The Review | Viseart Matte Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Mattes 10

I thought I didn’t need a Viseart Matte Eyeshadow Palette. Boy was I wrong. I should probably clarify that nobody truly needs a $100 eyeshadow palette but I was definitely wrong in my thinking that I wouldn’t enjoy one of their matte palette offerings that many rave about. I’ll try to skip over some of the basic logistics of this palette as I went over them in the review hereI happily use the Viseart Matte Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Mattes 10 on an everyday basis without much thought. Matte eyeshadows may not excite me but they make up the foundation of my everyday look, as I find it has every eyeshadow I’d need on a regular basis (of the matte variety). I do note that I’m on the fairer end of the spectrum and look better in shades with a warm undertone. [Sidenote: to get full enjoyment out of all of the shades in this palette, I think you need to be fair to medium in skin tone and enjoy warm undertones].


Upon first glance, you’d think that these Viseart Palettes are not economical. $100 CDN seems awfully steep for twelve eyeshadows but when you put the amount of product contained in the palette into perspective, the true cost is only $4.17 per gram, which is even more affordable than MAC Eyeshadow singles. What I love the most about these eyeshadows is that they apply easily, blend even easier (without ever blending out into each other), last on my eyelids – that seem to make any eyeshadow crease – and that they do not seem to cause fallout under the eye. These shadows don’t swatch nearly as well as they apply and this is likely because of the easy-to-use buildable pigment they have and that they don’t have those filler ingredients that lead to that silky smooth feel and glide. Note: I’m not always a fan of those newer generation silky, smooth eyeshadows even if they do swatch wonderfully. These shadows do feel a bit dry to the touch but they have the best longevity in my experience and apply with little effort. Every single shade seems to have the same great consistent formula which is kind of a miracle and the way that they build and layer makes them incredibly user friendly. The red shade on the bottom right of the palette may be slightly sheerer than the others but It’s hardly noticeable on the eye and I find that these reddish shades are all kind of like that in eyeshadow formulas.

I will spare you the shade descriptions because I will not do them justice but I will show you my unimpressive swatches. This palette keeps me from wanting to buy every single new release I see because they do everything I need on a regular basis, with the addition of a shimmery highlighter shade on the  lid – only because I can’t do without some sheen. It allows me to do the most basic eye to a blown out warm smoky one. I will note that there’s no black shade, however.   And now I’ll stop raving about these eyeshadows. 

Any thoughts?
Maggie, x.IMG_9847

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