry about smudging once it is dry! Give this product a try and hopefully you will like them as much as it do!

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