Essie Nail Lacquer in On a Silver Platter


I have to start this post with an odd to my lovely friend, Lauren, and I promise this ode is related at the very least tangentially to the content of this post. Even though I harass her just about every time that I see her, I love her dearly for reading my blog from the beginning with actual interest and letting me talk her ear off about all things beauty willingly. She’s my nail-polish obsessed friend – her stash might be more impressive than my collection of blushes – and she definitely inspired me to get into painting my nails and has gifted me a number of polishes that I adore dearly. Most of all, today on the snowy but wet Wednesday, she indulged me with a fanatical nail polish chat today with genuine enthusiasm that distracted me from just how blaaargh I was feeling. Last week, she jokingly (kind-of?) informed me that the blog was lacking on the nail polish front and here I am, beginning to remedy that to the best of my ability.


I’m not a glitter girl in the slightest, putting it into the hated pile as I associate it with ridiculously girly blingy and frou-frou-ness but I bloody love the Essie Nail Lacquer in On a Silver Platter ($9-10) and the effortlessly edgy vibe it has. It has a slightly sheer tarnished silver base with reflective gold shimmer running throughout and cobalt glitter chunks. I really enjoy the unique multidimensional reflectiveness and texture of this nail lacquer “effect”. Believe me, my description is making it sound much less exciting than it is but in truth, it’s a complicated colour so it’s not a breeze to describe. In two coats, the polish is semi-opaque with a pigmented enough base that no additional polish is required underneath. The formula dries extremely fast but unfortunately chips easily in chunks within a day regardless of my base coat and top coat attempts. Also, the chips tend to cover at least a third of the nail so its much more noticeable than your usual small chips around the tips of your nails.

I have two random tidbits to leave you with: it’s one of the six polishes from Essie’s ‘Encrusted’ collection and the polish has been on my nails for one day in the pictures. Oh and despite my irritation with how quickly this chips, I think its a good ‘un.

What’s on your nails at the moment?
Maggie, x.

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