Another Top Coat Disappointment | Sephora Formula X Shine Top-Coat


Not only do I have a nail chipping problem, I appear to have the worst luck in the top coat department – and this is a clear example of that. The most irritating thing is that I absolutely loved the whole Sephora Formula X System together, as it seemed to provide the most fuss-free long-lasting manicures but after maybe six weeks, it appears that the once-lovely top coat has thickened up to the point that it’s actually unusable. I have tried maybe three times to use the top coat since I’ve kind of been forced to notice the texture change and I’ve come to the conclusion that it is unworkable in its state now. Note here that I’ve only tried a sample size container of the Sephora Formula X Shine Top Coat ($13) from one of their point perks so there is a possibility that the formula is different in the full size bottle, though…

To sum it up, like the Essie No Chips Ahead, the Formula X Top Coat is not outwardly bad — perhaps even less so, as when it’s performing at its prime, it performs like the very best of them. However, I could not be more disappointed to find out that this product that I loved enough to include in last month’s favourites post could turn so quickly from user-friendly to unusable.

The search for the perfect top coat continues… Have you tried this offering?
Maggie, x.

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