Beauty & The Book #2


Let’s start with my two (in)significant musings of note today: (1) I’m fairly certain that the only reason that I’ve found the time during this crazy season – in more ways than one – to actually whip out a blog post on a Tuesday or Wednesday (or maybe even Thursday for that matter…) is that I actually slept like a functional human being last night, along with the fact that I don’t have any impending deadlines this week and (2) that it’s the last week of Winter. Despite being one of those rare human beings that enjoy Winter, on account of the relaxed and cozy vibes that come along with it, I can understand the desire for the season to end – and I even share that desire – but the truth is that we are scheduled for yet another snowstorm tomorrow so it appears that Canada isn’t quite joining the changing seasons yet. Now, let’s get on my second installment in the series where I ramble on about my love for both a book and something of the beauty variety.

Thomas King’s “Green Grass, Running Water”

While it’s true that my love of books can only be described as insurmountable, I was not expecting to love it because I’m a terrible Canadian and have low expectations for pieces of ‘Canadian literature’ and that it was read as assigned reading for my Canadian lit class. It’s a really interesting, strangely humorous and poignant tale that describes the experiences of individuals of the Blackfoot community, particularly focusing on the intersection between the larger Euro-centric Canadian society and aboriginal culture. The writing is all kinds of beautiful, even whilst there is so much going on (especially in terms of the sheer number of references) and I’m partial to the dialogue and storyline that occurs between Coyote (the dancing and laughing demigod), the Lone Ranger, Robinson Crusoe, Ishmael, Hawkeye and the unidentified first person narrator.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge ($7.99)

Believe it or not, I have never used the actual Beauty Blender, nor have I been tempted to try it, let alone think about purchasing the hyped $26 dollars beauty sponge, however, I have to say that I’ve fallen in love with using this dampened sponge to apply foundation or concealer, especially on my currently very dry skin. As much as I was enjoying the purple Quo Beauty Sponge as an alternative to everyone’s favourite pricier offering, I have to say that this one takes the cake because of just how bouncy it is and how it absorbs water and expands after you wring it out to an even larger degree. I’m also partial to the smaller pointier end for some highlighting and concealing with minimal effort.

Any recent book or beauty recs?
Maggie, x.


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